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Eat This, Not That!

Eat This, Not That! Winter 2018

EAT GREAT, LOSE WEIGHT—SUPER FAST! The keto diet is the trendiest weight loss plan on the planet—and the fastest way to lose belly fat of all the low-sugar/low-carb diets. Are you ready to try it? Our beginner’s guide to the ketogenic diet in this special issue of Eat This, Not That! makes it easy. You’ll find everything you need to know to start losing weight today: easy instructions, shopping lists, a buyer’s guide to keto-friendly products, plus more than 30 delicious low-sugar recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and decadent desserts. There’s even a keto cocktail! Our special keto diet issue contains all you’ve come to expect from Eat This, Not That!, the New York Times best-selling book franchise and popular television segment created by David Zinczenko, nutrition and wellness correspondent for NBC’s Today show.

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life used to be so simple.

HOME OWNERSHIP WAS THE BEST WAY TO INVEST A paycheck; Leave It to Beaver represented the classic American family; and “eating out” meant gathering the family into the old Buick, cruising down to the local diner, and sipping a small soda while a clean-cut fella in a paper hat hand-pressed raw chuck into hamburger patties. Somewhere between then and now, life took a sharp left turn toward chaos. Home ownership became more volatile than Texas Hold’em, the Cleavers were replaced by the Kardashians, and that local burger was ousted by a frozen hockey puck shipped halfway across the country. It’s the changes to our food that have had the most impact on our happiness and well-being. A 1950s ice cream sundae contained five or six ingredients. Today one might contain 50 or more…

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a monster hash

Like troubled relatives, sweet potatoes usually show up only around Thanksgiving. Unlike your second cousins, however, they should be invited to your table more often. Sweet potatoes, after all, are good for you. One medium sweet orange spud serves up 11 times the recommended daily intake of vitamin A, a nutrient that improves vision, cellular communication, and immune system health. Plus, these potatoes will fill you up with muscle-building plant-based protein and 25 percent of a day’s satiety-boosting fiber for a mere 162 calories. Studies published in Diabetes Care and Metabolism have shown that diabetes patients who added sweet potatoes to their diets improved blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity. So bring sweet potatoes to breakfast in a skillet-sizzled hash. Top this savory dish with poached or fried eggs to…

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to protect your heart, eat more nuts and seeds

People who eat a lot of meat may want to put down that fork and pick up a nutcracker. A large study (81,000 participants) published recently in the International Journal of Epidemiology found that frequent eaters of animal proteins experienced a 60 percent increase in cardiovascular disease, or CVD, while people who got more of their protein from nuts and seeds saw a 40 percent reduction in CVD risk. While the researchers acknowledge that the healthier fats in nuts and seeds may play a role, they speculate that the proteins in nuts may be protective against heart disease and those in red meats may increase risk. Pop These Natural Heart Pills Brazil nuts They’re packed with blood-pressure-lowering potassium, copper, zinc, and magnesium. Pumpkin seeds Animal studies have shown that the oil in pumpkin seeds can reduce…

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reflect on your dessert

Hanging a mirror in your kitchen may keep you away from that pint of chocolate ice cream, suggests a study at Cornell University. Researchers gave subjects a choice of chocolate cake or fruit salad to eat in one of two rooms. One room had a mirror, the other didn’t. When asked to evaluate the taste of the desserts, those who ate chocolate cake in the mirror room described the food as less enjoyable than the people who ate cake in the room without a mirror. The mirror had no effect on subjects’ evaluation of the fruit salad.…

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5 ways celebs stay skinny

Drink smoothies. “I feel good and have a lot of energy when I start my day off with a great smoothie,” Jessica Alba told People StyleWatch. Tip: Use a protein powder mixed with unsweetened nut milk or water and just one or two fruits to keep the sugar content low. See page 14 for four great smoothie recipes. Find healthy substitutes. Wendy Williams lost 50 pounds after cutting dairy and refined sugars from her diet, telling E! News that she eats kale chips for a healthy snack instead of potato chips. Tip: Swap snacks that are high in sugar, sodium, and refined carbs for choices high in protein and fiber. Good examples: crunchy carrots, pita chips with hummus, and nuts or nut milk. Keep your cup filled. “Drink more water. You’d be surprised the difference…

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lose it with love

When half of a couple starts dieting, weight loss can rub off on his or her partner. So suggests a recent study in the journal Obesity.The experiment followed 128 overweight or obese couples who lived together. Researchers assigned one member of each couple to an active, all-access Weight Watchers program, while the other partner was given only basic dieting information to read. The researchers monitored both partners in each of the couples for six months and found that not only did the partner who participated in the weekly Weight Watchers program lose pounds, but about a third of the non-active dieters lost weight, too, even though they didn’t follow a formal weight-loss program. The researchers don’t fully understand this weight-loss ripple effect, but they suggest that a loved one’s healthy behavior…