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canada elle may 2019

1) JENNA HAZZARD opens up about her secret obsession with aquafit (and what she learned from her septuagenarian community-pool pals) in “Swimming Lessons” (page 66).What can you find the writer, who’s based in Waterloo, Ont., doing when she’s not poolside? “My ideal day would begin with sleeping in and waking up to find that none of the day has been wasted,” she says. “A fantasy, I know.” 2) Chilly upstate New York + 4 a.m. call time + long day on set = lots and lots of coffee, please and thank you. Despite the early hour, Gucci-clad model ALISA AHMANN still had a spring in her step for our “Puff Piece” shoot (page 78). 3) Why, yes, we will be channelling French-Canadian model ANAÏS POULIOT—who stars in our exclusive Saint Laurent editorial…

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editor’s note

THE FIRST TIME I went to Paris, I was 19. I was living in London, and my mother and brother had saved up to visit from Toronto for two weeks over Christmas. Since France wasn’t far away, we seized the opportunity to go. I organized our journey through a budget tour company. The plan? Take a coach to the border, a ferry across the English Channel and then a final triumphant bus ride into central Paris. Organizing an operation like this was, in hindsight, a terrible decision—my most recent trip ended before it began when I missed my flight by accidentally taking the train to the wrong airport—but I had the confidence of youth on my side. When my alarm went off at 3 a.m., we heaved our weary bodies…

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word up

TWEETS & INSTAGRAM @LQLauraQuinn I’ve been loving @ELLECanada lately. This month’s focus on “How to Give Back and Help Others” has some great tips. @AllenHopson2 Never mind me. I’m just reading this [Lana Condor] profile from the latest ELLE Canada and loving every word of it. @monaghiami So honoured to hear from the inspirational, resilient, determined @iamsamrazafar, author of A Good Wife—giving me shivers. @ELLECanada #IWD2019 event. REAL TALK I have so much respect for what Lana Condor said in the April issue [ELLE Celebrity] about why she Instagrams everything she eats. I’ve suffered from eating disorders and body dysmorphia since high school. Thank you for speaking out about how important it is to have a healthy relationship with food. Coeurcolibri, Instagram IT’S TRICKY Greatly enjoying Hannah Betts’ article about faux powerment, “Tricky Business” [ELLE Zeitgeist, March 2019]. I love…

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WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND Didn’t get your invite to Hyannis Port this summer? Indulge your inner Kennedy with Weekend Max Mara’s new Nantucket signature collection. Interior designer Anthony Baratta lends his East Coast-chic aesthetic to 12 vacay wardrobe essentials—think ginghams and chinoiserie prints. (From $230, at Holt Renfrew, TABLE FOR 20? The ELLE Canada team just found our new after-workout hangout spot: Japanese-Peruvian resto Chotto Matte is coming to Toronto’s Financial District. This is the famed eatery’s first Canadian location, and with its mouth-watering Tokyo-inspired dishes (we reco the lamb chops marinated for 96 hours), we might never make another meal at home again. SPARK JOY If you need a nudge to get started on spring cleaning—if only to empty out your closet for more goodies—check out London-based designer Rejina Pyo. Her whimsically sculpturesque…

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kiernan shipka

COMING UP IN HOLLYWOOD with a role on Mad Men will earn you major cred in the audition room—but on the playground, not so much. “Kids my age didn’t really care because I wasn’t on the Disney Channel,” laughs Kiernan Shipka, who was six when she signed on as Don Draper’s daughter, Sally, a supporting gig she played well into her teens. The 19-year-old has now stepped into the spotlight on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina—a moody take on the beloved ’90s sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch—which returns for part two this month. CHANNELLING SABRINA “I grew up on a show that portrayed women as actual people with emotions and flaws and strengths…. [To this day] the only characters I’m interested in are those with that depth.” GROWING UP MAD MEN “Jon…