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Elle Canada October 2019 - no. 216

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word up

TWITTER @_reneebu I will say, though, ELLE Canada won this year. Shout-out to the cover stars Winnie Harlow and Stephan James; the talent behind the camera, Norman Wong; stylist Juliana Schiavinatto; beauty girls Leslie Ann Thomson & Janet Jackson; and creative director Annie Horth. @KatAndrikop Favourite September cover so far. Kudos to the @ELLECanada team. @CodeBlackCN Shot in Little Jamaica in Toronto, sure this cover story concept would not be possible without @vanessacraft at the helm. Bravo to her and the @ELLECanada team that brought this to life. @beequammie This Stephan James + Winnie Harlow shoot in Little Jamaica has me feeling some feels. Dope shots, dope creative decision, @ELLECanada. INSTAGRAM Thank you for also remembering our community up at Eglinton. That continues to be the island spot for a line up!! @gailanthia I’m sooooo looking forward to this issue!!!! Seeing…

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behind the issue


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editor’s note

Whenever an election rolls around, I think of my late stateside paternal grandmother, who was African-American and Indigenous-American and who, because of antiquated racially discriminatory voting laws, wasn’t able to vote until she was well into her 30s. By then, she had been married twice, had three children and held several jobs. But even when it was possible for her to take part in the electoral process, she never did. She didn’t think that her vote—one single voice—would make a difference. That sense of hopelessness and powerlessness is heartbreaking. And although we have a different historical legacy here in Canada, we must stand on guard against cynicism. When we’re kids, most of us dream of being drivers of change. I know I did. But when the real world weighs on you,…

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elle canada

PUBLISHER Sophie Banford EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Vanessa Craft CREATIVE DIRECTOR Annie Horth ART DIRECTOR Jed Tallo ACTING MANAGING EDITOR Jacquelyn Francis BEAUTY DIRECTOR Victoria DiPlacido FASHION & MARKET EDITOR Elaine Jyll Regio ASSOCIATE EDITOR Patricia Karounos ASSISTANTS Jessie Ho, Erica Ngao INTERNS Nicole Ayala, Donna Militar, Christina Tourloukis CONTRIBUTORS Caitlin Agnew, Byron Armstrong, Mishal Cazmi, Brianne Collins, Marjorie Dunham-Landry, Jane Fielding, Marouchka Franjulien, Anya Georgijevic, Royal Gilbert, Maddison Glendinning, Brent Goldsmith, Marcin Kempski, Jenny Kennedy, Sara McAlpine, Maryam Monsef, Stephanie Nolen, D. Picard, Liz Plank, Ciara Rickard, Geoffrey Ross, Juliana Schiavinatto, Wing Sze Tang, Alex Vallières, Carli Whitwell, Norman Wong, Arden Wray TO REACH EDITORIAL: editors@ko-media.ca ADVERTISING SALES SENIOR SALES AND CONTENT SOLUTIONS DIRECTOR Samuel-Olivier Barrette, 514-912-5289 NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR (TORONTO) Kym Wyatt, 647-710-0740 NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR (MONTREAL) Kathy Marquis, 514-827-8324 LOCAL SALES DIRECTOR Sandrine Dahan, 514-449-7438 HEAD OF CONTENT SOLUTIONS & MONETIZATION Karine Marquis, 514-941-4067 PRODUCTION COORDINATORS Louise Côté, Linda…

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FASHION MOMENT Subtlety is overrated. Sometimes we want big, audacious, look-at-me fashion. That’s why we’re excited to sweep into Versace’s new Canadian flagship in Toronto for its signature brand of gilded glamour. The glitzy 3,000-square-foot space spans two levels, is adorned with lavish details of marble, metal and velvet and has a three-dimensional rendering of the Italian fashion house’s iconic Medusa logo on the ceiling. (106 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto) READY FOR RAIN Sustainability champion Stella McCartney has teamed up with Hunter to create the most ecofriendly version of the heritage brand’s wellington boot yet. Made from ethically sourced natural rubber from Guatemala and lined with Yulex—a material that has the same strength and elasticity as neoprene but produces 80 percent less carbon dioxide—the boots are a combination of material innovation and forward-thinking design.…

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gigi hadid & michael kors

“I’ve known her for six years,” says designer Michael Kors of supermodel Gigi Hadid, who is sitting beside him in a fancy suite in the St. Regis hotel in New York. “For her, that’s a very long time; for me, it’s the blink of an eye,” he adds, breaking into his famed hearty laugh. Kors and Hadid are here to fete the launch of the new Wonderlust fragrance campaign, of which Hadid is the face. It’s quickly evident that they have more than a model-designer relationship; Hadid is also a muse to Kors, with the designer praising her willingness to completely embrace the spirit of the scent during shooting. “We had her spinning down the beach, and that bottle is really heavy,” says Kors, referring to the oversized fragrance vessel…