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Elle Canada November 2019 - no.217

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behind the issue

1. When we need fashion advice, we go to style writer JILLIAN VIEIRA, a Caledon, Ont., native. But who does she turn to for inspo? “I would trade wardrobes with Sarah Michelle Geller’s Kathryn in Cruel Intentions. I love her late-’90s minidresses, that corseted black blazer and her sumptuous lingerie collection, which I’d never buy for myself,” she says. “She can keep the cunning backstabbing bit, though!” To read her ultimate thrifting tips, head to page 50. 2. If Montreal-based photographer ROYAL GILBERT had followed his original plan, he wouldn’t have ended up shooting pages of our magazine. “When I was in high school, I wanted to become a dentist,” he admits. Luckily for us, the Canadian changed his mind. He was the perfect person to capture our “Leather Weather” shoot…

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editor’s note

BEING TALKED ABOUT behind your back isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, if you want to advance your career as fast as possible, I’d argue that it’s essential. Some of the biggest moves I’ve made in my professional life have been a result of people advocating for me in conversations with peers and recommending me for projects or promotions. There’s even a term for when someone with power and influence vouches for you: “sponsorship.” When I was in my 20s, I was smart and unapologetically ambitious but also unrefined. I needed access and experience. I needed doors opened for me that usually remain closed when you don’t come from the “right” background. I was lucky to have peers who believed in me and pushed me forward. (Mentors help by giving…

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OLD SCHOOL Calling all vintage-clothing lovers: Kate Moss has got the book for you. The British model/icon/eternal cool girl has teamed up with Museo de la Moda, a world-class fashion museum in Santiago, Chile, for Musings on Fashion & Style (out October 15). For the tome, Moss selected 100 of her fave archival pieces in the museum (including little black dresses worn by Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe), each of which has influenced her personal style. WHAT A GEM Shine bright this season with Gemmie’s collection of luxuriously bold jewellery. Choose one (or all) of the gold hoops or stacker rings, which are made in Canada and Italy and feature a rainbow array of precious stones, from emeralds to sapphires. Best of all? A portion of each sale goes to organizations like the…

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anna camp

When your schedule is hectic, you try to indulge in small luxuries when you can. For Anna Camp, that means spending time at…Whole Foods. “I never get to go! But we’re on hiatus this week, so I figured I’d just treat myself and go up and down every aisle,” the actress says with a laugh. “I’ll definitely do the samples and get some cheese and fruit, maybe a little coffee.” Camp has made a name for herself playing reserved yet entertaining characters, like Aubrey in the Pitch Perfect franchise. Up next is Perfect Harmony, a comedy about a small-town church choir (which airs Thursdays on Citytv). Camp stars as Ginny, who, not unlike the South Carolina native, “wants to maintain this image of perfection, but underneath there’s a fire to…

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all that glitters

FEW EMBELLISHMENTS can stoke your mood like sparkle does. (“My God, those pleats make me want to party,” said no one ever.) But since we equate glitter with glam evening affairs, sequined minis get unfairly pushed into the rarely-plucked-from “going out” section of the closet and vintage diamanté brooches only get dusted off during party season. This season’s runways, however, sparked glitter’s unexpected renaissance and spurred its happy migration from occasionwear to daytime dressing. The fanciful switch-up was perhaps most pronounced at Burberry (which continues to be the embodiment of English sophistication even after Italian designer Riccardo Tisci’s recent takeover), where streams of golden gems were tucked into the pleats of an otherwise nine-to-five-ready elegant ecru skirtsuit. At Celine, a classic plaid midiskirt and pussy-bow blouse—staples of the buttoned-up school uniform—were…

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climate control

For the past decade, Philadelphia-based artist Diane Burko has focused on the urgent issues caused by climate change. Her photo series Elegy put the spotlight on the earth’s melting glaciers, a crisis that she witnessed first-hand on polar expeditions to the largest ice fields in the world. The new Canada Goose BRANTA collection of six limited-edition nature-inspired styles launches this season with the theme “Glacial Shifts.” In honour of Burko’s work, launching October 4, the brand has reimagined a print from the series into two reversible coats, high-lighting the stark contrast between ice and water—and the fast-growing space between them. (From $1,495, canadagoose.com)…