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Elle Canada December 2019 - no. 218

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behind the issue

1. When she’s working on a cover shoot, the most important thing for stylist SARAH GORE REEVES is a celeb “who will go on an adventure” with her. She definitely found a like-minded partner in cover star Kate Bosworth (p. 98). “I would say there is a cohesive value to working with people who have similar taste, and it’s far easier,” says the NYC native. “If you understand each other’s taste, you can make something exciting.” 2. Should you ever find yourself at one of BRIONY SMITH’s board-game nights, you can get in her good graces by suggesting a round of Wingspan, which she says is the It game of the year. If you’re a little wary about hanging out with new people, the Toronto-based writer has a suggestion: “Just ask…

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editor’s note

I LOVE THE WORD “INDULGENT.” It sounds as good as it feels. This month, our ELLE Guide, “How to Truly Indulge Yourself” (page 70), is bursting with advice that will help you discover your inner pleasure-seeker—whether that means lighting a silly-expensive candle, slipping behind the wheel of a race car or just staying in. Below, the ELLE Canada team shares their favourite indulgences; I hope you can take some hedonistic inspiration from them. What’s mine? Crowdsourcing this editor’s note instead of writing it myself, of course. “Morning naps, or what I call ‘delayed sleep-ins,’ on weekends. I’m an early riser, so having the chance to catch an extra hour of sleep after I’ve had my coffee and breakfast is just pure, unapologetic bliss.”JED TALLO, art director“My dad’s side of the family is…

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CAMERA ROLL WHAT THE EDITORS GET UP TO ON THE ’GRAM. Thanks to @chanelofficial @variety for hosting one of the loveliest #tiff evenings: the Female Filmmaker Dinner. @vanessacraft editor-in-chief So basically, I’m moving in @sistercitynyc. @jedtallo art director Actual footage of me trying to fight my way through all my anxieties and doubts. @lesahannah beauty director 2 fast 2 furious. @victoriadiplacido digital director Still not verified though. @elainejyll fashion & market editor PHOTO CREDIT PHOTOGRAPHY, IMAXTREE (STREET STYLE)…

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MUSICAL EATS Be sure to warm up your voice before heading to Dasha, the new Toronto resto from Michelin-star chef Akira Back. Once you’re sated by the delicious Chinese food (think har gow dumplings and traditional Peking duck), you have to head into one of the five private karaoke rooms and belt out a tune. (We call dibs on Céline Dion, thank you very much.) And if you need a little liquid courage, cocktails are available in the rooms. SOUND WAVES Sonos is on the move—literally. The brand has just launched Move, its first portable speaker. It connects to Wi-Fi for at-home listening but is also enabled with Bluetooth, so you can take it with you everywhere. Plus, it’s designed for 10 hours of continuous play, which means you can blast Solange all…

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caitriona balfe

About one-third of the way into the 1960s biographical drama Ford v Ferrari, Caitriona Balfe has a scene—her Oscar reel, if you will—that really shows her acting prowess. As Mollie Miles, she’s screaming furiously and driving dangerously fast as her husband, Ken, a professional driver played by Christian Bale, grips the dashboard in terror. She whips along the winding road with a cool command—although she isn’t actually driving. “They would not have let me take Christian’s life in my hands that way,” the Irish actress jokes at the Toronto International Film Festival before the movie’s international premiere. (It hits theatres on November 15.) “It was really scary. We were going that fast, and though I wasn’t controlling the car, I kept trying to hit the brake.” Just like in the…

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top tracker

Few things are as life-changing as a smartwatch. It’s like having a tiny personal assistant at your disposal. Galaxy Watch Active2 is not only chic but also absolutely essential for a technology lover. This smartwatch supports every aspect of your lifestyle, from fashion to fitness. Express your personal style with a watch face that complements your look and mood. The Galaxy Watch Active2 is fashion-savvy and intuitively knows what will look good with your daily ensemble. When you snap a picture of your outfit, your Galaxy Watch Active2 will smartly suggest a matching watch face. You can also further customize your watch with a wardrobe of straps to fit your style. Fitness lovers will rejoice in the watch’s meticulous tracking of daily exercise—it never misses a beat. It automatically detects seven popular…