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Elle Canada January 2020 - no. 219

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CAMERA ROLL WHAT THE EDITORS GET UP TO ON THE ’GRAM. Setlife. #dogsofinstagram #highlandterrier @vanessacraft editor-in-chief These dunes do not get old—much-needed hike/fresh air/escape! #princeedwardcounty @jedtallo art director Hello, welcome to PEC. We waited 25 min. for a taxi and saw four alpacas, two golden retrievers and zero cars. @victoriadiplacido digital director My new set assistant Edie. @elainejyll fashion & market editor CRJ. @patriciakar associate editor PHOTOGRAPHY, IMAXTREE (STREET STYLE) PHOTO CREDIT…

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behind the issue

1. There’s never a dull moment for editorial producer ESTELLE GERVAIS. This month alone, she spent five (nearly) sleepless days in New York City on back-to-back shoots. When things get frantic, the Montrealer has wise words to fall back on. “My dad has always told me ‘Le moment présent est éternel,’ which means ‘This moment shall be eternal,’” she says. “I’ve heard it enough times from him that it has kind of become my mantra too!” 2. It was TRUC NGUYEN’s second time in Kyoto when she visited for her envy-inducing travel story, “Sites & Rituals” (p. 118), but she was still surprised by the city’s gorgeous lush gardens and forests. What is the seasoned traveller’s best tip? “When I was younger, I would try to plan out every hour of…

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elle canada

PUBLISHER Sophie Banford EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Vanessa Craft CREATIVE DIRECTOR Annie Horth ART DIRECTOR Jed Tallo BEAUTY DIRECTOR Lesa Hannah DIGITAL DIRECTOR Victoria DiPlacido FASHION & MARKET EDITOR Elaine Jyll Regio ASSOCIATE EDITOR Patricia Karounos ASSISTANTS Erica Ngao (Fashion), Melissa Perdigao (Beauty), Christina Tourloukis EDITORIAL PRODUCER Estelle Gervais INTERN Laura Fishbaum CONTRIBUTORS Gwen Benaway, Carlos + Alyse, Kevin B. Delaney, Marjorie Dunham-Landry, Jane Fielding, Katherine Flemming, Miguel Flores-Vianna, Marouchka Franjulien, Royal Gilbert, Laura Gulshani, Monica Heisey, Karen Langley, Melina Matsoukas, Jaime McCuaig, Erin McGean, Erin McLaughlin, Vanessa Lawrence, Lea Monaco, Heather O’Neill, Truc Nguyen, Nancy Pavan, Sarah Raphael, Ciara Rickard, Geoffrey Ross, Radhika Sanghani, Saty + Pratha, Kate Somerville, Wing Sze Tang, Jillian Vieira, Émilie Villeneuve, Patrick Vimbor, Norman Wong TO REACH EDITORIAL: ADVERTISING SALES SENIOR SALES AND CONTENT SOLUTIONS DIRECTOR Samuel-Olivier Barrette, 514-912-5289 NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR (TORONTO) Kym Wyatt, 647-710-0740 NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR (MONTREAL) Kathy Marquis,…

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editor’s note

PRODUCTIVITY IS ALWAYS top of mind at the start of the year as we busy ourselves putting lofty, grandiose goals in place. I’m all about that ambitious life, but, honestly, I’m also not above letting a Beyoncé astrology-meme account explain why it’s in my nature, as a Scorpio, to still be holding a grudge from 2008. I’ve always been drawn in by the stars. In my early teen years, I used to hit up the local convenience store for guidance, investing my precious allowance money into astrologer Linda Goodman’s latest Sun Signs forecasts. The tightly rolled sacred scrolls were stacked upright in a plastic tray beside the cash register like multicoloured soldiers standing at attention. I would walk home with my purchase held casually between my fingers like a cigarette, feigning…

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ON THE GO When Lululemon revealed its fashion-forward collab with London-based womenswear designer Roksanda Ilinčić, it shot to the top of our we-need-to-shop-this-immediately list. Where else could we find a line of billowy, feminine clothes—including a puffer that can be worn 26 ways—that work everywhere from yoga class to drinks with friends? The second part of the capsule collection drops this month, bringing us more covetable pieces that we can’t wait to layer. (From $78, CITY ESCAPE Treat yourself to the ultimate R&R weekend. Luxury French skincare expert Guerlain has opened its first Canadian spa at Hotel X Toronto. Choose from a menu of treatments, including location-exclusive therapies, facials using the ultra-nourishing Orchidée Impériale Black anti-aging concentrate and a full head-to-toe massage that works 80 muscles in the body and face. When…

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lauren hutton

LAST SUMMER, WHEN Lauren Hutton was asked to walk the runway in Valentino’s couture show in Paris, the legendary 76-year-old model initially said no. “I had just gotten back from a big trip,” she says over the phone from her home in New York, adding that she had just bought flowers and a bunch of food and wanted to stay put. “Then I started thinking, ‘I’ve never been to Paris during Fashion Week and, really, I should go.’” And then, just like that, she gave away the flowers and food and “jumped on a plane.” Fashion shows aren’t the only reason Hutton remains in the public eye; in August, clinical-skincare company StriVectin tapped her to be its first global brand ambassador. “I thought, ‘Wow, how brave,’” says Hutton of the…