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behind the issue


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editor’s note

Editor-in-Chief Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @vanessacraft. IT'S OFTEN SAID that creativity thrives in an unrestricted, free environment, but I’ve found the opposite to be true. For example, that oft-used instruction during a brainstorming session to “think outside the box” rarely leads to my best ideas—if anything, it stifles my creativity. What is the “box” I’m supposed to be thinking outside of anyway? The options are so vast I feel like a little kid in a toy store who’s been told by a well-meaning relative to choose one thing and then ends up in a puddle on the floor, overwhelmed by choice. Architect Frank Gehry, known for some of the most incredible buildings in the world, including the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain, has said that…

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ALL ABLAZE What’s red and orange and matte all over? The fiery new collab from Rosalía and M.A.C Cosmetics, of course. The Viva Glam lipstick’s bright cinnabar shade—which is very reminiscent of the flamenco singer’s bold style—comes in the brand’s signature matte formula. Bonus: As with other Viva Glam products, 100 percent of net sales will go to charity. It’s a no-brainer for us. ($24, MACCOSMETICS.CA) Mix & Match Think outside the box this fall with Kara Mann. The acclaimed interior designer—who has worked with Gwyneth Paltrow for a Goop pop-up—is known for her irreverent style and ignoring the rules. Her trademark sensibility has carried over to her new collection for CB2, which is all about contrast. Pieces are a somehow seamless blend of mixed materials and influences, appearing hard and soft at…

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a call for change

IN INTIMATIONS, A NEW BOOK of pandemic essays, Zadie Smith writes that life is “mystifying, overwhelming” and “just keeps coming at you.” Indeed, in the slow-moving world of rapid change that is 2020, nothing superfluous will do: Both the pandemic and racial-justice protests prompted brands to switch up their marketing plans and quickly pivot toward a more pragmatic consumer. The few pandemic-created industry success stories, like Band of Outsiders founder Scott Sternberg’s loungewear line, Entireworld, offer muted comfort for a homebound world. But Maryam Nassir Zadeh was already issuing a call for change when she decided not to show her fall/winter 2020/2021 collection at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) back in February. Why did she opt out? She was going to a friend’s wedding. The unapologetic move underscored what critics had…

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pearl paradise

1. The sustainable pearl: K Soon Deadstock, vintage and unwanted jewellery are sourced to create playful chokers and rings. The Vancouver-based brand also donates a quarter of all proceeds to organizations that support marginalized communities. 2. The sophisticated pearl: Yuun The natural, luminous beauty of the oceanic gemstone takes centre stage in Yuun’s minimalist collection, which is handcrafted in Montreal using freshwater baroque and keshi pearls. 3. The quirky pearl: Notte “Pure fun” is the best way to describe this collection, which blends the whimsical energy of New York City with the sun-drenched dreaminess of Florence. 4. The luxe pearl: Mateo Turn up the radiance with opulent diamonds and 14-karat gold and a refined aesthetic. Inspired by modern art, these heirloom-worthy pieces are meant to be worn with your most elegant outfit. 5. The sculptural pearl: Pernille Lauridsen Shades…

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ben lafaille

BEN LAFAILLE SEES THE POTENTIAL in everything. Instead of having a theme for his new fall/winter collection, he let the eclectic assemblage of materials speak for itself: Military parachutes are transformed into asymmetrical ruched dresses, colourful quilts into bustiers and dyed T-shirts into casual suits. “[When] you’re using an old piece of fabric, its details become part of [the new piece],” says Lafaille. Each of the resulting one-of-a-kind “frankenstyles” is part of his ever-evolving experiment in producing fashion for a sustainable future—an art form that the Montreal-based designer has been steadily perfecting since launching Laugh By Lafaille almost four years ago. The former toy designer made the leap to upcycled fashion after his hobby of deconstructing thrifted clothing took off when people asked about purchasing the creations. This transition, also prompted…