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Elle Canada November 2020

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behind the issue

1. Brooklyn-based illustrator BLACKPOWERBARBIE is exploring the dark side of tech in her stunning artwork that accompanies our story about artificial intelligence (page 60). And, like most of us, she’s all too familiar with the time suck that is the internet. “I have a contentious relationship with social media, so the only one I use is Instagram,” says the Toronto native. “It’s not so much my favourite as it is a necessary evil that I can’t seem to keep away from.” 2. For our playful “Match Point” shoot (page 74), model RACHELLE HARRIS channelled the ultimate inspo: Jane Fonda in Barbarella. The Montrealer—who was scouted when she was just 15 years old—had a hard time choosing her favourite on-set look but ultimately settled on an eye-catching Paco Rabanne dress. “It made…

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editor’s note

Editor-in-Chief Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @vanessacraft. DURING THE “reorganize the entire house” phase of the lockdown, I discovered an old diary of mine from my early 20s. I sat down to read it, alternately shaking my head in disbelief and chuckling at the overwrought entries, each compounded with so much frustration that the drama leaped off the page like a Jane Austen novel—minus the eloquence. Let me share a few gems: “My age and lack of success bother me a lot. I feel like I’ve missed my chance to make it.” I was…23. Followed by “I’m scared that I’m going to end up like the other old people trying to break through.” I was…ignorant. I took everything personally and was vexed when I had to change my plans or didn’t get…

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SHOP CANADA LEATHER WORK If you’ve ever coveted one of By the Namesake designer Rosa Halpern’s custom leather jackets, now there’s another way to infuse her signature edgy glam into your wardrobe. This October, the Toronto-based brand is launching a new concept store in the city, featuring a multi-use showroom and an expanded product line. The space will be open to local creatives to use for co-working and house a selection of vintage goods and silk basics. SHOP CANADA GLOW UP Complete the transformation to a hygge life with handcrafted candles from Vancouver-based Mala the Brand. Each candle—housed in a sleek tin jar and made with natural soy wax and an eye-catching wooden wick—carries a blend of notes that range from nostalgic to seductive. Create the ultimate reading atmosphere with Fireside’s mélange of black amber…

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emma mackey

THERE’S A QUIET STRENGTH BEHIND French-British actress Emma Mackey’s voice—a sense of conviction that carries into everything she says, no matter the topic. That’s why when she says “I want to help people, and I want [to use] acting as a way to be of service,” I believe her. “I’ve been very fortunate to play leading women who are larger than life,” says the 24-year-old. “I always try to [take on] characters who feel necessary, have meaning and are going to educate or transmit something positive—even if it’s just to one audience member.” Mackey broke onto the scene nearly two years ago in Netflix’s hit dramedy Sex Education, in which she gives a stunning performance as the no-nonsense, more-vulnerable-than-she-looks Maeve. Next up for the star: the cunning and resilient Jacqueline…

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joyous restraint

IN A MODERN WORLD that moves at breakneck speed, restraint has become more of an aesthetic virtue than an ethical one. Think about Instagram, which has sprouted a whole industry of products—from bed linens to makeup to bidets—designed to capture your attention using the clean lines and soothing minimalism that are best suited to a smartphone display. This visual representation of restraint is purchasable—a way to signify taste and moderation and assimilation into the middle class. The convenient model of direct-to-consumer brands has become shorthand for transparency while bricks and mortar represent the chaos of the offline world, but businesses in both models often outsource the production of their wares, especially in the world of fashion, which largely relies on low-wage garment workers in countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia and even…

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easy elegance

Anyone would feel like a lead character if they were wearing one of the dreamy, ultra-feminine frocks from Local Woman—a.k.a. Sarah Gregg Millman. The Toronto-based costume designer’s vision for the label started to take form on the set of a short film she was working on early this year. After many years in the industry, she had made a long-awaited pivot to the director’s chair. She still ended up making the costumes for the project, however, and created airy gowns to accommodate the main characters’ pregnant bellies and to allow for unrestricted movement. While the premiere was postponed due to the pandemic, the true star turned out to be the costume design. “When I would show people the film, they’d say, ‘Oh, that’s good, but where can we get those…