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what’s your end game?

WHY DO WE KEEP GOING? It sounds like a dumb question. Entrepreneurs are programmed for movement—to grow more, to achieve more, to be more. But it’s worth stepping back to ask: Why? I got to thinking about this recently, after a conversation with Katie Sturino. She’s a body-positivity activist who launched a personal care brand called Megababe in 2017, and the past few years have been transformative. “If you would have told me 10 years ago what I’m making now, I would have been like, Whaaaaat!” she said. “But every year the stakes get raised. I’ve been trying to figure out, not a financial point, but what life looks like to feel comfortable—because I don’t think there’s ever a number.” We were talking during a taping of Hush Money, a podcast I cohost,…

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“naivete can be really helpful”

The brand story is almost too perfect: One day in Portland, a 31-year-old woman stands in her kitchen, eight months pregnant, DIYs a natural deodorant, pours it into a mason jar….and turns it into a multimillion-dollar business acquired by Unilever for nine figures. No sweat. Or if there is sweat, it smells like ylang-ylang, or maybe rose. Well, not quite. Jaime Schmidt didn’t have a business plan in 2010 or VC funds ever. But she knew who she was, and that propelled her through the handicaps and copycats, the hard decisions and costly mistakes, the broken machines and crumbling products, on the way to building Schmidt’s Naturals into a personal care line sold in Walmart, Target, and Costco. Today, she’s still involved in Schmidt’s, but she also has a new…

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get that first meeting

1/Deliver the goods. “I sent a fruit basket full of bee-pollinated items and a bunch of our Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray to the Whole Foods Canada office, along with a long note about why I started a company that practices sustainable beekeeping to create clean, natural remedies. It got me an email in response, and though I still had to send a lot of follow-ups after that, I finally got someone on the phone. After that call, Whole Foods took us on.” —CARLY STEIN, founder and CEO, Beekeeper’s Naturals 2/Save your pennies. “Our dream was to sell our CBD products in mass retailers like CVS, but we didn’t have the right contacts there. We found a conference that would give us access to a lot of these retailers and buyers, but we could barely…

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inside zola

WILL TSO/senior product manager, wedding planning tools “I’ve worked at some really intense places, and the great thing about Zola is that there are really smart, sharp people, but everyone is also genuinely kind. One of our fellow product managers got a concussion recently, and our team got her a football helmet and signed it. I haven’t seen those sorts of little moments working anywhere else.” KATHLEEN DETURRIS/senior manager, recruiting “I love the townhouse [the name for Zola’s showroom for registry products] because it feels like home. It has a beautiful view, and it’s great if I ever need to walk away from my desk and get a bit of a breather. My head’s in my computer a lot, so the townhouse is a nice place to relax.” AUDREY DJIYA/customer insights manager “I serve as…

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a laptop that acts like a smartphone

Daniel Sokolovsky doesn’t bother with laptops. He’s the founder of the last-mile delivery company Jitsu and travels around San Francisco constantly. Wi-fi connection can be spotty or slow, so he can’t rely on a device that needs it. Instead, he operates his business using an Apple iPad and an iPhone with LTE. It’s fine, but what he really wants is a laptop that’s just…always connected, like a smartphone. No wi-fi necessary. Now, with the rollout of 5G laptops across the industry, he can get his wish. 5G is widely available in many cities, from Spokane to Boston, and companies like Lenovo, Dell, and HP are debuting 5G-enabled laptops. Their promise: No matter where a user is, they can open a laptop and instantly use the internet—thereby reducing fuss and increasing productivity. For…

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the 5g 3

Dell Latitude 9510 Available/March Price/Starting at $1,799 5G Network/Sub-6 only Other perks/Massive 15-inch screen, up to 30 hours of battery life, weighs only 3.2 pounds Lenovo Yoga 5G Available/Spring Price/$1,499 5G Network/Millimeter-wave and Sub-6 Other perks/Crisp 14-inch screen, 24 hours of battery life, weighs only 2.97 pounds HP Elite Dragonfly with 5G Available/Summer Price/TBD 5G Network/Sub-6 only Other perks/Weighs only 2.2 pounds, uses recycled components (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT) PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF DELL (TOP LEFT AND RIGHT); LENOVO; HP…