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Enzo Issue 10

Enzo is an all-new quarterly magazine, dedicated exclusively to Ferrari… the road cars, the race cars, and the designers, engineers and drivers who have created the Ferrari legend. Every issue is packed with road tests of the latest models, epic drive stories, track tests of iconic racers, tales from the past, and interviews with the leading personalities in the Ferrari world.

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red lines

WE ARE INDEBTED to John Corrie, owner of the 275 GTB/4 that is our cover car for this issue. Features have to be planned days, sometimes weeks in advance in order to get the ideal journalist and photographer lined up for the job and, in this case, to secure transportation. So when, a week or so out, the weather forecast for the chosen day looks poor, and then deteriorates to grim with just a day or two to go, we get a little anxious here. Happily, Mr Corrie didn’t mind his fabulous car being out in the Welsh rain, while photographer Malcolm Griffiths made the conditions work for him, creating images that stunned us brolly-holders. and then, a week or so later Andrew Frankel’s words landed and, well, I’ll leave you…

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812 gts leads spider revival

‘Under three seconds is the official line for the 0-62mph sprint’ FRONT-ENGINED V12 SPIDERS (or ‘Spyders’, as they used to be badged) are as old as Ferrari itself, but half a century has passed since the last series-production model, the Daytona Spyder, hit the road. The Ferrari 812 GTS is the next link in that chain, unveiled alongside the F8 Spider (see page 15) in a recent event at Universo Ferrari. While the company has built front-engined, open-topped V12s in the years between Daytona and 812, each of those – 2000’s 550 Barchetta Pininfarina, 2005’s Superamerica, 2010’s SA Aperta, and 2014’s F60 America – has been a limited-run special. Specials they might have been, but with the new 812 GTS being based on the 812 Superfast, none can match the newcomer’s performance. ‘Under…

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project phwoar!

JUST UNDER A YEAR after its world debut, we had the chance to ride shotgun in the 812 superfast-based Monza SP2 up Goodwood’s famous hillclimb course. though both the two-seat SP2 and its single-seat SP1 sibling might look very similar to the superfast on paper (plus 10bhp and minus 50kg), it’s what can’t be expressed in a stats box that really sets them apart. It’s certainly a very striking machine, the length of bonnet wrapped around the V12 accentuated by the complete lack of a roof or windscreen, the buttresses that house the dual roll-hoops inspired by the 750 and 860 Monzas of the ’50s. The ‘special Project’ nomenclature is far from marketing puff. with a pull of the leather loop just inside, and a simultaneous upward motion, up come astonishingly lightweight…

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enrico galliera

With more electrification looming, does the naturally aspirated V12 have a future? ‘For the time being, our idea is to keep using three engines, the V8, the V12 and there will be a V6 in the near future. The V12 is part of the history of the company, and there are clients that are still in love with the V12, so as long as we are able to keep it alive we will keep it alive.’ Ferrari is moving towards hybridisation, though… ‘The best execution for a sports car is to combine the combustion engine with an electric engine, which is the plug-in hybrid. Why? Because it is the one that maximises the performance, which is the only reason why we are doing it. At the same time it reduces emissions, but we…

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f8 gets the spider treatment

FOLLOWING HOT ON the heels of the berlinetta version, Ferrari has revealed the drop-top variant of the F8 Tributo at Universo Ferrari in Modena. The F8 Spider continues the lineage of the 488 Spider and the 458 Spider before that, and carries across all of the improvements from the F8, including engine revisions that have much in common with the 488 Pista. The centrepiece is, as you’d expect, a retractable hard-top, one that folds out of view in 14 seconds, and it’s this that dictates the F8 Spider’s overall look. Forward of the A-pillar and below the window line, the Spider differs little from the coupé, but the usual glass engine cover and its view of the 3.9-litre V8 make way for a pair of buttresses and a reprofiled rear deck. Far from…