Your manicure is literally all we need to tell what kind of drunk you get
    That accent nail screams loooud and clear.
    Self-care is peeling off the entire gel nail at once.

    THE MANI Round and pastel

    THE DRUNK Homebody

    Your version of lit on a Friday night: downing “nice” red on the rocks in a glass that says “you can’t sip with us” while filling your ASOS cart with $600 worth of stuff you won’t buy, Pinter-esting engagement rings, and scanning Venmo for tea.

    THE MANI Press-on French tips

    THE DRUNK Impulsive

    You start at a dive bar, meet a dude whose friend has bottle service at da clurb, rally the troops and Uber to the VIP room, blow your paycheck on top-shelf tequila shots, then dip 20 minutes later for an impromptu D appointment.

    THE MANI Accent nail

    THE DRUNK Nostalgic

    You video an excruciatingly long Instagram Story of your friends dancing to Taylor Swift’s “22” before asking your high school BFF (for the tenth time) if she remembers “that one time at Taco Bell.”

    THE MANI Grown-out gel

    THE DRUNK Jekyll and Hyde

    You’re casually sipping one specialty cocktail at dinner or crying at 2 a.m. after your millionth shot. Although your friends never know which you is coming out to play, the odds are 50/50. There is no in-between.

    THE MANI Chipped glitter

    THE DRUNK Hot Mess

    As soon as you feel a slight buzz, you make your way to the most elevated surface in the room. There, you spend the night dancing solo and scream-requesting “THAT ONE KYGO SONG!”

    THE MANI Long and neon

    THE DRUNK Dramatic

    You’re obsessed with the sound these make against your phone screen while you text paragraphs to your ex mid-party. He should really know better than to appear in the background of a mutual friend’s Snapchat Story.

    THE MANI Short, nude powder-dipped

    THE DRUNK Klassy

    You: “I’m surprised how turnt I got at book club last month.” You at book club this month: *tears through an entire bottle of pinot grigio before realizing the book is at home*

    THE MANI DIY paint job

    THE DRUNK Broke

    The more you drink, the more you’re willing to let your frugal flag fly. You abstain from splitting the check at boozy brunch, never buy a round, and bail before your friends drag you to that bar with the $15 martinis.

    THE MANI Bedazzled claws

    THE DRUNK Extra

    Uh…did you just start an Instagram Live to answer fans’ Qs? Tipsy you thinks she’s an influencer because she spent $100 on nail art. (To be fair, your alter ego has a point. They look good.)

    THE MANI Fully naked, budding hangnail

    THE DRUNK Compet itive

    Abstaining from professional nail help allows you to get down and dirty without stressing over chips. By that, I mean you challenge literally everyone to beer pong, flip cup, or whatever ridiculous drinking game you put your mind to.