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FHM Australia December 2020

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alter native holiday movies

SCROOGED A very dark, yet hilariously cynical take of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, starring Bill Murray in the role of television executive Frank Cross, the meanest and most depraved man on earth. Cross will stoop to unheard-of levels to increase his network’s ratings -- even if it means mounting outrageous programs to retain an audience, such as “Robert Goulet’s Cajun Christmas” and Lee Majors in “The Night the Reindeer Died,” with an AK-47-toting Santa. Cross plots his foulest move, however, for the Christmas holiday, when he will force his office staff to mount a live production of A Christmas Carol on national television -- and thus work through Christmas Eve. Cross’s life is turned upside down with visits from three ghosts. Along the way, the spirits carry Frank to scenes…

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10+ squeaky clean

DITCH THE SOAP If you’re guilty of washing your face with the same soap you use for your body, now is the time to stop! Using a facial cleanser not only helps maintain your skin’s moisture levels, but it also rids the skin of bacteria and impurities which may lead to breakouts. We recommend ZERO’s Face Wash. New to the market, ZERO manufactures plant-based skincare products that are as kind to your skin as they are to the Earth. MOISTURIZE TWICE A DAY A good quality moisturizer should be a staple in your routine all year round. A lightweight formulation that doesn’t skimp on performance is a good choice for summer. Try ZERO’s Day Cream for all-day hydration that doesn’t sit heavy on the skin. SPF, SPF, SPF Contrary to popular opinion, SPF is not just…

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maisa kehl fierce & sassy

TELL US SOMETHING SURPRISING ABOUT YOU? I am a sexual being and I’m also a spiritual being, I don’t choose one or the other. I read Tarot, play with crystals, attend to sound baths, I’m certified in Reiki level II, and much more. It took me a long time to understand that I don’t have to fit into people’s ideas of me. I love the artistic side of modeling and photography, however, that never defined me. I also love to explore my spirituality, my inner self, and how I can share my gifts with the world. Exploring all that I AM is the best adventure of them all. WERE YOU EXCITED TO SHOOT FOR FHM? Extremely! I was born in a small town in Brazil, and I didn’t pursue modeling for…

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thumbs up lets play

Demon’s Souls Remake The Souls series over the years have become synonymous with rock hard gaming and unforgiving gameplay. Any gamer that has ventured into this infamous series, will testify to dying over and over and over again. Yet unlike any other gaming series, that is part of the joy that is the Souls series. The feeling of achievement, the fist-pumping jubilation of defeating your first big boss is second to none and truly a unique experience almost exclusively to the series. Little did From Software know that when they released the original Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 3 back in 2009, it would turn into a worldwide phenomenon. As the granddaddy of the Souls series, Demon’s Souls laid down the groundwork for what would become one of the most celebrated and feared games…

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gift’n tech’nique

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen.) Amazon’s Alexa has become a part of most families’ lives across America, but we all have that one friend or family member that is fighting against the future. Well, the Amazon Echo Dot is the perfect gift for our future deprived friends. This tiny smart speaker integrates with your Amazon account, meaning you can ask it for shopping recommendations, what the weather’s going to be, to play music, or to integrate with your existing smart home fixtures (like turning lights on and off). It’s a great all-around device that will wow your nan or satisfy your friend’s shopping needs. Nintendo Switch Yes, we know the new generation consoles are out, but we also know the Sony and Microsoft machines are incredibly hard to come by. So if you’re…

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top 10 entrepreneurs 2020

MIKAILA ULMER She is the CEO of Me & the Bees Lemonade which has sold over one million bottles in a decade, and all this was achieved while she was only 15 years old. Ulmer scored an investment of $60,000 from Daymond John after her Shark Tank appearance in 2015. Ulmer has established herself as a voice of guidance, regularly speaking at entrepreneurial summits. Ulmer founded the business when she was 4 years old and was stung by two bees. She then started learning about them and gradually became fascinated about how important insects are in the food cycle. Shortly thereafter, her family received a cookbook in which they discovered a recipe for flaxseed lemonade. She decided to make lemonade with honey, bought from the local beekeepers. She made it for…