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hbo max and the future of cinema

When HBO Max was initially announced, a lot of people shrugged their shoulders. Who needs another streaming service when we have Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and Netflix. And those people were right, until mid-December 2020 when a massive announcement was made regarding the exclusive release of all Warner Bros Studio movies coming directly to HBO Max. It was massive news, news that will change the landscape of cinema forever. Of course, the directors and showbiz people were not happy as they feel this is the death knell to the cinema experience. And they may have a point. Yet for us the entertainment consumer this is fantastic news. So with that out of the way let’s look at the big movie hitters heading to HBO Max’s platform in 2021. MORTAL KOMBAT RELEASE DATE:…

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nickie bradford

HAPPY TO HAVE YOU FEATURED ON FHM! TELL US, WHAT ARE SOME OF THE THINGS YOU DID TO PREPARE FOR THIS SHOOT? There’s always the usual fitness and upkeep to prepare for any shoot. For this shoot specifically, there was more focus on the location, weather, and having everything available for touch-ups. It’s much harder to touch up your makeup and wardrobe on a beach versus a studio. YOU’VE GOT AN AMAZING FIGURE AND BEAUTY ABOUT YOU, WE’RE KEEN TO KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD SAY IS YOUR FAVORITE PHYSICAL FEATURE ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHY? I would have to say my smile is my favorite feature about myself. It’s effortless to show off and the feature I get the most compliments on no matter what I’m wearing. BEING A GLAMOROUS MODEL MUST HAVE…

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gpu heavyweight showdown

The last few months of 2020 was mostly dominated by the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, plus the shocking disappointment of Cyberpunk 2077. But quietly in the background, a massive gaming showdown was happening. AMD and Nvidia released their respective powerhouse graphic cards for PC’s and the battle has been fierce. The question on every PC gamer’s lips was which one should we get, team red’s RX 6900 XT or team red’s RTX 3090? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as one would think as both cards offer their own unique pros and cons. So let’s break down each GPU and see if we can determine an overall heavyweight champion. HOW MUCH? The Nvidia RTX 3090 debuted on September 1 alongside the RTX 3080 and 3070. Boasting features that appealed to…

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most exciting games coming in 2021

God of War: Ragnarok Although very little was shown last year of the highly anticipated God of War sequel, just the knowledge that it is coming out later this year has got everyone excited and looks to be the title that might even convince the most hardcore Xbox fan to look into getting a PS5. The 2018 God of War was a complete re-imagining of the God of War series and brought a more somber, older Kratos into the deep folklore rich environments of Norse Mythology. The grizzled greek god slayer was now a father and the game explored the relationship between Kratos and “the boy”. Of course, the ending to the 2018 game made everyone clamor for a sequel as we cannot wait to see where the sequel takes the…

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home is where the heart is

Joylissa is a singer and songwriter with a strong pop influence from Pullman, Washington. Inspired by Death Cab for Cutie, Jewel and Ingrid Michaelson. Joylissa first started writing songs at fifteen years old when her dad bought her her first guitar. Feeling like she'd discovered a dormant superpower, Joylissa began performing her songs for her high school friends in local coffee shops. After graduating from high school she moved down to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. Joylissa has performed in iconic venues such as The Hotel Cafe, Room 5 and Molly Malones and she's just released her latest new single "Home" available on joylissa.com Why did you originally decide to pursue a career in music? I grew up always loving to sing but I never seriously considered a…

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miss lynnie marie

2021 is here, and it’s going to be the Year of Miss Lynnie Marie. That may appear to be a bold statement, but for those “in the know,” it’s not a prediction ... it’s a spoiler! Ah, yes, the famous line made popular by WWE sports entertainment legend and global marketing guru Paul Heyman, the creator of the #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel brand. Mr Heyman is known for his eye in spotting great talent and the next generation of superstars in both the sports entertainment world and the supermodel universe, and his #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel brand is going all out to promote and market the sensational Miss Lynnie Marie, the World’s Most Fabulous Blonde Bombshell. “We were shooting into the night in Las Vegas, and the sky was quite dramatic,” noted world renowned supermodel photographer Mike…