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Florida Sport Fishing

Florida Sport Fishing July/August 2019

The most comprehensive resource for resident and visiting saltwater and freshwater anglers and boaters in Florida and beyond. Each issue is jam-packed with revealing editorials and informative departments complimented by award winning covers, spectacular photography and creative illustrations. Published by fishermen for fishermen!

United States
South Florida Sport Fishing
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florida sport fishing

PUBLISHER/PRESIDENT Captain Mike Genoun mike@fsfmag.com EDITORIAL MANAGING EDITOR Captain Steve Dougherty steve@fsfmag.com ASSOCIATE EDITOR Captain Matt Arnholt matt@fsfmag.com ART & DESIGN CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Fariña brian@fsfmag.com SENIOR DESIGNER Ana Lucia Zagazeta ana@fsfmag.com CONTRIBUTORS Jacob McGregor, Michael Landress, Dennis Friel, Tosh Brown, Chris Joy, Jason Stemple, Diane Rome Peebles, John N. Felsher, Pete Milisci, Pat Ford, Adrian Gray, Jason Arnold, Steve Wayne, Sean Murphy SALES SR. ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Captain Carlos D. Rodriguez carlos@fsfmag.com ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Mark Stowe mark@fsfmag.com ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Rachel Genoun rachel@fsfmag.com CLIENT RELATIONS OFFICE MANAGER Jason Genoun jason@fsfmag.com SOCIAL MEDIA & EVENTS COORDINATOR Caleb Marin caleb@fsfmag.com TELEVISION SR. EDITOR/DIR. OF PHOTOGRAPHY Micah Simoneaux micah@floridasportfishing.tv CONTACT FLORIDA SPORT FISHING 954.942.7261 | info@fsfmag.com PO Box 5089, Lighthouse Point, FL 33074 SUBSCRIPTIONS 877.227.9617 fsfmag.com NEWSSTAND DISTRIBUTION Curtis Circulation marketing@fsfmag.com REPRINTS Wright’s Reprints 877.652.5295…

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FANS OFTEN COMMENT ABOUT how much fun it must be to host a TV show. After nine consecutive seasons I feel humbled and fortunate to be able to earn a living doing what I love. Only a very small percentage of America’s workforce can say the same. However, catching fish and filming on the water is not so easy. Take a recent trip to The Bahamas for example. With NOAA forecasting a 10-knot breeze for the duration of the trip, which turned out to be a gross understatement, we left Hillsboro Inlet anticipating a relatively pleasant crossing to Grand Bahama. The unpredictable Atlantic Ocean had different plans and as we approached the western edge of the Gulf Stream the angry sea erupted into a chaotic wash with six-foot swells bombarding us…

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life is a highway

WE’VE PREVIOUSLY BEEN STORING the family boat at a dry stack marina but purchasing a truck and trailer will allow us to explore all of the diverse fisheries Florida has to offer. With so many choices available regarding budget, brand and capacity, how do I determine the appropriate tow vehicle? Are there significant advantages to a four-wheel drive truck? First and foremost, if you’re purchasing a pre-owned trailer remember that repeated immersion in saltwater, wear and tear from highway driving and lack of maintenance take their toll. It’s imperative you thoroughly inspect the trailer’s components, particularly the hubs and lights, before your first road trip. Your boat must also fit the trailer perfectly to distribute weight accordingly or the tongue weight could be affected and negatively impact steering, handling and breaking…

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shore thing

SURF FISHING IS A POPULAR PURSUIT among anglers along much of the East Coast of the United States, though Florida’s year-round opportunities are particularly appealing. Around the peninsula, a myriad of worthy targets roam the intertidal zone and fooling these predators takes persistence. While the best surfcasters refine their approaches regarding tackle and tactics, bait is a crucial component. To seasoned fishermen from the Northeast, the effectiveness of clams as bait is no secret. From trophy striped bass in the surf to big ‘tog inhabiting deep water wrecks, clams have been enticing quality game fish for years. For Florida anglers the catches can be equally impressive, sans cold-water blackfish. However, this particular offering is generally not as prevalent as other enticements within the statewide shore fishing scene, despite its effectiveness in…

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gone without a trace

IT’S HARD TO BEAT KITE FISHING for sailfish and it’s certainly a tactic that’s best approached with fluorocarbon leader. Yet there’s nothing more disturbing than a wahoo crashing the kite and hoping my light-wire hook can pin itself to the fish’s rubbery lips hiding rows of serrated fangs. This situation rarely ends with a favorable outcome, but there’s an easy way to improve your odds with toothy fish without sacrificing too much stealth. Popularized by fly fishermen in what is commonly referred to as a bite tippet, a short section of wire leader material gives anglers the slight edge needed with the razor gang. And although it’s not comparable to the transparent presentation of fluorocarbon, I’ve caught many line-shy blackfin tuna and sailfish on coffee colored wire. While a lengthy wire…

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seeing spots

IT’S NO SURPRISE WHY ANGLERS across Florida’s varied shallow water environs are enamored with tailing redfish foraging under cloudless skies. It’s what dreams are literally made of, but the quintessential days with variable winds, sunny skies and fish crawling out of the water seemingly never align with our time on the bow. Most outings we’re content catching glimpses of wakes and disturbed water. The precise sequence of events that unfolds leading up to the strike is incredibly complex and leaves us wanting to learn more about the behavior and biology of the game fish we seek. To find consistent success in the shallows anglers must be able to discern the not so telltale cues of foraging redfish in all weather and water conditions. Boundless targets that occupy state waters in great…