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aviation’s other “big lie”

Aviation educators John and Martha King have long preached that general aviation doesn’t have a “safety” problem, it has a “risk management” problem. In his column last month, John underscored his long-held conviction that we shouldn’t even be using the word safety in aviation. “Flying is not safe,” he says. It’s the “big lie” that general aviation pilots have been telling themselves for years. The real issue, he contends, is that pilots don’t do a good job of assessing and mitigating the risks they are taking. John is exactly right. But I’m here to tell you about another big lie in aviation. The fact is, a great many pilots aren’t as interested in mitigating the risks of flying as they are maximizing the rewards. They don’t say it out loud, but…

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DEALING WITH DISTRACTIONS Les Abend illustrates one of the most pernicious safety issues in modern airliner flying: pre-departure flight deck distractions [“The Vomit Comet,” November]. As illustrated by Capt. Abend, many of these are unavoidable, and while they are a safety concern in major airliners, pre-departure distractions are a particular concern to regional airline operations. In regional operations, turns at the outstations at my airline are scheduled for 25 minutes. That’s 25 minutes to deplane the passengers, offload bags, on-load bags, enplane passengers, service the jet and complete FMS programming, finish pre-departure briefs, digest a flight release that often literally is 10 feet long and get the door closed. With such time pressure, flight deck distractions pose a significant safety issue and must be managed. In my 22 years of regional operations…

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air scan radio

For pilots who want to listen in on aviation radio frequencies while also having the choice to listen to their favorite audio, Sporty’s Pilot Shop has introduced the Air Scan aviation radio. The unit features high-quality built-in speakers plus the ability to plug in a headset or external speaker. The radio can scan aviation frequencies for activity, or you can program in up to 10 preset stations. An Aviation Interrupt feature lets you listen to music or a ballgame on the AM/FM radio that will be paused momentarily anytime a transmission is received over the scanned aviation frequency band. The feature we liked best was the ability to pair a smartphone or other wireless device to the unit to pipe Bluetooth audio to the Air Scan radio. We imagine the combination…

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best tugs

Unless you are flying an LSA, pulling the airplane in or out of the hangar or moving it to a specific spot can be more of a workout than you might have bargained for, particularly if there is any slope to speak of or the fuel tanks are full. Best Tugs makes it easy with its full range of electric tugs. The company recently introduced the Alpha tug, its smallest model yet. The standard Alpha is designed for light single-engine airplanes; it can pull 3,000 pounds. The upgraded Alpha Plus is capable of moving up to 4,500 pounds. The motor on the Alpha Plus has 50 percent more torque than the base model, making the tug quicker too. A feature called pulse-width modulation (PWM) ensures that the tug produces full torque…

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pilatus certifies first swiss bizjet with the pc-24

Delivering on a promise set when the airplane was first announced in 2013, Pilatus Aircraft achieved both FAA and EASA certification before the end of last year for its PC-24 Super Versatile Jet. Not only did the Swiss company keep its promise in terms of the timeline, but it also over-achieved on some key performance numbers. “The PC-24 delivers a maximum speed of 440 knots compared to the contractually agreed 425 knots — to cite just one example,” said Pilatus chairman Oscar J. Schwenk. Pilatus produced three test airplanes for the certification effort, with 2,205 hours of flight testing in the books. As with all certification work for aircraft in this category, the PC-24 was put through testing at the edge of the flight envelope, flying through icing and extreme heat,…

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textron aviation launches cessna skycourier twin

Sometimes, a single customer is afforded the opportunity to define what a new airplane will be. That was certainly true for FedEx Express, which asked Textron Aviation to develop an all-new utility twin to serve its feeder routes. The result is the newly announced Cessna SkyCourier 408 utility twin, an airplane reminiscent of a Twin Otter but with a modern pedigree that will make it the ideal package hauler. Cessna engineers essentially started out by taking three standard LD3 shipping containers and building an airplane around them. The SkyCourier will feature a large rear cargo door and pilot and copilot doors up front. Preliminary performance specifications call for a 6,000-pound max payload capability, 200 ktas cruise speed and 900 nm max range, all numbers that put the new model in the…