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Flying April 2017

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the santa monica precedent

There’s no overstating the importance of airports to America’s air transportation system. Without them, aviation ceases to exist. When local officials decide to close an airport, it vanishes forever. The FAA’s surprise settlement agreement in the decadeslong legal fight over the future of Santa Monica Airport in Southern California should be a wake-up call to us all. Federal and city officials in January announced an agreement to allow the important general aviation gateway to close forever at the end of 2028. But that wasn’t the shocking news. As part of the settlement, the Santa Monica city council gained the right to immediately shorten the runway from 4,973 feet to 3,500 feet, a move that will significantly alter the character of Santa Monica Airport by preventing most large jets from flying in…

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SCOTT WILLIAMSON FUTURE FLIER At 2 and a half years old, my son Maddex devours every single edition of F lying ... to the point that I can’t read it myself until he’s finished. I’m hoping to get him up in the air very soon. LYNNE GREGG STAND UP FOR GA AIRPORTS Keep our GA airports [“Fight to Keep Santa Monica Airport Open Heads Back to Federal Court,” February 14, 2017]! There was no warning about Meigs. It was illegal. I’m a Chicago girl and pilot who walked the rocky, torn-up landing strip years after and cried with my young son who’s now a pilot who’ll never get to fly in. We must support our GA airports and stop this. YOUR SHOTS @PCL_3 SHOULD GA JOIN THE ATC PRIVATIZATION DISCUSSION? BoldIQ CEO Roei Ganzarski said GA pilots should stop…

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FUNCTIONAL FASHION The B-15 Injector flight jacket is a modern take on the classic B-15 jacket introduced in 1944 and worn by U.S. bomber pilots and air crews. The jacket is optimally suited for temperatures ranging from 25 to 40 degrees F. It has a removable, dark-brown mouton fur collar, washed nylon flight shell, poly-filled nylon lining, and wool-knit waistband and wrist cuffs. The B-15 Injector is available in blue, yellow, brown, black and gray. B-15 INJECTOR $154.75 AIRCRAFTSPRUCE.COM STICKY FOR TOOLS Tools seem to have minds of their own, and if they fall, they can damage the airplane or fall into crevasses from which they may not be recovered, potentially presenting a major flight hazard. Grypmat’s polymer-silicone rubber material is nonmagnetic, has anti-static properties, is resistant to chemicals and won’t scratch painted surfaces. Grease,…

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crowd-sourced weather

Most pilots appreciate pilot reports, especially when they’re received in time to avoid a band of ugly weather. Of course, not every pilot remembers to file a pirep. Honeywell’s new Connected Radar capability for its Weather Information Service app is taking pireps a step further by aggregating weather data from multiple aircraft in flight. When Connected Radar becomes operational later this year, it should be especially helpful to helicopter pilots and dispatchers. Connected Radar is powered by Honeywell’s IntuVue RDR-4000 3-D weather radar system, already present on many airliners. The system downloads hazardous weather data from other IntuVue-equipped aircraft and combines it with supporting inputs. The results will then be made immediately available to anyone using the app.…

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apollo to celebrate its 50th at air venture

Despite its notoriety as the largest aviation event in the United States, EAA’s AirVenture this year expects to take one more giant leap for mankind — the aviation lovers among them, anyway — by celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo space missions. And what better way to celebrate a space flight’s golden anniversary than by holding an Oshkosh reunion attended by as many lunar-landing crew members as the famed Theatre in the Woods will hold. So far, five astronauts — Frank Borman of Apollo 8, Walt Cunningham of Apollo 7, Fred Haise of Apollo 13, Jim Lovell of Apollo 8 and 13, and Al Worden of Apollo 15 — have confirmed they’ll attend. EAA says it expects more Apollo crew members will join the evening program on July 28. The…

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head-up display

A head-up display gives pilots access to the critical flight information needed to safely fly the aircraft while allowing them to focus their attention outside the cockpit for potential conflicts or threats. A HUD projector sends critical flight, navigation and aircraft energymanagement data to a glass screen, called a combiner, hanging at eye level between the pilot and the windshield. As the pilot peers through the combiner glass, he or she can view the outside world and also see airspeed, altitude, heading, course, and flight-path guidance symbology on the screen. The concave-shaped combiner glass is coated with a proprietary material that reflects the color green but allows everything else, such as the scenery outside, to pass through, appearing quite naturally. The coating reflects green to illuminate the HUD’s symbology, because the human…