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Flying August 2017

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an ode to august

Editor’s Letter It has been said that summer offers the familiar reminder of life beginning over again, the fulfillment of renewal wrought after a hard spring. There’s something particularly apropos in this sentiment for those of us who relish the serenity that summertime flying can offer, especially those of us who live in northern climes. But not everyone is enjoying this particular summer in the same way. While many of you head out to the airport to forget about your earthly cares for a while, an unseen army of engineers and bureaucrats toils under fluorescent lighting in air- conditioned offices on twin initiatives that will impact the direction of general aviation for decades to come. By the final days of August, the rejuvenation will be complete; the aviation world will have…

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flying inbox

JOHN RICKARD FAA REDEFINES THE STALL Pilots should be comfortable and confident outside the normal phases of flight [“FAA Redefines Slow Flight and Stall Procedures,” June 8]. They should be able during a loss of control to easily regain control. It should be second nature to know what is happening, not confusing. – John Rickard, via Facebook ELIACIM CORTES DEMOCRATS COUNTER ATC PRIVATIZATION The worst we can do is turn this into a Democrat-versus-Republican issue. This is a survival-of-GA issue [“Democrats Counter ATC Privatization Plan with a Bill of Their Own,” June 13]. I support some Trump policies, but I am completely opposed to this one. I hope we’re smart enough to unite against this threat to GA. –Eliacim Cortes, via Facebook YOUR SHOTS JQUIROSM Instagram follower @jquirosm made sure to share his incredible flight over the Andes with his…

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a 360 - degree view

Garmin’s first foray into the 360-degree-action-camera market is turning heads. The Virb 360 shoots spherical, VR-compatible video in 4K/30 fps resolution through dual camera lenses (one in front, one in back) that the camera’s software stitches into a single 360-degree view. Pilots will love that the Virb 360 is compatible with the D2 Bravo watch and can be paired with Garmin’s latest audio panels to record sound without the need for a headset cable. It’s also compatible with Garmin Connext, so data such as pitch, roll, lateral acceleration, turn rate and more can be overlaid within the video from a G3X Touch display or Flight Stream unit. It’s also waterproof to 10 meters. $799.99…

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base turn attire

THE BEST OF WHAT’S NEW Activewear used to be only for workouts, but no more. Women these days are slipping into form-fitting yoga pants to go almost anywhere, even for a night on the town. The reason? Spandex just feels good. A new line of aviation-inspired performance wear from apparel maker Base Turn is the perfect way for aviation lovers to get in on the trend. The California company offers a range of pilot-themed workout clothing for women, including leggings, capris and headbands, as well as items for babies and kids. Styles with inventive names such as Wake Turbulence, Traffic Flow, Flight Levels, Radar Contact, and Stick and Rudder play on the aviation motif. baseturn.com…

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eclipse 700 makes bold statement

One Aviation, holder of the type certificate for the Eclipse 500/550 very light jet, revealed details of the next-generation Eclipse 700, formerly known by the code name “Project Canada.” The twinjet is moving decidedly up-market, with a switch from Pratt & Whitney power to Williams FJ33 turbofan engines, a longer wing that holds more fuel, a larger tail, a 14-inch fuselage stretch and Garmin G3000 avionics to replace the current cockpit supplied by Innovative Solutions & Support. The FJ33-5A-12 engines for the Eclipse 700 will be derated to 1,200 pounds of thrust each, representing a power increase of more than 30 percent over the Eclipse 550 for better performance. Max altitude will be 43,000 feet, max cruise speed 383 knots and max cruise range 1,470 nm, all improvements over the current Eclipse. The…

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lightspeed zulu 3

Headset maker Lightspeed Aviation thinks it has hit upon the perfect combination of attributes in its newest offering, the Zulu 3. Compared with previous headsets from Lightspeed, this one is designed to be more comfortable, more durable and offer better sound quality than ever before. We put the Zulu 3 to the test in flight, and stacked it up against Lightspeed’s Zulu 2 and the Bose A20 headset. There’s no question the Zulu 3 is more comfortable than the Zulu 2, with tapered ear seals for a more natural fit and less clamping pressure. This latest headset from Lightspeed also gives Bose a run for its money in the comfort department. On long flights, the A20 would probably feel better, but the Zulu 3 provides a better seal around the ear,…