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do new airplanes cost too much?

Why are new light airplanes so expensive? People have been asking this question for, oh, about the past 40 years. Meanwhile, prices for new airplanes keep rising while delivery numbers mostly stagnate. Experts blame ever-increasing airplane prices on lots of things, from high production costs to the expense of litigating accident lawsuits to the improved avionics and more powerful engines found in new airplanes today. These factors all matter, of course, but they tell only part of the story. In 1968, median household income was $12,000, a new car cost an average of $3,200 and a Cessna Skyhawk sold for about $16,000. Today, median income is $58,000, the average new car sells for $26,000 and a Cessna Skyhawk can be had for about $370,000. This is easy math. The price of a…

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PILOTS AREN’T METEOROLOGISTS As I opened my June issue of Flying, the first thing that caught my eye was Stephen Pope’s editorial “Pilots Aren’t Meteorologists.” I agree 100 percent, but would like to add that pilots can become astute students of weather and advance their understanding of weather as it relates to aviation and their safety. When I was a U.S. Air Force pilot, we received our weather briefs from the weather division located at base ops. The briefing format was organized as it related to our mission. It really improved the safety of the mission and its completion. When I left the Air Force and entered GA flying, I realized my weather knowledge was inadequate. I hold commercial, instrument and multiengine ratings and own an aircraft that allows me to fly cross-country,…

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fta-550 radio

Chances are you’ve never seen a handheld navcom radio quite like this. The Yaesu FTA-550 Pro-X radio can transmit and receive on the full aviation-frequency band between 108.000 MHz and 136.975 MHz, with dedicated scanning for comm and nav frequencies from an easy-to-read menu page on its LCD screen. The FTA-550 also includes VOR and ILS navigation features plus NOAA weather band monitoring, making it an excellent emergency backup in the event of lost communications radios or other instrument failures. When the FTA-550 receives a VOR signal, the display will automatically switch to the nav-band screen, which shows a CDI based on the received signal. The radio can be programmed with up to 200 preset channels and quickly called up by selecting the station name. With the capability of using up to…

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basicmed stc

Aeronautix, a small Missouri-based aviation engineering firm, has created an STC for seven-seat Piper PA-32 and PA-34 models that lets owners remove one seat to take advantage of medical certification reforms under BasicMed. Best of all for aircraft owners, the STC is free. FAA regulations stipulate that aircraft flown by pilots under BasicMed can have a maximum of six seats. A number of PA-32 and PA-34 models are certified with seven seats but are otherwise BasicMed compliant. The STC restricts the airplanes to six seats so that owners can comply with BasicMed, which eliminates the need for pilots to visit an aviation medical examiner and obtain an FAA medical certificate. Aeronautix originally charged $500 for the STC, but opted to offer the certification for free after AOPA introduced a similar STC for…

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honda aircraft unveils hondajet elite

Honda Aircraft recently announced an enhanced version of its inaugural business jet. The HondaJet Elite promises longer range, avionics enhancements, greater creature comforts and additional options. With a range of 1,427 nm, the Elite version of the HondaJet has a 17 percent greater range than the original light jet. Honda Aircraft claims to have greater fuel efficiency than any other aircraft in its category. While the HondaJet was already known for being exceptionally quiet, a modification to the engine inlet structure has reduced both exterior and interior noise even more, the company says. Updates to the avionics will make flight planning even easier. The HondaJet Elite has added automatic computations for required runway length, V-speeds, climb and approach gradients, and performance planning for all phases of flight to its integrated Garmin G3000…

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bombardier launches global 5500 and 6500

Canadian transportation giant Bombardier announced two large-cabin business jets just ahead of the European Business Aviation Convention and Expo in Geneva in late May: the Global 5500 and 6500. As the numbers suggest, these two aircraft effectively fit between the Global 5000 and 7500. Both Bombardier models will incorporate the Vision Flight Deck, featuring Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics, and the company’s combined vision system (CVS). Using a pair of Rolls-Royce Pearl engines as well as a new wing design, these airplanes offer a top speed of Mach 0.90 and provide a 13 percent fuel-burn advantage when measured against competing aircraft. The Global 5500 and 6500 are expected to fly as far as 5,700 nm and 6,600 nm, respectively. As a result, the Global 5500 will connect Moscow and Los Angeles,…