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revisit the 1,500-hour rule?

The growing pilot shortage is obligating airlines to increase wages for newly hired first officers from about $24,000 a year on average a few years ago to nearly $60,000 a year today. The basic laws of economics being what they are, higher starting salaries have translated to a surge of fresh-faced—and, well, not-so-fresh-faced—aviators scurrying to amass the 1,500 flight hours they need to earn Airline Transport Pilot certificates and start their new careers at pilot-hungry regional carriers. Some airlines say the 1,500-hour rule, enacted by Congress in 2013, is only exacerbating the pilot shortage. That might well be true, but any attempt to alter the rule that’s rooted in increased profit margins at the expense of the safety of the traveling public is headed nowhere fast. Still, it’s fair to ask if…

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ONE OF A KIND I just finished reading Martha Lunken’s article on Stan Brock [“We Won’t See His Likes Again,” April 2019], the DC-3-flying founder of Remote Area Medical (RAM). In December 1999 I was between gigs and saw a one-paragraph note in the back of AOPA Pilot announcing that RAM was looking for volunteer pilots. On a whim I called the number and was surprised that it was answered by someone with a posh English public-school accent. It was Stan. He immediately accepted my offer to fly my Malibu wherever he needed it. He asked me to pick up a nurse and another volunteer in Boston and come down to one of RAM’s clinics in Tennessee. I did, and there began the start of a 19-year friendship. I ended up flying doctors…

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gnx 375

Garmin International has introduced a WAAS/SBAS GPS navigator that allows pilots to fly GPS approaches, including LPV approaches, while also complying with the upcoming ADS-B mandate. The GNX 375 is a standalone certified IFR navigator that offers a color touchscreen display with the latest features and capabilities, along with ADS-B Out and dual-link ADS-B In through a built-in transponder. A non-ADS-B GPS 175 is also available in the same configuration. The GNX 375 and GPS 175 include a familiar Garmin user interface that enables quick, intuitive entry of flight-plan information, with a dual-concentric knob and dedicated home button to complement the touchscreen data-entry capabilities. Garmin says the new system slides right into the slot of earlier-generation products such as the 150/155 series, the GX 50/55 and the KLN 89/90/94 series GPS…

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piper announces pilot 100 series trainers

Piper Aircraft believes its new Pilot 100 and Pilot 100i trainers will deliver desperately needed solutions to a flight-training industry struggling to meet the demands of the worldwide pilot shortage. Announced at April’s Sun ’n Fun show in Lakeland, Florida, the Piper Pilot 100 will be delivered with a Garmin G3X Touch Certified avionics system in a standard two-pilot configuration. The ready-for-instrument-flight Pilot 100i also includes a Garmin G3X Touch package and a GFC500 autopilot. Piper CEO Simon Caldecott said the company’s newest aircraft were identified after extensive research and the rapid expansion of trainer sales, as well as from increased demand for aircraft at a price point that could support the growing demand for professionally trained pilots. Based on the PA-28 type certificate, the Pilot 100 retails for $259,000 and…

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garmin’s g3x touch goes certified

Garmin International recently achieved FAA certification that approves installations of its G3X Touch system in Part 23 aircraft. The highly capable glass cockpit avionics system was designed for the experimental market, but its success prompted Garmin to bring it to the certified world. The G3X Touch certification covers more than 500 types of single-engine airplanes. Two versions are offered: a 10.6-inch display ($9,995) and a 7-inch display ($7,995), both of which can be configured as a PFD or MFD depending on the customer’s needs. For smaller panels, the system can be used as a split-screen PFD/MFD or, if more space is available, it can be configured with two or more G3X Touch screens or in combination with other avionics products. G3X Touch can be operated with the touch screen or dual concentric…

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chicago midway airport taxi diagram

Look closely and you’ll notice there’s more to a packet of Jeppesen charts than just approach plates, SIDs and STARs. A typical download includes the all-important airport taxi chart created to orient pilots before they start engines and to help them find their way after landing. Taxi charts also will highlight airport “hot spots,” pointing to areas where the risk of runway excursions is high. Until fairly recently, taxi charts were only used by IFR pilots, but thanks to digital media it’s easy for even VFR pilots to have one at the ready, such as this one from Chicago Midway Airport (MDW). A. MAP ON THE GROUND Think of a taxi chart like a road map, assuming you’re old enough to remember one of those. Without charts on their kneeboards or iPads,…