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the donald trump i know

Incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus and I went to school together. Briefly. He moved away from our town in the first grade. Despite the unusual name, I don’t remember him. I only know we were in the same grade at the same school because a friend posted a class photo on Facebook. Sure enough, there’s Reince in the front row, cute as a button. I bring it up because it’s another reminder of the long connection I’ve had with our new president. Even today, parked in the hangar next to my airplane is Donald Trump’s Sikorsky S-76B, a tangible symbol of how our paths continue to cross. In the summer of 1990, I was 17 years old with a fresh private pilot license and dreams of a career in…

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DEONMITTON BUSHPLANE ADVENTURE Families that fly together, stay together. Camping with bushplanes at Valdez 2016. Here, the @blueiceaviation family is getting set up for the night. MIKE WOOD ATC Insight As an active pilot and a retired air traffic controller, I can tell you that declaring an emergency would have brought a wealth of assistance to you [“My Longest Trip to Vegas,” Dec. 2016]. Many pilots fail to declare an emergency when things start to go wrong simply because they are afraid they might have to fill out some paperwork. However, in my 32 years as a controller, we never asked a single pilot to fill out paperwork for this reason. Your Shots JESSICA KOSS Addy Yazbec plays on the “monkey bars” of a Luscombe. Share your flying adventures with #FlyingMagazine. JASON STORMY STEP ON THE BALL I’ll never forget my instructor…

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digital fuel senders

Think your fuel gauges are unreliable? They don’t have to be. Newer types of digital sensor technology are bringing increased accuracy to fuel measurement, supplanting capacitive-type mechanical senders, which can provide unreliable readings. MEASURING FUEL MORE ACCURATELY A saying in general aviation that has been around forever tells us we should never trust our fuel gauges. There’s even a rumor that makes the audacious (and erroneous) claim that a fuel gauge is required to read zero only when the tank is empty, but otherwise it can read any crazy thing it wants. C’mon — does that make any sense? What the FAA regulations actually say is that zero on the gauge is required to correspond to zeroremaining usable fuel — not a bone-dry tank. On some airplanes, there’s a significant difference. The…

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flying eyes sunglasses

OPTICAL OPTIONS Flying Eyes offersa wide variety of frame options to satisfy both fashion and function. There are three aviator styles and several models targeted to outdoor sports enthusiasts. In some models, the polycarbonate lenses, which offer terrific clarity, come in as many as three colors: gradient copper, gradient gray and mirrored sapphire. Frames are available in black, metal and tortoise. Flying Eyes also has bifocal and prescription lens options for the vision-challenged. The frames have also been used with clear lenses for eye protection. FLYING EYES SUNGLASSES When the search for a pair of sunglasses that fit comfortably under a noise-canceling headset proved fruitless, Dean Siracusa, the founder of Flying Eyes, decided to take matters into his own hands. He developed a pair of sunglasses with convertible temples, which allowed the pilot…

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is it time to rethink instrumentation?

ELECTRONIC TURN AND SLIP INDICATOR Although it’s currently available only for Experimental aircraft, Belite Aircraft’s intriguing new electronic turn and slip indicator could be destined for broader acceptance in Part 23 airplanes thanks to the FAA’s relaxation of certification requirements for certain equipment. TheWichita, Kansas, maker of ultralight aircraft has introduced a line of digital instruments designed as longer-life alternatives to traditional flight instruments. Belite’s turn coordinator, driven by a solid-state gyro, is as thick as a quarter and weighs less than 2 ounces. It fits into a standard 2.25-inch panel cutout and offers a high-contrast LCD screen. The price? About $300. DIGITAL ALTIMETER Belite’s electronic altimeter probably isn’t coming to the Part 23 market anytime soon, but it’s still worth a closer look. The digital unit provides altitude, VSI, OAT and density…

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flying a dme arc

SETTING UP THE NAV RADIOS Say you’ll fly this DME arc starting at the KICDO initial approach fix. You’ll want to set VOR 2 to the BZN VOR and the OBS to 320 degrees. VOR 1 will be set to the ILS because after the arc, you’ll be shooting the ILS approach. WHICH WAY WILL YOU TWIST THE OBS KNOB? Start by identifying the final radial of the DME arc — in this case, 305 degrees. This will tell you in which direction you’ll turn the OBS knob. Here, you’ll be twisting counterclockwise, toward the final approach course. REMEMBER, AN ARC ISN’T REALLY A CIRCLE Keep in mind that when you’re on the arc portion of the approach, you aren’t flying a perfect circle. If you continued all the way around, readjusting the OBS every…