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Flying January 2018

The sharp wit and experienced judgment of Flying’s experts cover all the challenges and rewards that aviation offers to all flying enthusiasts. From industry news updates, regulations, trends, air shows and events to carefully researched reports on all categories of airplanes, helicopters, avionics, products, technology, accessories and equipment to pilot technique, flight training, safety, weather, operations and maintenance.

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buyers guide 2018

You’ll notice that this month’s edition of Fly ing looks quite a bit different from what you’re used to receiving in your mailbox or calling up on your iPad. From the striking blackand- white image of a Cessna Citation Longitude on the cover to the expanded center section of the publication (what we in the magazine business call the “feature well”), this month’s issue represents a notable departure from the norm for us — for very good reason. I’m pleased to present to you this special issue — a project by turns stimulating and nerve-racking for our expert staff — the first comprehensive aircraft buyers guide in the 90-year history of the magazine. We’re billing this issue as more than merely an aircraft purchasing guide — you can think of it…

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LET’S THINK LIKE THEM Stephen Pope’s column in which he posed the question “Do Millennials Want to Learn to Fly?” [November] was right on. I agree with all your points as to what could be done to help change the situation when it comes to costs as well as making learning more exciting. I believe the thrill is gone when it comes to flying as viewed through the eyes of our youth today. Right now, we’re in a Catch-22 situation with flight schools. Fewer customers means less revenue, and less revenue means we can’t upgrade the flight schools’ aircraft or advertise and market to millennials that flying is a great adventure! Seems like we’ve entered a flat spin. However, if we think like millennials, we may be able to get their attention.…

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The skyBeacon standalone ADS-B Out solution from uAvionix features an integrated WAAS GPS receiver, wireless connection to any Mode C transponder and Wi-Ficonfiguration, all packaged into an LED nav-light replacement. While the $1,499 price tag makes it easy on the pocketbook compared with other ADS-B options, the system’s extremely inexpensive installation costs evolved from the ability to use a nav light’s current wingtip mounting location, wiring and circuit breaker. The unit is also capable of operating in “anonymous mode” to mask your tail number. According to uAvionix, total installation time is less than 10 minutes, with no requirement for periodic service, inspections or preventive maintenance for continued airworthiness. Certification is expected next month. COMPLIANT This ingenious product is a fully FAA-qualified ADS-B Out transceiver with an integrated satellite navigation source that can be configured…

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mighty - sat

Hypoxia takes hold when the oxygen level in a person’s arterial blood-flow to the brain is too low. Without enough O2, pilots can experience tingling in their extremities, tunnel vision and an everworsening ability to safely control the airplane. Oxygen deprivation is difficult to self-diagnose because symptoms, masked by a sense of euphoria, appear gradually. Masimo Personal Health thinks its hospital-quality MightySat pulse oximeter may help prevent hypoxia, and it’s certainly better than climbing up high in an unpressurized airplane and hoping for the best. The four-ounce MightySat is a consumer version of the pulse-oximeter technology doctors have been using for years. Like other pulse oximeters, the MightySat is an alligator-clip-like device that grasps an aviator’s finger and captures data through the pulse and by measuring blood oxygen saturation. Putting the MightySat on the…

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electronic ignition

a. The ignition controller pack tells the coil when to fire the spark plug based on information from the magneto timing housing. b. The magneto timing housing unit replaces one of the two magnetos on the aircraft. c. The coil pack produces a 70,000-volt spark of longer duration than the one produced by a traditional magneto. d. The manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor gauges the strength of the vacuum inside the intake manifold. e. The state-of-the-art wiring harness supports a more consistent spark, while also reducing radio interference. Since the introduction of the internal combustion engine, engineers and entrepreneurs alike have searched for ways to squeeze more horsepower from each gallon of fuel. Despite those efforts, the traditional two-magneto system that provides the spark for combustion in an aircraft piston engine has remained essentially unchanged…

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the mmu 6 sid

Although the Morristown Six could easily be confused with a ’60s rock-and-roll band, the name actually applies to a standard instrument departure procedure, also known as a SID. SIDs look and feel different from traditional approach procedures, often including far more information arranged in a complex layout some pilots might find confusing. Air traffic control may issue a SID as part of an IFR clearance to speed the process of moving traffic and reduce the opportunity for communications errors by controllers and pilots. Rather than the clearance delivery controller repeating essentially the same lengthy instructions over and over, use of a SID allows each aircraft to receive detailed instructions about its route in a format the pilot can review before even cranking the engine. A SID will normally include an initial…