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getting to yes

Editor’s Letter FAA MISSION STATEMENT: We’re not happy until you’re not happy. You can buy a T-shirt with this not-so-subtle jab printed on the front. It’s an old joke, but I’m starting to think it might be time to retire this one from the Sporty’s catalog. In 2015, in a magnanimous effort to foster a “just culture” at a federal agency known among pilots for its heavyhandedness, the FAA implemented its “compliance philosophy.” The idea was that pilots who make honest mistakes shouldn’t have the FAR/AIM thrown at them. Instead, the FAA would try to learn from these unintended errors to correct any underlying issues. While this new approach means the FAA will no longer bring the hammer down for inadvertent violations, the agency remains committed to “vigorously enforcing” those involving intentionally reckless…

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flying inbox

ANGLEOFATTACK GETTING CURRENT It’s time for instrument currency! It’s been several years, but it came back fairly quickly. Unfortunately this is about all I saw of the scenery along the way, as I was under Foggles for the remainder of the time. HEATHER JAMIESON NOAA’S GRAPHICAL FORECASTS I used to love the text-based products [“NOAA Replaces Text-Based Area Forecasts with Graphical Forecasts,” April 18, 2017]. When they started issuing plain-text translations on some Web services, I used to look down on them. It was total pilot snobbery though. (However, once you know all the codes, they are really easy to read and copy down.) Whatever we can do to get the most information in the clearest way into pilots’ brains trumps my feelings of superiority every time. YOUR SHOTS KEITH BROWN The Blue Angels soar over Disney’s Magic…

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diamond launches a family of da 50 models

In early April, 10 years after the first Diamond DA50 made its public debut, the latest version of the airplane was introduced. The DA50-V will be a five-seat model slotted in the middle of the DA50 series, which will also include the four-seat DA50-IV and seven-seat DA50-VII. With the slogan “Be Unique,” the exterior of the DA50s will be fully customizable. The first DA50-V has a bold, gold-and-black paint scheme covering its sleek composite fuselage. It is powered by a turbocharged, jet-fueled 260 hp Safran/SMA diesel engine, which should provide the airplane with an impressive range, in excess of 1,000 nm, as it burns only 6.8 gph at 50 percent power. At higher power settings Diamond says the airplane has reached speeds up to 173 ktas. A payload of 1,256 pounds and…

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mooney’s ultra models complete certification

Mooney has attained certification for the M20V Acclaim Ultra and M20U Ovation Ultra, solidifying the company’s return to the marketplace as the maker of the fastest single-engine piston airplanes in production. The turbocharged Acclaim’s top speed is 242 knots. Compared with the previous Acclaim and Ovation, the Ultra models have several significant upgrades. The most notable change was the addition of a door on the left side of the fuselage, providing much easier access to the pilot’s seat. Both doors are also much wider than the previous version. Along with that major modification, the metal fuselage was replaced with a composite section. The engine cowl was already composite for optimal aerodynamics, but the remainder of the airframe is constructed of metal. In addition to the modified fuselage, Mooney has added Garmin’s G1000…

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angle of attack indicator

An angle of attack indicator offers a visual indication of the amount of lift the wing is generating at a given airspeed or angle of bank. The AOA delivers critical information visually or through an aural tone to indicate the actual safety margin above an aerodynamic stall. AOAs are created around one of two systems, either a lift reserve indicator or a normalized AOA. An LRI is normally accurate in a single configuration, usually near the approach angle of attack. The advantage of a normalized AOA is that the angle of attack measurement is accurate in all aircraft configurations. The normalized AOA is in use on Dassault’s Falcon 7X and 8X, the Airbus A380 and nearly every jet produced by Embraer. Both AOA configurations consist of a heated wing probe that looks…

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forgotten approach options: ndb/adf

In an era of satellite-based precision approaches, a pilot’s understanding of how to find the destination airport using a nondirectional beacon might seem a waste of time. But in the United States, hundreds of NDBs remain in service, according to the FAA. Alaska alone has 70. Flying an NDB approach requires considerably more pilot attention because of the navaid’s rudimentary functionality. An ADF receiver can perform only a single task: make the ADF needle point right at the station. It offers no distance information, nor any visual warning should the station’s reliability wane. Pilots flying an NDB approach must monitor the audio Morse code ID of a station during the entire approach to ensure a continuous signal. Because nondirectional beacons operate in the frequency spectrum near the AM broadcast band, NDB signals…