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Flying March 2018

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are airplanes productivity tools?

A little before 7 in the morning on Christmas Eve, a Florida lawyer and his four passengers piled into his Cessna 340 for what was to be a fun-filled getaway to Key West. The pilot requested that the airplane be towed from the hangar to the ramp at Bartow Municipal Airport. He wanted to be towed because the fog was so thick that he worried about taxiing near the other hangars. The passengers boarded the Cessna while it was still inside the hangar and remained in the airplane while it was towed. The pilot then started the engines and slowly taxied to Runway 9L. He completed the runup and prepared to depart. Witnesses couldn’t see the airplane because of the dense fog, but they heard an explosion moments later when…

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NOT JUST ANOTHER OSHKOSH TALE For well over a month, I would pull my November edition of Flying from the pile on top of the porcelain tank in my library to skim, read and re-skim. Each time, I skipped the story “Oshkosh or Bust,” saying to myself, “Not another Oshkosh story.” Then I placed the magazine in a pile to go to my grandson. My wife, for some reason, returned it to the pile on top of the porcelain tank, and today I picked it up again and was about to flip past “Oshkosh or Bust” again when something caught my eye and I realized this fellow has a different story to tell. I thoroughly loved the concept of traveling to Oshkosh in a series of a variety of planes! It…

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promaster skyhawk

With a substantial 47 mm case made from Citizen’s trademarked Super Titanium, the Promaster Skyhawk A-T pilot’s watch is one of the toughest and most visually appealing you can buy in the sub-$1,000 price range. Its black analog-digital dial with sky-blue highlights was inspired by the coordinate axis on radar screens. TV ads for the timepiece show a pilot alighting in a Cessna Skyhawk, leaving little doubt where the name comes from. The watch is extraordinarily lightweight, scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant, and Citizen notes its material is five times harder and 40 percent lighter than stainless steel. Its multiple functions include a dual-time display, a one-hundredth-second chronograph, a perpetual calendar, two alarms, and a rotating slide-rule bezel for calculating flight times and more. The Promaster series, which also comes with…

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vfr goggles

You’re no doubt familiar with IFR training goggles, aka foggles, view-limiting devices that simulate flight in IMC. Sporty’s has introduced a new take on that idea with its VFR training goggles. Rather than blocking the view outside the airplane, Sporty’s VFR goggles were invented by a Sporty’s Academy flight instructor to keep primary students’ eyes off the flight instruments and out on the horizon, where they belong. “There comes a point in flight training when students get hypnotized by gauges instead of looking outside the aircraft,” says Sporty’s vice president John Zimmerman. “Many instructors resolve to put a sectional chart over the panel in an effort to get students to look outside while practicing a maneuver. This is a better option.” Another use for this training aid could be for emergency practice,…

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VULCANAIR CERTIFIES FOUR-SEAT HIGH-WING SINGLE The single-engine four-seat Part 23-certified high-wing is back. While the design had been just about forgotten in the modern world of aviation — Cessna introduced its latest version about 50 years ago with the 177 Cardinal — Italian airplane-maker Vulcanair is the second to have recently certified a similarly configured airplane after another Italian manufacturer, Tecnam, got the FAA signatures in 2015 for its P2010. Unlike the Tecnam, which is a composite airplane, the Vulcanair V1.0 returns to a steelframe and aluminum structure, which was the standard for decades. The power plant — a 180 hp Lycoming IO-360 — is also well-established. This engine can burn 100LL and alternative fuels. Vulcanair claims a 130-knot cruise speed at 75 percent power for the V1.0. While most light four-seat…

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auxiliary power unit

An aircraft auxiliary power unit serves as an additional energy source normally used to start one of the main engines on an airliner or business jet. The APU is equipped with an extra electrical generator to create enough power to operate onboard lighting, galley electrics and cockpit avionics, usually while the aircraft is parked at the gate. Drawing bleed air from its own compressor, an APU also drives the environmental packs used to heat and cool the aircraft. And most important, operating an APU negates the need to start one of the aircraft’s main engines while waiting for passengers to arrive, thereby saving on fuel and maintenance for a more expensive power plant. In most cases, the APU is shut down before takeoff and reignited when the aircraft clears the runway after…