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Flying November 2018

The sharp wit and experienced judgment of Flying’s experts cover all the challenges and rewards that aviation offers to all flying enthusiasts. From industry news updates, regulations, trends, air shows and events to carefully researched reports on all categories of airplanes, helicopters, avionics, products, technology, accessories and equipment to pilot technique, flight training, safety, weather, operations and maintenance.

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welcome, ben

Our lineup of columnists is an eclectic bunch. We have an airline pilot who spends half the year letting his beard grow long on a liveaboard sailboat in the Caribbean (Sam Weigel), another airline pilot who writes aviation-inspired mystery novels (Les Abend), three folks who fly personal jets (Dick Karl and John and Martha King), a self-taught aerodynamicist with a Harvard English degree who builds and pilots airplanes of his own design (Peter Garrison), a master flight instructor and Citation jet captain who’s an absolute whiz with an iPad (Bret Koebbe) and a guy with an enviable amount of PC-12 time who, oh, by the way, also flies his own Robinson helicopter to work when the mood strikes (John Zimmerman). And then there’s Martha Lunken, who’s as eclectic as they…

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ROMANCE ON THE RUNWAY I am writing in response to August’s editorial “Romance on the Runway.” I began flying when I was 15 years old. The first person who taught me was a man well into his 70s, and while I felt esteem for him and his harsh, old-school style of instruction, our relationship was purely professional. I completed milestones with him that I will never forget: first solo, first cross-country, first check ride. What I felt afterward included personal joy and accomplishment, but no feelings of romance for my instructor. To say that a young woman simply cannot fly without falling madly in love with her instructor is to say that women cannot have a passion for something that isn’t driven by romance, let alone one that could be driven…

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garmin buys fltplan.com

Garmin’s purchase of flight-planning specialist FltPlan.com caused a minor stir in the pilot community when users of the FltPlan Go app began asking if it would remain free to use. Good news: A Garmin spokesperson confirmed that all FltPlan.com features that are free now will remain so for the foreseeable future. FltPlan.com has risen to become one of the largest flight-planning companies in the world, creating more than 6.3 million flight plans annually for its 165,000 registered users. Popular features include a free flight-planning and -filing website, available for the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Panama and parts of Venezuela and Colombia, as well as premium Web-based offerings. The free FltPlan Go app is available for iOS, Android and Windows, and is among the few that are compatible…

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skybeacon approved for certified aircraft

The clever wingtip ADS-B solution from uAvionix is no longer only available for the Experimental and LSA markets. The Bigfork, Montana-based company recently achieved TSO approval for the skyBeacon, allowing owners of certified aircraft to install the unit in their airplanes. The sky-Beacon meets the 2020 mandate for ADS-B Out compliance and could very well be the least expensive solution available. The cost for the unit is $1,849, and it requires minimal installation time. In addition to ADS-B Out capability, the skyBeacon includes a built-in WAAS GPS receiver, altitude encoder and LED nav light. The system works with any Mode C or Mode S transponder without the need for new wiring. The unit weighs in at 0.2 pounds. Initial STCs will be issued to the Cessna 172 and Piper PA-28 series of…

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van’s aircraft offers complete rv-12 airplanes

Ever since Richard VanGrunsven founded Van’s Aircraft in 1972, the Oregon-based company has established itself as a premier kit manufacturer. With more than 10,000 airplane kits produced, Van’s is now starting to build complete airplanes on a new assembly line at its headquarters in Aurora. The company offers two SLSA airplanes: the RV-12iS and RV-12iST trainer. All factory-built versions of the RV-12 SLSA are powered by the fuel-injected 100 hp Rotax 912 iS Sport engine spinning a two-blade Sensenich composite propeller. The RV-12 carries 20 gallons of fuel, enough to travel well over 500 nm under normal conditions. All factory-built versions come standard with angle of attack instrumentation, a 406 MHz ELT and ADS-B In and Out capabilities, providing real-time traffic and weather. The top speed of the RV-12 nibbles at the…

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instrument landing system

An instrument landing system (ILS) uses two separate ground-based radio transmitters to provide both lateral and vertical guidance to pilots during an instrument approach procedure that normally includes the lowest landing minimums. A Category I ILS approach, for example, typically offers a 200-foot decision height above the ground. ILS approach visibility minimums are measured either in statute miles or by using runway visual ranges down to zero-zero for a Category IIIc ILS approach. (Approaches of Cat 2 and greater require special flight crew certification.) One ILS transmitter, called the localizer, offers the pilot accurate left-right guidance to a predetermined missed-approach point near the runway threshold. Localizer needle movements on the cockpit display are similar to what a pilot would see navigating with a VOR and include a vertical needle that moves…