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Flying September 2018

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congratulations, cirrus

When we polled readers on social media about which of five nominees they thought should win this year’s Flying Innovation Award, the response was nearly unanimous. In fact, not only did our audience predict we would bestow this year’s award on Cirrus for the SF50 Vision Jet, readers told us we’d be crazy if we gave it to anyone else. So much for feigned suspense. Congratulations, Cirrus, for taking home the Innovation Award trophy in late July. We announced the selection at the annual Flying party at Oshkosh, where it must have seemed like a bit of a fait accompli even to those who were there. The prize is but one in a long list of accolades for the little jet that could, and I was personally honored to be able…

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ANOTHER DAY I was struck by June’s ILAFFT, in which an instructor allows a low-time pilot to mush into a New Jersey grass strip saturated with winter snow melt and then decides to take over and fly the airplane out of the short airstrip to keep from getting stuck. I have made some decisions with students over the years that, on second thought, probably should have been done differently. In this case, an experienced CFI demonstrated an initial failure in his decision process and continued in a failed chain to an outcome that certainly left both pilots shaken and probably caused the pilot receiving instruction to question whether to fly with this instructor again. It is tempting for CFIs to sometimes push the envelope for their students in hopes of adding to that…

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sentry ads-b receiver

ForeFlight’s Sentry portable ADS-B receiver was the talk of Oshkosh after the product, developed in partnership with uAvionix, made its debut at AirVenture in July. A sister product to the Scout portable, Sentry adds a whole slew of additional features that can be accessed through the ForeFlight Mobile iPad app while also upping the price. For $499, buyers get quite a lot for their money. The Sentry is a 2.2-inch-by-3.3-inch-by-1.4-inch receiver that weighs 119 grams and includes dual ADS-B antennas optimized for 978 MHz and 1090 MHz frequencies and WAAS GPS receiver. It gives pilots access to FIS-B weather, flight information, traffic and a backup attitude display. In addition, Sentry provides a carbon monoxide monitor and alarm, offers a 12-hour battery life and comes equipped with a high-capacity data card for weather…

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cubcrafters updates carbon cubs

CubCrafters announced two updated versions of its already stellar-performing Carbon Cub series. As the names imply, the Experimental amateur-built EX-3 kit and Factory Experimental FX-3 (which is built through CubCrafters’ builder-assist program) represent the third generation of the tandem-seat taildragger. Both of the airplanes are powered by CubCrafters’ four-cylinder CC363i engine, which produces 186 hp. The Yakima, Washington-based company has developed its own engines since 2008, but the CC363i is a new fuel-injected model. The engine was developed in partnership with Superior Air Parts, and it features dual electronic ignition and Precision Airmotive’s fuel injection system. Aero Sport Power, based in Kamloops, British Columbia, in Canada, assembles and tests the engines before they are mounted beneath the sleek composite cowlings of the Carbon Cubs. The CC363i engines in the EX-3 and…

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An airfoil, or a wing, as pilots more commonly refer to it, when viewed from the wingtip looking back at the fuselage, normally offers a curved shape, with the front, or leading edge, being thicker than the rear, or trailing edge. Airfoils are, of course, also used in the construction of propellers and helicopter rotor blades. Airfoils are created in a variety of shapes, many of which originated with the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) in the late 1920s and through the 1930s. Some NACA airfoils come with razor-thin leading edges. Some are flat on the bottom, while others are nearly concave at the trailing edge, with others being symmetrical above and beneath the wing. Each offers very different flight characteristics and peculiarities from which engineers choose depending upon the…

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cleveland burke lakefront rnav gps runway 24 right

Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL) now holds the title of “that fantastic little airport by the lake,” a slogan once reserved for the now-defunct Chicago Meigs Field (CGX). BKL gets lots of use by corporate and private aircraft by offering easy access to downtown Cleveland, the football stadium, the aquarium and, of course, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sitting downwind from Lake Erie, BKL is a regular target for fog and lake-effect snow, weather that demands an instrument approach. While BKL is equipped with parallel runways, the airport offers only two approaches, an ILS and an RNAV GPS, both to Runway 24. With that knowledge, here are a few key points to note when considering the use of the RNAV GPS approach to Runway 24R. A. CIRCLE TO LAND When…