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Summer 2020

Foiling Magazine brings the best features, the latest tech and the finest tricks-and-tips to you from the world of foiling. Within this relatively new sport, Foiling Magazine is essential reading for any surf, SUP, Wing, wake or eFoiler. Working with the best riders, the biggest brands and the finest photographers, Foiling Magazine provides the ultimate representation of the most exciting sport on the planet…

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Given the unpredictability of 2020, I’m not going to make many concrete assertions in my introduction to issue #5 of this magazine, for fear of getting the proverbial egg on my face. But I’ll go out on a limb on one… Wing foiling is not only here to stay, but it’ll continue, for some time, to proliferate quicker than any other aspect within the foiling spectrum. You might already be convinced of this, or perhaps on the fence, but to those who doubt it I can safely say that from my perspective, sat here in my office (which is sadly not at the beach, but I can at least hear the surf from here), staring at approximately 50 unread emails, I would confidently predict that over half of them will contain…

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RIDER Jeremy Stephenson PHOTOGRAPHER Paul Campion LOCATION Muriwai, New Zealand Paul: Located on Auckland’s wild west coast, Muriwai has a well-earned reputation as a heavy wave, and for tow-foil surfing it’s broken three of our boards in the past month. Just getting out into the water requires negotiating a four-wheel drive track, timing the sea surges to launch the jetskis, and running the gauntlet of the dumping shore break to make it out the back. It’s also a little bit sharky – the further out you go, the bigger they get, and just a few days before this a pack of ten juvenile Great Whites were spotted cruising around nearby… RIDER Chris Bertish PHOTOGRAPHER Bob Stawicki LOCATION Hood River Gorge Chris: I’d been wanting to go up and sail and downwind The Gorge in Hood River for…

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lift documentary

Firstly Nick, kudos on a really good-looking documentary. Who was behind the camera and production? The footage was a collection of content that we have captured over the years. My friend Christian Suau put together the production and editing. He’s typically making the hit Reggaeton videos for the Puerto Rican rap stars, but he’s a surfer and part of the Lift family. There’s a huge range of locations in there. Rivers, towns, bridges, harbors… Can you tell us where a few of the spots were? Most of the shoots are all within a short distance from our home and headquarters here in Puerto Rico. There are also different shots that we have collected around the world. You refer to your dad, Michael, as the main tester. Benny Ferris also acknowledges giving feedback. How many…

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ulisses vinicius pereira

Hey Ulisses! How’s your day looking, and where are you right now? Hey! My day is going good, thank you. Right now I’m in Bali, more specifically at Dream Land close to Uluwatu. I really love it here, because there are good waves, good vibes, beautiful places and it’s so incredible how there are waves for anything! Waves for surf foiling, wing foiling, getting barrels or doing turns… So I think in so many ways this place has helped me on achieving my dream of becoming a waterman! How much has Covid affected your plans lately? Covid-19 changed a lot of my plans. Like not being able to surf or foil for almost three months because the beaches were closed here, so it was some pretty hard times! But it was also really…

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double whammy

What an interesting July this has been. After four months being “locked down” in Florida, we finally made it back to our home base in Marin County, a few miles north of San Francisco, California, where we could once again ride our local spots. While summer is not known for its big waves on our Pacific coastline, foiling has opened up so many spots and on smaller days, which combined with the consistent winds, have created an amazing surf, SUP and winging playground. It was mid-July, and a good swell was coming through SoCal. My good friend Merten – from the Los Angeles Foiling Club (LAFC) – suggested to my girlfriend Dorothy and I that we head south to LA, meet with the local crew, and try some of the new…

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hydrofoil materials

Aluminum Aluminum is quite light for a metal and offers some good characteristics with a very useful strength to weight ratio. For hydrofoil, grades 6061 and 6063 are most often used. These are higher grades offering advanced mechanical characteristics which is why they are used in structurally demanding applications such as in aircrafts for example. Metals normally yield at some fraction of the breaking load. These two grades offer a pretty high yield point which makes them particularly useful. Finally, they offer good corrosion resistance and are easy to anodize to work in the marine environment. Aluminum is an isotropic material, which means it has the same mechanical properties in any direction. It does not matter whether you’re trying to pull or bend it, the material will behave the same and this…