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March 2020

Guideposts is a monthly inspirational, interfaith, non profit magazine written by people from all walks of life. Its articles help readers achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential.

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good memories

People say they love Guideposts because they identify with the storytellers. It is that commonality of experience that so often overcomes our differences. Then there are stories that simply conjure up a memory and make us smile. Plenty of that for me in this issue. You too, I bet. Take our Close Calls feature (page 40), about a couple in Texas who barely survive a tornado. I was a kid when we moved from fairly tornado-free Pennsylvania to Michigan, and my father kept repeating that we were going to Tornado Alley. He mounted all sorts of weather-monitoring gadgets to the walls, tapping and peering at them while we rolled our eyes. It didn’t help when I came home and said we had tornado drills at school. Years passed without incident. Then…

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what’s new on guideposts.org

Feeding Body and Soul Get a behind-the-scenes tour of Kazi Mannan’s unique restaurant (page 58) in our exclusive video. guideposts.org/kazim Through the Storm In our video, Linda Stratigakis (page 40) recounts how she survived a terrifying tornado. guideposts.org/lindas New Ways to Observe Lent Not sure what to give up in the days leading up to Easter? Check out these tips for some out-of-the-box Lenten inspiration. guideposts.org/lentideas The Spirit of Spring Find out why spring is the most positive season of the year at guideposts.org/springpositive. Keep Your Guideposts Coming We make it easy to renew your magazine and manage book series shipments. guideposts.org/ecares…

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“the up side®

“The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.”actress JENNIFER GARNER, as posted on her Instagram“Sometimes God will put a Goliath in your life for you to find a David within you.”via pocket.praise“The two most powerful forces in the world are love and prayer. Use them!”submitted by Guideposts reader FRANCIS TARDIFF, in East Tawas, Michigan“History is terrific; I love it. But the past doesn’t equal the future, and the minute you think it does, then you’re trapped—you can’t change.”MIKE ROWE, host of the TV show Dirty Jobs and author of The Way I Heard It“No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up and never give up.”message on the Addiction Prevention Coalition’s Instagram SEND AN UPLIFTING QUOTE from a newsmaker or yourself to upside@guideposts.org…

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someone cares

YOU’VE GOT MAIL Since leaving Virginia for Texas, I have picked up a habit that brings happiness to my family and rewards me as well: sending snail mail. Most of my peers use smartphones to keep in touch with loved ones, but I take pleasure in picking out pretty cards—as well as gifts like temporary tattoos to send my nieces, who are 13 and 8. My cousin Angie gets postcards when I travel; she especially liked the ones from Hawaii and Taiwan. Now that my relatives have discovered how much they love getting mail, they’re writing to me too. It’s so nice to see familiar handwriting in the mailbox, knowing someone took the time to let me know I’m on their mind. CINDY MONTGOMERY College Station, Texas BEEP! BEEP! In 2005, my church was having an Easter…

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a different path

Woolwich Township, New Jersey I GREW UP PLAYING SPORTS. BOTH my parents played multiple sports in high school, and my dad went to college on a football scholarship. I played softball as a child and excelled on my high school field hockey and track teams. My husband, Kenny, was playing professional basketball overseas when we met. He now works in education and coaches youth and high school basketball. Kenny and I weren’t surprised when our daughters, Kennedi and Kassadi, showed early athletic promise. Watching them outrun other kids on the playground, I knew they were destined for greatness on the track. Kennedi, our older daughter, was competing in the Junior Olympics track and field championships by age seven. Kassadi wasn’t far behind. By the time Kennedi started middle school, our family life revolved…

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one cool dude

THAT DECEMBER DAY IN 2014, I bounced my baby on my knee and tried to occupy my toddler while my 92-year-old grandfather rummaged through the closet for the right polo shirt to wear for our first trip to the Asheville, North Carolina, VA hospital. “Some people might think I’m prissy,” Grandaddy Bill said in his lilting Southern accent, “but I just like to look nice.” My grandfather had moved into our basement apartment from my sister’s house a month ago so that I could care for him as his Parkinson’s disease and mild dementia progressed. I’d known this new arrangement was never going to be easy. But I was surprised that I was already gritting my teeth. Just convincing him to go in for a checkup today had been a struggle.…