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Guitar World

Guitar World

February 2020

Guitar World is the world’s leading guitar magazine. Professionals and beginners alike turn to Guitar World for top-flight coverage of their favorite artists, from rock titans like Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Metallica's Kirk Hammett to contemporary stars like the White Stripes' Jack White and Tool's Adam Jones. Every issue of Guitar World magazine offers broad-ranging interviews that cover technique, instruments and lifestyles as well as Guitar World’s famously thorough lessons and transcriptions.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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2 minutos
jimi: two more eyewitness accounts

EVEN THOUGH THIS issue of Guitar World is already packed with juicy first-person accounts from rockers who knew or “experienced” Jimi Hendrix in ancient times, I’m gonna add two more! The first one is from my 2014 interview with Donovan Leitch. It was a snowy, freezing February morning when I met him and his wife in a warm-and-toasty penthouse apartment overlooking Manhattan’s Washington Square Park (they didn’t live there, but they do have the sort of friends who lend them warm-and-toasty penthouse apartments when they’re in town). After telling me about working with Jimmy Page, the Beatles and Jeff Beck, Donovan worked his way to Hendrix: “Gypsy Dave [Gyp Mills], my road buddy since we were 16, and I used to hang out with the Animals. Gypsy was dating Yvonne, a…

1 minutos
guitar world

EDITORIAL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Damian Fanelli PRODUCTION EDITOR Jem Roberts TECH EDITOR Paul Riario VIDEO EDITOR Alan Chaput ASSOCIATE EDITORS Andy Aledort, Chris Gill CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Gregory Adams, Brad Angle, Richard Bienstock, Johnny Black, Joe Bosso, Peter Hodgson, Mark McStea, David Von Bader, Jon Wiederhorn, Stéphane Wrembel, Dweezil Zappa MUSIC SENIOR MUSIC EDITOR Jimmy Brown MUSIC TRANSCRIPTIONIST/ENGRAVER Jeff Perrin ART SENIOR DESIGN DIRECTOR Mixie von Bormann CUSTOM TYPEFACE Steve Mitchell ONLINE DIGITAL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Michael Astley-Brown ONLINE MANAGING EDITOR Jackson Maxwell PRODUCTION HEAD OF PRODUCTION Mark Constance BUSINESS US CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER Luke Edson 203-505-9504, luke.edson@futurenet.com DIRECTOR OF U.S. MUSIC SALES Jonathan Brudner 845-678-3064,jonathan.brudner@futurenet.com ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Mari Deetz 650-238-0344, mari.deetz@futurenet.com ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Jason Perl 646-723-5419, jason.perl@futurenet.com PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT MANAGER Beatrice Weir beatrice.weir@futurenet.com CONSUMER MARKETING ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT Sheri Taubes MANAGEMENT CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER Aaron Asadi BRAND DIRECTOR, MUSIC Stuart Williams COMMERCIAL FINANCE DIRECTOR Dan Jotcham…

4 minutos
sounding board

Shorty Should’ve Made the Short List Thanks for the great article about Jeff Beck [Holiday 2019]. He’s the guitarist I’d most like to sound like. I appreciate the list of his best solos with other artists. There were a couple I hadn’t heard. Thanks for that. If I were doing that list, my Number 1 [choice] would be “Do to Me” from Trombone Shorty’s 2011 album, For True. Great solo with that big horn sound. Check it out. —Mike Reish An Operatic Fail? I really loved the list of Iron Maiden’s greatest songs [December 2019] — but come on! “Phantom of the Opera” at the bottom of the list!? That’s a Maiden masterpiece. Top five all the way, baby! One thing that would’ve been great is a feature on guitarist Dennis Stratton; an interview…

1 minutos
defenders of the faith

Jeff Lange AGE: 49 HOMETOWN: Elgin, IL GUITARS: 1992 Gibson SG, Ibanez RG6EXFX SONGS I’VE BEEN PLAYING: Rush “2112,” Steve Vai “Butler’s Bag,” Mr. Big “Addicted to That Rush” GEAR I MOST WANT: Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci JP15 Darrell Keel AGE: 68 HOMETOWN: Mesa, AZ GUITARS: Gibson Les Paul Standard, Martin HD-28 SONGS I’VE BEEN PLAYING: Alan Parsons Project “Eye in the Sky,” The Eagles “Hotel California,” The Beatles “Roll Over Beethoven” GEAR I MOST WANT: Gibson SJ-200 Eddie Coyle (left) and Jesse Albaugh AGES: 39, 46 HOMETOWN: Anamosa, IA GUITARS: Ibanez xp300fx, Washburn g12 V, Yamaha 930apx acoustic (Eddie); Ibanez rg 460 Dean Eric Peterson old skull v. Dean hunter v Dean Tyrant v. Seagull and sekova acoustic (Jesse) SONGS WE’VE BEEN PLAYING: Originals from our band, Dark Agenda GEAR I MOST WANT: Ibanez Destroyer dt400 (Eddie); Marshall Joe Satriani signature head (Jesse) Are…

4 minutos
schrödinger’s shredder

NICK JOHNSTON HAS always occupied two worlds simultaneously — a Schrödinger’s Cat of Shred, if you will. Is he a highly capable, achingly melodic and sometimes blazingly fast guitar hero for the modern age? Or is he a composer exploring new levels of melody, harmony and orchestration? With Johnston, you never know until you hit “Play.” On his latest, Wide Eyes in the Dark, we find more of the compositional, fusionesque Johnston rather than the ‘How does he do that?’ shred lord, and yet there are still plenty of licks and tricks, as on previous albums like Remarkably Human and Atomic Mind. It’s just Tkk that they’re couched in music that is almost cinematic in its scope and ambition. “Writing music is kind of like a therapy,” Johnston says. “I value…

1 minutos
luca benedetti

1 “Right Off” John McLaughlin McLaughlin opens with a bombastic riff before launching into wah-pedal-infused chordal work and signature virtuosic lines spit out through a fuzz pedal. 2 “The Prettiest Girl in New York” Jim Campilongo In addition to his dazzling lead work and Tele pyrotechnics, his deceptively simple compositions are full of cinematic beauty and inspiration. 3 “Tanya” Earl Hooker There is a lightness and sense of humor in Hooker’s slide playing that is a joy to listen to. His standard E tuning offers a welcome contrast to open-tuning slide cliches. 4 “Undiú” João Gilberto Gilberto’s chordal genius radiates as he shifts from a simple hypnotic ostinato to seemingly endless reharmonizations and voicings under his wordless melody. 5 “Days of Wine and Roses” Wes Montgomery Wes builds his swinging, lyrical lines over the chord changes, all while boasting one of the best jazz…