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Highlights High Five October 2019

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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firefighters in the community

In the town where I live, the firefighters are volunteers. These men and women are often the first ones on the scene, not only for fires but also vehicle accidents and other safety matters. I’m impressed by and grateful for these volunteers’ selflessness and their concern for our community. This month—which is National Fire Prevention Month—we explore how firefighters stay prepared for emergencies in the feature “Firefighters at the Station” (pages 12–15). From cleaning the firehouse to testing gear, firefighters do a lot to stay ready. To learn more about firefighters and fire trucks, watch a Highlights video at HighlightsKids.com/fire-engine. Sincerely, We love to hear from you! eds@highlights.com…

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zoo sounds

Tex and Indi were playing “name that animal” atthe zoo with their younger cousins, William and Mia. Tex prowled around and pawed the air. “Look,”he said. “There are the rawr-rawr-rawrs!” Mia made her fingers into claws too, like Tex. “Lions!” she said, laughing. “Can you two see the ork-ork-orks?” Indi pointed to a big, calm pool of water. All of a sudden, two sea lions popped up with a big SPLASH! “Sea lions!” William cheered. “Ooh,” said Tex. “I spy with my little eye a sss-slippery, sss-slithering . . .” “Snake!” said Mia. “What wonderful animals,” said Mom, smiling. “Who would you like to visit next?” Right that second, loud laughter cackled behind them, making everybody jump with surprise. “Monkeys!” the cousins all shouted. The whole family giggled together.…

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firefighters at the station

These are firefighters. When they arrive at work, they check the fire truck and firefighting gear to make sure it all works. They beep the horns, start up power equipment, and turn on lights. Then they set their gear near their truck. This helps them be ready to fight fires or help in other emergencies. Firefighters wear a special uniform. This includes thick pants and a coat, a neck cover, a face mask, and air packs. Air packs protect the firefighters from breathing in the hot air and smoke from a fire. After checking the truck and gear, the firefighters do chores. They take care of the firehouse like a home. They might cook meals, mop floors, or clean the kitchen. Firefighters do lots of things to make sure they are ready when needed. Meet a firefighter at…

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a picture for grandma

“Grandpa, there’s a deer in the yard!” Carter pointed out the window. Grandpa turned to look. “He’s quite a fellow, isn’t he?” “Look at his big antlers,” said Carter. “Let’s take a picture for Grandma,” said Carter. Grandpa took out his cell phone. “My phone’s battery is out,” he said. “I can’t take a picture. Let’s look for the camera.” Carter searched the bookcase. Grandpa looked on the coffee table. Finally, Carter found the camera in a closet. But, by then, the deer had left the yard. “I’m sorry we couldn’t take a picture of the deer for Grandma, Carter,” said Grandpa. “I can still do that,” said Carter, and he got to work. When Grandma came home, Carter handed her a picture. “This is for you,” he said. “Thank you for drawing this for me, Carter,” said Grandma. “He’s…

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meeting juan’s family

Bebo and Gaby were visiting Juan at his apartment for the first time. When the friends arrived, Juan couldn’t wait to introduce them to his family. “Ésta es mi mamá,” said Juan. “Hello, Juan’s mom,” said Gaby. In the living room, they met Juan’s dad, who was reading the newspaper. “Éste es mi papá,” said Juan. “Hello, Juan’s dad,” said Bebo. Juan’s grandparents were in the kitchen, making a snack. “Ésta es mi abuela. Éste es mi abuelo,” said Juan. “Hello, Juan’s grandma and grandpa,” said Gaby. Then the three friends went to Juan’s room to play. “Who is that?” asked Gaby, pointing at Juan’s bed. “Éste es mi osito,” said Juan, hugging his teddy bear. “Hello, Juan’s bear!” said Bebo and Gaby together. Ésta es mi mamá. EH-stah ehss mee mah-MAH This is my mom. Éste es mi papá. EH-steh ehss mee pah-PAH This is…