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Highlights High Five

Highlights High Five December 2019

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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finding kindness

Last December, I opened our mailbox to find a note from the mail carrier, thanking us for a small Christmas gift we’d given him. This unexpected gesture made me smile. Moments like this are why I cherish the holidays and the kindness that so often goes with them. In this issue, there are many moments of kindness. You’ll find them when Tex and Indi think of Dad instead of themselves, when Doña Rosa gives homemade gifts, and when Little Bunny talks himself into sharing with a friend. We also have a special “Kindness Bingo” (page 35) with ideas for how to show kindness. Kindness toward others—the best gift one can give. Wishing you a happy holiday season from all of us at Highlights! Sincerely, We love to hear from you! eds@highlights.com…

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the winter concert

Tex and Indi were all ready to go. “Ah-ah-ah . . . chooo!” Dad sneezed. “I’m sorry this rotten cold is making me miss your winter concert.” “That’s OK,” said Tex. “We can sing for you when we get back.” “I’d love that,” said Dad. The kindergartners wore sparkly snowflake hats. They sang loudly and proudly: “‘. . . Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things. . . .’” “You guys were great!” said Mom. “Should we go out for hot cocoa to celebrate?” “Let’s go celebrate with Dad instead,” said Indi. “Yeah,” said Tex. “We promised to sing to him!” When they got home, Tex and Indi sang away. “Fantastic!” Dad clapped. “I’ve never been to a concert on the couch before.” “We need only one more thing to top it off,”…

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gifts for all

Mary and Lucy were visiting their friend Doña Rosa. “Wow!” said Mary. “You have so much yarn.” “You’re knitting scarves!” said Lucy. “Who is this scarf for?” asked Mary. “Ésta es para mi mamá,” said Doña Rosa. “Your mom is going to love it,” said Mary. “Who is this scarf for?” asked Lucy. “Ésta es para mi hermano,” said Doña Rosa. “That’s perfect for your brother,” said Lucy. “Éstas son para mis tres sobrinos,” said Doña Rosa, holding up three smaller scarves. “Your three nephews are so lucky!” said Lucy. “And those two?” asked Mary. “Para mis mejores amigas,” said Doña Rosa, and she gave one scarf each to Mary and Lucy. “It’s so warm!” said Lucy. “Thank you!” said Mary. “¡Feliz año nuevo!” said Doña Rosa. Doña Rosa DOHN-yah ROH-sah Doña Rosa Ésta es para mi mamá. EHSS-tah ehss pah-rah mee mah-MAH This is for my mom. . . .…

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sledding together

One morning, Little Bunny woke up to find snow. Hooray! Now I can use my new red sled! he thought. He bundled up and got his sled. Then he went to Squirrel’s house. “Grab your sled,” said Little Bunny. “We’ll go to Holly-Jolly Hill.” Squirrel sighed. “My sled broke the last time I used it.” “That’s too bad,” said Little Bunny. He thought, I will be extra careful with my sled. Little Bunny went by himself to Holly-Jolly Hill, behind his house. He coasted down. By himself. He pulled his sled up the hill again. By himself. Sledding by myself is not as much fun as sledding with Squirrel, thought Little Bunny. Squirrel and I could take turns on my sled. But Squirrel broke his sled. What if he breaks mine? Little Bunny remembered what Mama had said when…

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feliz navidad

“Look, Mia,” said Grandpa. “A Christmas card from your cousins up north.” “They built a snowman!” said Mia. “I wish we could build one.” “It’s too warm to snow here,” said Grandpa. “I know,” said Mia. “Instead of snow we have sand.” “Instead of trees,” said Grandpa, “we have . . .” “Cactuses!” said Mia. That gave Mia an idea. She ran to the closet. She took out Grandpa’s old hat, a shawl, and a string of lights. Then she ran outside. A few minutes later, Mia called out, “Grandpa, come look!” Grandpa stepped outside and laughed. “Now I know what we’ll send for holiday cards this year.” He held up his cell phone. “Smile!” Mia grinned. “Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas!”…

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can you make it tall?

Trees are tall. Skyscrapers are really tall! Strong materials—such as concrete, steel, brick, and wood—help buildings stand tall. In a skyscraper, there are many floors and walls. Now it’s your turn to be an engineer. How will you build your tall tower? Ready Pick your materials. Floors ❍ Cardboard ❍ Paper plates ❍ Box lids Walls ❍ Craft sticks ❍ Cardboard tubes ❍ Cups Connectors ❍ Tape ❍ Clay ❍ Glue Set Start building! 1. Choose a floor material 2. as the base for your tower. Use connectors to add walls to the base. 3. Add floors, walls, and connectors to keep 4. building up. Place decorations. Invent What did you make? Thomas (age 7) Straws on top. So sturdy! Paper plate floors! Harsh (age 5) How many levels do you see? Natalie (age 6) Will these cups fall? Photos of clay circles by iStock/Getty Images Plus/bellanatella…