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Highlights High Five August 2020

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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dear readers ways to read

I’m a little obsessed with children’s books that have two text options. Usually, this type of book has primary text, which you need to read to understand the basics, and then it has secondary text, which expands on what’s happening. The texts are often two different sizes and styles, helping us as parents figure out what to read. I love this “optional” text because it allows me to tailor the reading experience to my daughter. If we have the time, I’ll read everything on the page. If she’s not interested, I’ll read just the primary text. Wordless books and stories offer a similar flexibility. Because you’re “reading” what’s happening in the pictures, you can hit the major points, get into the details, or relate the story to your child’s experiences. This…

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who ate the peaches?

Tex and Indi were at Aunt Jen’s farm to pick peaches, but first they visited the barn. “Blossom, Bluebell, and Sneaky Sam are my newest goats,” said Aunt Jen. “Sneaky Sam?” asked Tex. “Why doesn’t he have a flower name like the others?” “His real name is Buttercup,” said Aunt Jen. “But he figured out how to open the gate with his nose, and he keeps sneaking out.” Tex and Indi picked peaches all morning long. When Indi went to empty her basket into the box, she stopped suddenly. “Tex,” she called to her brother. “Why did you take bites out of all the peaches?” “I didn’t,” said Tex. “If you didn’t,” asked Indi, “who did?” Just then, Tex and Indi spotted somebody happily munching a peach. “Sneaky Sam!” they laughed. “Goodness gracious,” chuckled Aunt Jen. “You keep getting sneakier,…

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can you make it move?

How will you build your moving vehicle? Ready Pick your materials. Bases ⋆ Boxes ⋆ Foil ⋆ Tubes Axles ⋆ Paper straws ⋆ Pencils ⋆ Markers Wheels ⋆ Lids ⋆ Cups ⋆ Clay Set Start building! 1 Choose. Choose a base for your vehicle. 2 Push. Make holes and push axles through the base. 3 Attach. Tape or glue wheels to the end of each axle. 4 Decorate. Add decorations. Invent What did you make? Jason (age 6) Maggie (age 4) Alexander (age 8) Aasha (age 7)…

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are we there yet?

Two little pigs jumped into a car. “Are we there yet?” asked the one named Lamar. “Not yet,” said the one whose name was Lorraine, as she put it in gear and sped down the lane. “Join us,” they said to Granny McBear, who was strolling along with nary a care. “Are we there yet?” she asked, as they circled a tree. “Not yet,” said Lorraine, “but soon we will be.” “Hop in,” they all called to a turtle named June. “Are we there yet?” she asked. “Will we arrive soon?” The car chugalugged up a bumpy old hill. It sputtered and hiccuped but kept moving still. And when the car finally stopped at the peak, they all were so awestruck that they couldn’t speak. Then down once again, the car flew like a bird.…

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your high five !

Ninjinsaikhan, age 5, Texas (craft from November 2019) Hamilton, age 6, Georgia (recipe from February 2020) Penny, age 4, Pennsylvania (craft from February 2020) Eleanor, age 5, Minnesota (activity from January 2020) Which animal doesn’t live in a barn? Look for the hidden “Smiling ” on the front cover. You found me! Stock photo credits: Page 2: (photo border) E+/Getty Images/studiocasper; 4: E+/Getty Images/shapecharge; 13-15: (clay circles) iStock/Getty Images Plus/bellanatella; 36: (photo borders) iStock/Getty Images Plus/ cammep…