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Highlights High Five

Highlights High Five September 2020

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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fresh starts

I had the perfect outfit for the first day of kindergarten: pink high-top sneakers and a denim skirt with the letters of the alphabet all over it. It was peak five-year-old fashion. The clothes were new, but at the same time, they made me feel comfortable, happy, and true to myself. Such feelings can mean so much as we embark on an unknown adventure. For the start of this school year, Tex and Indi and their family have a new illustrator. By giving the feature a different style, we are exploring novel ways to get to know these characters. We can discover new ways they interact. We can see new places they go and people they meet. A refreshed look for characters can invite a deeper friendship with them. I hope…

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help is ok

Gran and Poppy were coming for a visit. Tex and Indi were making them welcome gifts. “There,” said Tex. “My friendship bracelets are all done.” “They look great,” said Indi. “I wish my book were done.” “I give up,” grumbled Indi. “What’s the matter?” asked her sister, Arizona. “I’m trying to make my drawings into a book for Gran and Poppy,” said Indi. “But every time I put the ribbon through the holes, it falls right back out again.” “Do you want me to do it?” asked Arizona. “I really want to do it myself,” said Indi. “I know how you feel,” said Arizona. “How about we do it together?” “OK,” said Indi. “Can you tie a bow if I hold the ribbon in place?” “It’s so thoughtful of you to give us welcome gifts,” said Gran. “I’ll wear my…

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how mail travels

A letter can be mailed at the post office or put into a mailbox. Mail carriers remove the letters from the mailbox and take them to the post office. After all the mail arrives at the post office, it is sent to a mail-processing plant. At the mail-processing plant, people and machines sort the letters and packages. They direct the mail so it travels to the correct destination. Trucks and planes carry mail all around the country. The mail arrives at its destination post office. Clerks sort the mail. The mail carrier takes the mail to its final address. Thank you, mail carrier!…

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fiction a family walk

By Sheri Delgado-Preston ⋆ Art by Melissa Iwai Tristan played with his toast. “I miss Mom. I wish she didn’t have to work today.” “Me too,” said Dad. “What do you think she’d want us to do?” “Something fun,” said Tristan. He thought for a moment. “I know—let’s go for a walk!” Dad and Tristan strolled down the sidewalk with their dog, Bella. “Here’s your paper,” Tristan said to their neighbor, Mr. Sanchez. “Thank you, Tristan,” said Mr. Sanchez. “Here are some tomatoes for you and your dad.” Mr. Sanchez gave Tristan a handful of small red tomatoes. Bella stopped to sniff the grass at the dog park. Tristan petted a new dog. “Would she like a treat?” Tristan asked. “Sure, thanks,” said the dog’s owner. Tristan and Dad passed out dog treats. “Let’s turn here,” said Dad. They walked past stores…

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a school helper

It was volunteer day at her nephews’ school. Doña Rosa went inside, ready to help. She entered the first nephew’s classroom. “Yo quiero ayudar,” said Doña Rosa. “Wonderful,” said the teacher. “Could you help set up the brushes and paint?” “¡Sí!” said Doña Rosa. Yo quiero ayudar. YOH key-EHR-oh ah-you-DAHR I want to help. ¡Sí! SEE Yes! Then she went to the next nephew’s class. It was story time. “Do you want to read a story aloud?” asked the teacher. “¡Yo quiero leer!” said Doña Rosa. She read the book, using funny voices and lots of sound effects. The children laughed. “More!” they said. ¡Yo quiero leer! YOH key-EHR-oh leh-EHR I want to read! Finally, Doña Rosa went to her oldest nephew’s classroom. The students were writing. “Yo quiero escribir,” said Doña Rosa. She sat next to her nephew and wrote down the poem he…

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craft mail a hug

Make a hug and send it to someone special! Who will get your hug? You Need Pencil Paper Scissors Glue stick Envelope 1 Draw. Draw a sloth. Draw two big circles, two small circles, and one heart. 2 Cut. Cut out the sloth, circles, and heart. 3 Glue. Glue the circles onto the sloth to make the face. Glue the heart onto the body. 4 Fold. Fold the sloth’s arms and legs in. Put it in an envelope. SHOW US YOUR HUG Send us your sloths at highlights.com/HighFive. Print a sloth pattern at highlights.com/sloth.…