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Home & Decor November 2019

Home & Decor is a monthly interior design magazine which aims to make stylish living easy for everyone. Authoritative articles on interior design, home decorating and home improvement equip readers with the relevant know-how to navigate their renovations, with beautiful interior photography and styling for inspiration. Capturing the latest design and lifestyle trends, shops, furniture and furnishings, houseproud owners are able to keep their home perennially stylish and the perfect fit to their changing needs and lifestyles.

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all the single ladies

We have heard it before, that behind every successful man there is a woman. I don’t think we give the women in our lives enough credit when it comes to the roles they willingly take on in our lives, as mothers, sisters, wives, best friends, etc. When I joined the interior design industry, it also surprised me that it’s usually the women who take the lead in providing information about what they want in the design of their home, as well as the small details that need to be addressed during the renovation. I guess it makes sense because in many families it is common for the woman of the house to be a full-time housewife, and she would be in the best position to know the types of spaces each…

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more than meets the eye

Is the perfectionist in you disturbed by the sight of a gaping black rectangle taking centre stage in the living room whenever the TV is switched off? Then you need to check out Danish AV tech maker Bang & Olufsen’s Beovision Harmony. The screen slips behind two sound-system panels housed in oak and aluminium when it is switched off. When you’re in the mood to catch your favourite series, the panels fan out like butterfly wings, and the screen rises at the tap of a button on the remote. Within seconds, the stunning 77-inch LG OLED C9 screen, complemented by a state-of-art three-channel DSP-based sound system, comes to life, delivering ultra-sharp images with optimum brightness and crystal-clear sound quality. The Beovision Harmony can also be used to stream music wirelessly from your…

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Mellow yellow brings out the elegant curves of mid-century-inspired furniture such as this console from Essential Home. We’ve all heard the rhyme Yellow, Yellow, Dirty Fellow, which probably explains why the shade may not be popular. However, as we approach the end of the year – and while landscapes in the western hemisphere are bathed in autumnal hues – we’re seeing a growing demand for this particular shade among trendy homeowners. Such a mellow yellow conjures up images of a dusky sunset as seen through tinted glasses behind steam rising from a cup of piping hot tea. In the living room, this subdued yellow evokes a calming ambience and helps to balance out the other colours in the space. It also adds a sense of depth, making the room feel roomier. the…

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lifeguard duty

A private pool might be on most people’s wish list, but drowning incidents remain a major concern as they occur more often in private pools than in public ones. Coral Manta is a solar-powered computer vision drowning detection system (CVDDS) that watches your pool around the clock as well as sends alarms and alerts to your mobile devices when it detects sinking bodies. The Coral Manta retails for $3,999 from Aquatech. Visit www.aquatech-international.com and www.coraldrowningdetection.com for more information on the device.…

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elegant expressions

Beauty meets functionality in Christofle’s Graphik collection of barware. Made of silver-plated metal, the range includes wine glasses, champagne flutes, a wine stand, a carafe coaster, a bottle coaster, a corkscrew, a silicone cork, a Bacchus drip ring and even a cork box that can be personalised and›engraved. Christofle’s Graphik collection starts at €57 (S$86) for a champagne flute or water glass to €465 (S$703) for a crystal whisky decanter. Available at Christofle stores worldwide and www.christofle.com.…

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modern vision

Danish silverware brand Georg Jensen’s Bernadotte Living Collection of dinnerware and decor pays homage to a former contributing designer. Way ahead of his time, Sigvard Bernadotte introduced clean, geometric shapes and symmetric patterns that ran counter to the 1930s Art Deco movement. The stainless steel vases, serving plates and other items will appeal to the contemporary user with their modern language, despite the fact that the designs were conceived decades ago. The Bernadotte collection, ranging from $60 to $360, is at Georg Jensen, #B1-03A Ngee Ann City, and www.georgjensen.com/global.…