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Home & Decor May 2020

Home & Decor is a monthly interior design magazine which aims to make stylish living easy for everyone. Authoritative articles on interior design, home decorating and home improvement equip readers with the relevant know-how to navigate their renovations, with beautiful interior photography and styling for inspiration. Capturing the latest design and lifestyle trends, shops, furniture and furnishings, houseproud owners are able to keep their home perennially stylish and the perfect fit to their changing needs and lifestyles.

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safe at home

It was the poet John Milton, who in 1634, first said, “in every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.” And now, as Singapore gradually eases from the stringent Circuit Breaker measures set to protect its citizens, I believe it is the opportune time for all of us to find that silver lining throughout the Covid crisis. While social distancing has physically torn friendships apart, it has brought families closer as well. More importantly, it has also made all of us realise just how lucky we are to have a home to stay in while waiting for this proverbial storm to pass. For too long now, urbanites have taken their home for granted, seeing it only as a place of rest. Hopefully, being stuck at home would have made us appreciate…

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homeanddecor .com.sg

REAL-TIME DESIGN UPDATES WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/HOMEANDDECOR.SINGAPORE The latest content on home decor and shopping scoops. Conceal your household shelter door 8 stylish ways to conceal and integrate them into your home.tinyurl.com/concealhouseholdshelter Eclectic 3-bedroom home with retro touches Quirky touches and the owners’ hobbies are incorporated into the design.tinyurl.com/eclecticretrohome SIGHTS & INSPIRATION CHECK US OUT AT @HOMEANDDECOR_SG MORE INTERIOR STYLES FROM OUR ONLINE IMAGE LIBRARY THIS MONTH ON OUR “CHIC STUDY ROOMS” BOARD… WWW.PINTEREST.COM/ HOMEANDDECORSG…

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in the may digital issue…

BONUS GALLERIES & VIDEOS NEW IN LOS ANGELES Check out the cosy interiors and warm, sensual vibes of this hot new eatery in West Hollywood. TROPICAL INDULGENCE Find out how celebrity designer Nikki Hunt creates captivating corners in her new home with wallcoverings and more. WHERE CLASSIC MEETS MODERN Take a closer look at this beautiful home bathed in sheer elegance and contemporary accents. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OR SUBSCRIBE AT WWW.HOMEANDDECOR.COM.SG/MAGAZINE Get 20 per cent off a single issue (UP: $6) or 50 per cent off an annual subscription (UP: $72)! Details at www. homeanddecor.com.sg/promotions. NOW AVAILABLE AT…

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fluid shapes

Zaha Hadid left impossibly big, aerodynamic-shaped shoes to fill in the design world when she passed away in 2016. But her legacy lives on through her eponymous architecture firm and prolific design label Zaha Hadid Design (ZHD). Launched at Maison et Objet Paris in January, ZHD’s Plex Vessel crystal collection is a family of multi-use objects with Hadid’s signature organic lines. It comprises two reconfigurable elements that can be stacked to conceal their content, or arranged to create a sculptural landscape on any surface. Shop the Plex Vessel collection at www.zahahadid-design.com. Price upon request.…

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great buys

TRENDING MAKE A SPLASH Details matter and when it comes to your bathroom or kitchen, fittings like your faucets that can elevate the feel of your space. If you’re in the market for ones that ace both function and style, these ultra-sleek options are ones to consider. BEAUTY IN SIMPLICITY If you love the minimalist industrial look, the Menu Reverse table lamp will fit right into your home. Made of unpolished travertine, a type of sedimentary rock, and bronzed aluminium, the Reverse lamp is a study in minimalist elegance. The Menu Reverse lamp retails for €549.95 (S$851.50) at www.menuspace.com. KEEPING IT WARM The reliable Thermos gets a fresh design update in its collaboration with local drawing community Band of Doodlers, this time showcasing Singapore’s flora and fauna in limited-edition ‘Go Green’ tumblers and food jars. Painted in…

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artist of the month

NAEEM MOHAIEMEN Artist, filmmaker and writer Naeem Mohaiemen, now based in Bangladesh and the United States, uses film, installations, and essays to research socialist utopias and incomplete decolonisation. Despite underscoring the historic errors of left-wing politics, a hope for global politics to shift towards the left-wing is always a basis for his work. His feature-length three-channel video installation, Two Meetings and a Funeral (2017), is centred on Bangladesh’s hesitant, contradictory navigation of the 1973 Non-Aligned Movement meeting in Algeria and the 1974 Organisation for Islamic Countries meeting in Lahore. Two Meetings and a Funeral is on view at Non Aligned from 4 April to 21 June 2020 at NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, The Exhibition Hall, Block 43 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks.…