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Horse & Hound 26-Sep-2019

Published by TI Media Limited Every week Horse & Hound brings horse lovers up-to-date with the latest news and event reports and provides expert equestrian advice on subjects including training and horse care, the latest equine products and feed. The weekly features inform and entertain inspiring readers to go out and ride to improve their horsemanship in every discipline from eventing to show jumping, dressage to showing, polo and hunting. It is also the must read for anyone wanting to buy or sell a horse.

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knowing the costs

BECAUSE I’m prone to catastrophising, I’ve wondered from time to time whether I would put my horse through colic surgery. The imaginary punchline has changed as the horses have got older. Recent research looking at the approximate costs of treating a horse with colic either medically or surgically, with different outcomes, is genuinely useful (news, p8). What would be equally useful for owners to understand is the impact of recovery following surgery — and whether this differs depending on the age of the horse. If a horse is otherwise fit and well and has many years of enjoyment ahead of it, the cost of surgery can be weighed against those years that remain. Similarly, whether a horse is in his teens or 20s, the benefit differs in terms of what life…

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mental health help in memory of rider

THE first mental health first-aid training sessions funded in memory of a teenager who took his own life have taken place. Tim Jones, 17, was a talented young event and work rider. He qualified for Badminton’s grassroots championships this year and was part of trainer Mickey Hammond’s team. Tim’s family has raised £15,000, which is being put towards training those working in the equestrian and racing industries in mental health first aid, in memory of their son. His father Simon told H&H they want to help people know what to do and say if they notice something wrong with a friend. “There’s a lot of mental health awareness; we’re trying to take that in a slightly different way,” he said. “When it all happened it was a complete shock to us. There was nothing…

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sector’s joint work on brexit impacts

THE equestrian sector can deal with the challenges posed by Brexit by working together, as it has already proved it can. Leading industry figures debated the issues around Britain’s exit from the EU, at the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) annual congress, on 13 September. UK chief veterinary officer Christine Middlemiss gave the government’s views on the impact on UK vets. ‘Working together, we’ll be able to manage it’ROLY OWERS, WORLD HORSE WELFARE CEO She said the biggest impact will occur should the UK leave without a deal, as if we do not secure listed status, we would be a “third country”. The EU approved our application for listed status for our April exit, but will have to vote again for the 31 October date. “The EU has to check our legislation and controls to…

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horses in the news

ARKO III Nick Skelton’s Olympic showjumper has retired from stud to live with owners Pat and Lisa Hales. He won more than £1m in his competition career and his progeny include the great Argento, ridden by John Whitaker. XAM Harry Dzenis’ long-term top campaigner has retired, completing his final event with a clear cross-country round at Blenheim CCI4*-L. The 18-year-old competed at 11 four-stars (now CCI5*-L) during his career. KALA FLASH JACK Abigail Staff’s successful Welsh section D has died aged 16. The dun gelding notched up championships and qualified for Horse of the Year Show, Olympia and the Royal International on multiple occasions.…

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work-life balance is key to success in the sport

WORK-LIFE balance and looking after employees is key to retaining staff, as well as boosting results, leading figures agree. National Association of Racing Staff (NAORS) CEO George McGrath said tradition is no excuse for a lack of time off, at the organisation’s AGM. “If you want tradition, go and watch black and white television. Why does the industry still insist on having 1.5 days off a fortnight? It has to learn to change and tradition for tradition’s sake is not a good argument,” he told H&H. “Work-life balance isn’t good enough [in many cases] to retain and recruit in today’s society.” He added improvements have been made, stressing that many trainers are good employers who recognise the issue, but there is still work to be done. Mr McGrath also said racing is learning to “upskill”…

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in brief

RIDERS’ HELP TO BUILD CAREERS SEVEN young riders have been selected to benefit from training and education aimed at helping them become professional eventers. The Windrush Equestrian Foundation has announced that Will Furlong, Alicia Hawker, Max Warburton and Connie Copestake will join the full-time programme, with India Wishart, Lorenzo Monachesi and Yasmin Ingham on the part-time scheme. The aim is to help young, talented riders “achieve their dreams” of becoming professional eventers, with training and support as well as help on running a business. VET VOLUNTEERS HELPING HORSES THE British Equine Veterinary Association’s (BEVA) charitable arm has helped more than 1,100 UK horses during the past four years. Through the BEVA Trust, BEVA members can volunteer for projects that improve equine welfare, an update on which was released to mark the 2019 BEVA congress (12-15…