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How It Works Book of Amazing TechnologyHow It Works Book of Amazing Technology

How It Works Book of Amazing Technology

How It Works Book of Amazing Technology Volume 4 Revised Edition

Today’s world has been shaped by innovation in technology. So take a look around you and imagine what your life would be like without the amazing technology seen in this bookazine. We celebrate the coolest concepts that have come to fruition, including robots, electric vehicles, virtual reality, interstellar travel and superdrones – to name just a few. Featuring: Take a tour of VR tech - From training doctors to planning military ops, how VR is set to change the world. Futuristic gadgets unveiled - Examine the smart toys that are aiding everyday lives – and shaping the future. Life-changing inventions - Domestic and lifestyle technology that has the power to influence the everyday. Feats of engineering genius - Discover how the built environment has evolved thanks to pioneering minds.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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welcome to how it works books of amazing technology

Today’s world is driven by technology. It’s changed the way we communicate over mobile phones and the Internet, the way we travel in hybrid cars and on hoverboards, the way we build high skyscrapers and underground metro systems, and the way we treat patients and investigate crimes. The newest developments in technology change the way we live, but few of us actually understand the inner workings of our most sophisticated gadgets and machines. With this newly revised edition of The How It Works Book of Amazing Technology, we aim to answer the questions behind today’s technology, from small household appliances like an espresso machine, to huge and intangible concepts like near field communication in smartphones. Get closer to understanding our world, and start reading! ■…

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crime fighting tech

Throwable robotic cameras and high-speed drones are just a few of the revolutionary crime-fighting technologies on the horizon. The development of this advanced equipment has become crucial to helping police officers investigate and solve cases in the face of severe budget cuts. In the UK alone, the police have had their funds slashed by 20 per cent in the last four years. On top of that, there are now only 43 police forces in the UK compared to 120 in 1946.Police chiefs around the world are unlikely to be getting more officers or more money in the near future, yet investments in new technology are still being made in almost every department, in the hope that it will improve the speed and accuracy of their work. These innovations hold the…

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future cops

The non-lethal laser dazzlerThe Dazzler does much more than temporarily blind bad guys: it can also stop them in their tracks. Developed by Intelligent Optical Systems Inc for the Department of Homeland Security in the United States, this flashlight measures the distance to the target’s eyes with a range finder, so that it can adjust the strength of the light pulses it fires to ensure that no permanent damage is done. These ultrabright light emitting diodes (LEDs) incapacitate a person in two ways. The flashes cause temporary blindness like any strong light does, but the real innovation lies in the psychophysical effects, ranging from vertigo to disorientation to nausea, typically lasting for a few minutes.The real-life RoboCop headsetGolden-i is a new wearable headset that provides police officers with superhuman abilities.…

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catching criminals

1 CCTVIt is estimated that there are nearly six million CCTV cameras in Britain – about one camera for every ten people – making it one of the most heavily-surveilled countries in the world. The police have access to all CCTV cameras, and can often find vital video evidence that can be used in court.2 Social mediaThe relatively recent social media boom has not gone unnoticed by the police. They have their own intricate software that scans all social media channels for key words related to crimes they are investigating, and use it to pinpoint times and locations of specific offences. You’d be amazed at how many people incriminate themselves on Facebook.3 Police HQPolice headquarters collate all the available information so they can decide on the most appropriate response. They…

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k5 crime-fighting robot

LIDARThe K5 can measure distance and 3D-map areas by illuminating a target with a laser and then analysing the reflected light, a technology known as Light Image Detection and Ranging (LIDAR).Multi-directional imagingIts high definition, 360-degree camera allows the K5 to capture video in all directions.Character recognitionBy scanning the images its camera takes and converting the text into code, the K5 can search a defined database for key crime terms.Accurate GPSThe K5’s GPS is accurate to 2.5 metres (8.2 feet) and can be detected in less than one second.Emergency buttonAn emergency button on the K5 allows passers-by to push and talk immediately to the emergency services.Sensitive microphonesBy using its audio event detection software, the K5 identifies significant sounds such as horns honking and glass smashing, which it can then investigate further.Powerful…

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snapshot facial reconstruction

Samples of DNA found at a crime scene can be used to establish a rough idea of the perpetrator’s appearanceVarious methods for facial reconstruction have existed for decades, but none are as impressive as Snapshot DNA phenotyping. This technique can be used in the absence of photographic or video evidence, and can create a prediction of what a suspect’s face looks like just using a sample of their DNA. It determines skin, hair and eye colour, as well as face shape and detailed biogeopraphic ancestry. When the police have nothing else to go on this information is invaluable, and can quickly narrow down a list of suspects. Hopefully, as our understanding of DNA improves it will be possible to pick out further characteristics, which will allow even more detailed facial…