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valuing truth. simple, right?

“What if, as a society, we honored the truth-tellers while at the same time shunning those who spout lies and half-truths?” When I asked Kevin O’Leary what he thought about being the “meanie” on Shark Tank, he reminded me that he is not mean; he just tells the truth. He tells it like it is. That used to be a given, or the norm. Not anymore. Does that make the truth, facts, and those who tell the truth more valuable than ever? More valuable than Bitcoin even? I think so. If we are living in a post-fact era where everyone embraces their own truth and where alternative facts are readily available, then perhaps we as a culture should renew an emphasis on facts. What if, as a society, we honored the truth-tellers…

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since last issue …

Andy Serkis Shares the Big News Andy Serkis, star of the Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes, and Star Wars franchises, shares the news of his cover feature! On the Red Carpet for Jane We were on the red carpet for the premiere of National Geographic’s Jane, a look at the life and work of Jane Goodall. Check out our YouTube channel for interviews with Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Lynch, Howie Mandel, Brett Morgan, and Jane Goodall herself. Kimbal Musk on Sustainable Restauranteering Executive Editor Paul French talks to serial entrepreneur Kimbal Musk at the 2017 Denver Startup Week. Fun and Games at Dreamhack 2017 We had a blast at this ultimate gameathon. Our Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner was in attendance to cover the event and, of course, show off our latest issue. Check out Innovation &…

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event wrap-ups

CEDIA The technology market is evolving constantly, which makes it all the more impressive that CEDIA has become the international cornerstone for 3,700 tech and IoT companies. Dedicated to residential technology, CEDIA 2017 brought more than 18,000 home tech pros and over 500 exhibitors to San Diego in order to bring the residential tech industry to the forefront of business. Solar Power International Las Vegas, a city with no shortage of sun, rightfully hosts the nation’s largest solar power conference. Solar Power International 2017 hosted a breadth of industry experts, with over 18,000 solar energy professionals from 80+ countries. Peer-led education, idea exchange, solar energy promotion, and opportunities for industry expansion made SPI the premier expo on solar power. Denver Startup Week Once again, the spirit of entrepreneurship settled upon the Rocky Mountains as Denver…

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quick bytes

One Giant Heap for Mankind Space is now in danger of becoming overpopulated by trash. It’s so bad, in fact, that one NASA executive said that the final frontier was pretty close to becoming “unusable.” The problem speaks to how far we’ve come since merely breaching the atmosphere just over 50 years ago. And, if you saw Gravity, you know that the 500,000 pieces of space junk currently being tracked (which, according to NASA, can travel at speeds of up to 17,500 mph) pose an extreme threat to astronauts. However, the experimental Brane Craft may be the cleanup crew we need. This ultra-thin spaceborne sheet is designed to eliminate trash by enveloping it and then pushing it into the atmosphere, where it will be incinerated. The Brane Craft, set to launch in 10…

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developing diversity: a tale of two companies

It’s no secret that the tech world struggles with gender diversity. This year saw Uber under investigation, which led to the firing of over 20 employees as sexual harassment complaints against the company went viral. And, of course, there was the infamous Google Memo (titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber”) critiquing the company’s diversity tactics and policies. However, while the tech community as a whole has a lot of room to grow in the realm of diversity, there are companies that are prioritizing the issue, pioneering initiatives and setting examples through a variety of different strategies. Hewlett Packard: The Top-Down Approach In early 2017, Blendoor, which assists companies in unbiased hiring processes, released a report analyzing a variety of tech companies’ diversity statistics. One of the top companies on the list was the…

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the faulty economy of followers

It’s happened to everybody. You start up your new social media account, begin unloading your revolutionary thoughts onto the world, and you get the wonderful notification that a complete stranger wants to follow your social media activity. However, you then quickly find out that the follower is a programmed bot, a barely-used account, or a scammer using someone’s bikini-clad image as their profile picture. In other words, someone that doesn’t care what you had for breakfast this morning. Fake users dominate the internet. According to The Atlantic, over half of internet traffic is due to bots. And social media is no different. Business Insider reported on a 2015 study that discovered nearly 8 percent of all accounts on Instagram are, in fact, fake spam bots. Twitter has faced this issue as…