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The leading publication for cutting edge, innovative technologies and those individuals driving the industry forward, Innovation & Tech Today is committed to featuring fascinating stories, products, and people across a plethora of industries. From education, engineering, photography, and smart fabrics, to wearables, the latest in smart home technology, business innovations, and so much more, our team of experts and journalists celebrate passion for innovation driving economic growth forward. With a different theme and special contributors every quarter, I&TT offers something for everyone. Whether your interests lie in sustainability and clean energy, innovations in businesses and their strategies, the latest sports and medical technology, or home automation technology, Innovation & Tech Today is your tech magazine.

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stem leaders of the future, unite!

“Most of us can agree that science is important to help influence our leaders to make informed decisions, yet there is a strange absence of department heads and cabinet appointees within the current administration who have a background or degree in the sciences.” In a culture that’s increasingly skeptical about the merits of science, STEM education is more essential than ever. For this reason, I am honored to present you with the spring edition of Innovation & Tech Today, featuring Genius Junior host and STEM advocate Neil Patrick Harris. But this landmark issue doesn’t stop there, as it also includes a business-focused interview with R&B star Ray J, an insightful discussion on sustainability with actress AnnaSophia Robb, and an in-depth look at the world of comic book creation. While this is…

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since last issue …

Mr. Wonderful Spreads The Word Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary graced the cover of our winter issue, discussing his innovative business practices and hands-on approach to entrepreneurship. “Mr. Wonderful” shared the news of his cover feature as well as our exclusive CES interview with his over 250,000 Facebook followers. An Inspiring Letter While most of our fans will give us feedback through our social channels or comment sections, a Connecticut teacher sent us a heartfelt email expressing their appreciation for our publication and thanking us for inspiring thoughtful conversations in the classroom. So Much Action at CES 2018 CES 2018 was more exciting and star-studded than ever before, with amazing tech and major personalities all over the Las Vegas Convention Center. While covering the event, we were lucky enough to meet actor Neil Patrick Harris…

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event wrap-ups

Dent 2018 Inspired by a Steve Jobs quote, the tagline of Dent 2018 was to “put a dent in the universe,” something the event definitely encourages with its focus on innovation and creativity. Located in Napa Valley, California, the event featured a keynote speech by Shark Tank’s Daymond John as well as appearances by Olympic Gold Medalist Brian Boitano, Actress Zoë Bell, and Grammy-winning Singer Grace Weber. Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show Making its first appearance in Denver, Colorado, the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show was the place to go for the outdoor recreation enthusiast. The largest trade show in the country for the winter and outdoor sports business, the January event saw over 29,000 attendees checking out the next big gear from over 1,000 different brands. And, to highlight the event’s debut…

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quick bytes

Jurassic Park: The Prequel In the film Jurassic Park, dinosaurs are revived from mosquitoes trapped in amber, eventually breaking free and causing massive destruction. Since the movie’s release, critics have been quick to point out that this could never happen in real life. Well, we may be on our way to a Jurassic situation as scientists have discovered bugs trapped in amber that drank dinosaur blood, which may very well lead to reviving dinosaurs that will escape and eat many people. Trapped in amber for 99 million years, newly discovered ticks (which were named Deinocroton draculi by scientists) were discovered in part by the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Interestingly, this is the very first discovery that dinosaurs had their blood sucked by ticks. The discovery was even named a “paleontologist’s dream”…

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the investor’s guide to equal pay

Amazon. Google. Intel. Natasha Lamb has taken them all on. Her goal? Close the gender pay gap. In 2013, Lamb co-founded Arjuna Capital, an activist arm of the Boston investment firm Baldwin Brothers Inc. Her work has resulted in such successes as convincing Exxon to publish their first climate change report in 2014 and assisting companies like Intel in closing their pay gaps. Armed with the philosophy that natural and human capital are as vital as investor capital, Lamb has been able to leverage major tech companies into improving their internal practices. And her work has not gone unnoticed, as she was considered one of Bloomberg’s “Most Influential People of 2017.” Innovation & Tech Today : How do you go about convincing companies that disclosing and reducing their gender pay gap…

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holiday heroes

Not all heroes wear masks and capes. In the case of Holiday Heroes, though, sometimes the party requires it. Holiday Heroes is a Chicago-based nonprofit that works to bring smiles to the faces of ill children. They’ve partnered with hospitals, businesses, and celebrities to help patients escape from their typical days of being treated for critical and chronic illnesses. Their events range from parties with superheroes and visits from celebrities to more hands-on events, such as holiday parties, arts and crafts events, and other fun activities. They attribute at least part of their success to having brought technology into the forefront of their fundraising strategy. Traditional fundraising methods like direct mail campaigns and placing calls to past donors have big overhead costs and long turnaround times between initial contact and donations…