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The leading publication for cutting edge, innovative technologies and those individuals driving the industry forward, Innovation & Tech Today is committed to featuring fascinating stories, products, and people across a plethora of industries. From education, engineering, photography, and smart fabrics, to wearables, the latest in smart home technology, business innovations, and so much more, our team of experts and journalists celebrate passion for innovation driving economic growth forward. With a different theme and special contributors every quarter, I&TT offers something for everyone. Whether your interests lie in sustainability and clean energy, innovations in businesses and their strategies, the latest sports and medical technology, or home automation technology, Innovation & Tech Today is your tech magazine.

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authenticity, athletes, and advocates

“Although we seem to be drowning in information, we are starving for authenticity.” When you get a chance to sit down with someone like Gary Vaynerchuk, you better make sure you have plenty to discuss and you’re prepared for a candid conversation with no B.S. That is exactly the conversation I was honored to experience. We had the opportunity to ask Vaynerchuck questions that focused on everything from blockchain to eSports to cybersecurity and, of course, the current phenomenon that is voice technology. Having the chance to interview a number of influencers over the years, I can safely say Vaynerchuck was one of the most present and engaged interviewees we have spoken with in a long time, and he brought so much value to our readers. Like him or not, Gary…

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since last issue …

The USASEF Goes Big The largest science and engineering event in the world, the USA Science & Engineering Festival had an incredible showing in 2018, featuring astronauts, scientists, educators, and much more. Innovation & Tech Today was also an official media partner for the event, interviewing such speakers as edutainment enthusiast Dr. Darryl Lee Baynes, stunt scientist Steve Wolf, and astronaut Dr. Jessica Meir. Meeting Up With Gary V. The Ultimate Wealth & Achievement Summit was a celebration of motivation and inspiration, highlighted by speakers such as Tony Robbins and Robert Herjavec. We had the opportunity to not only cover the event, but meet with event speaker Gary Vaynerchuk for an exclusive interview and photoshoot. An Electric Shoutout Black Lightning star Cress Williams was definitely one of the highlights of our spring issue, providing an…

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event wrap-ups

Collision 2018 This spring, the fastest growing tech conference met one of the country’s hottest tech zones when Collision 2018 arrived in New Orleans. With a myriad of speakers, 25,000 attendees, over 5,600 companies, and more than 120 countries represented, Collision couldn’t have a more fitting name. This year featured everyone from former Vice President Al Gore and President of Microsoft Brad Smith to co-founder of Lyft John Zimmer and hip-hop/R&B artist Wyclef Jean. Next year, Collision will be heading to Toronto, making it one of the hottest tech and business conferences not only in the U.S., but in all of North America. Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 Presented by co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc. Steve Wozniak, Silicon Valley Comic Con is the perfect blend between pop culture and the technology that influences…

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by the numbers

Wearables help us do everything from track sleep patterns and listen to workout playlists to monitor our heart rate and altogether live happier and healthier lifestyles. With their utility and style, it’s no wonder that the market has been exploding over the last few years and shows no sign of slowing down. The IDC predicts that smart clothing shipments will increase from 3.3 million in 2017 to 21.6 million 2021. by In 2016, EDC predicted wearable will hit 237 million by 2020 Employees equipped with wearable technology reported a 8.5% increase in productivity and a 3.5% increase in job satisfaction. Worldwide shipments of smart wristbands (in millions) 2016 – 34.97 2017 – 44.1 2018 – 48.84 2021 – 63.86 *Projected 16 IN One in six consumers currently own and use wearable tech.…

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quick bytes

Artificial Intelligence Levels Up Video game developers will have a little less to do this summer as artificial intelligence can now endlessly create new levels for all variety of gaming consoles. Though the tech has been in the making for decades, programmers only recently applied machine learning techniques which allow computers to learn from examples and generate levels similar to existing creations. Developers create rules for the AI to follow, such as how difficult a level should be or how long it should take to complete. 2016’s No Man’s Sky is able to generate up to 18 quintillion unique planets for players to explore. AI can now create video games, drive your car, and serve you cappuccino … but don’t worry, your job is totally safe … right? R.I.P. Elderly Arachnid Have you…

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finery: fashion 2.0

Getting dressed in the morning. It’s a relatively simple task that everyone must accomplish each day. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be expedited. Enter Finery, a wardrobe operating system that tracks and categorizes your entire closet. Founded by model and actress Brooklyn Decker and multimedia journalist Whitney Casey, Finery was born out of need for simplification. Created by women for fashion-forward thinkers, the app helps users monitor and track the contents of their closets. Not only can the app help plan and style outfits, but it can also help keep track of purchases, returns, promotions, and redundancies. In this exclusive interview, Decker and Casey share their insights into entrepreneurship, the role of women in the tech industry, and the software behind their app. Innovation & Tech Today : How did…