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The leading publication for cutting edge, innovative technologies and those individuals driving the industry forward, Innovation & Tech Today is committed to featuring fascinating stories, products, and people across a plethora of industries. From education, engineering, photography, and smart fabrics, to wearables, the latest in smart home technology, business innovations, and so much more, our team of experts and journalists celebrate passion for innovation driving economic growth forward. With a different theme and special contributors every quarter, I&TT offers something for everyone. Whether your interests lie in sustainability and clean energy, innovations in businesses and their strategies, the latest sports and medical technology, or home automation technology, Innovation & Tech Today is your tech magazine.

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the quest for answers continues

“Curiosity and optimism are two of the most vital traits in an innovator.” Every issue, our team weaves a certain subtle theme into the fabric of our publication. Our summer issue covered themes of balancing passion and escapism. In previous issues, we’ve dealt with themes such as the complexities of entrepreneurship, the evolution of ideas, and the urge we all have to make the world a better place. And, as I look through the collection of stories included in the fall issue of Innovation & Tech Today, I’d say that two words ring throughout: curiosity and optimism. Because our publication is consistently focused on innovation and exploration, curiosity is a cornerstone of our work. It’s hard not to see curiosity as the driving force that has made so many of our featured…

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event wrap-ups

E3 2019 For decades now, E3 has been the place to go to see the newest in hardware and software from the world’s greatest gaming companies. 2019 definitely kept this theme, with titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Borderlands 3, and Doom Eternal shining in the spotlight. In addition to our special looks at games such as Psychonauts 2 and Dragonball Z: Kakarot, as well as Microsoft’s Mixer streaming platform, our team aimed to capture the E3 experience with exclusive quotes from exhibitors and developers from the expo (pg. 50). Rocky Mountain Audio Festival Making its debut at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center in Aurora, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival continued the event’s theme of showcasing impressive audio technology. The show featured the most innovative audio brands…

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by the numbers

With cable-cutting becoming a common practice, traditional television is seemingly becoming a relic of the past. The lost art of appointment television is now long forgotten in the era of Netflix and Hulu. However, it seems like one entertainment genre alone is keeping people from cancelling cable: sports. From the Super Bowl to the Stanley Cup Finals, major sporting events consistently rake in the live viewers thanks to their time-sensitive nature. From direct viewership numbers to the number of people desiring more streaming options, let’s take a look at the stats behind the sports. 63% of sports fans are interested in an all-sports over-the-top channel 65% of young fans get sports content from mobile devices (2021 PREDICTIONS) $ 64 BILLION Global over-the-top channel revenue $ 22 BILLION All-sports, over-the-top channel revenue in U.S. 383 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS Source…

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quick bytes

Take Me to Your Linguini When you think of an alien, you likely think of green skin, large, buggy eyes, and that awful M. Night Shyamalan movie where they’re allergic to water. Additionally, you might think of some of the evidence of their existence, such as crop circles and UFO sightings. Well, dear reader, some of that evidence is actually more delicious than you may think. Allow me to explain. According to a study funded by a lesser-known organization by the name of NASA and published in Astrobiology, microbes that enjoy hot springs often create rock formations that tend to resemble strands of pasta such as fettucini. According to geobiologist Bruce Fouke, who authored the study, these formations may give us additional insights into extraterrestrial life, as the pasta-like appearance was an…

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ocean-centric tech designed to mitigate climate risks

The threats that man-made CO2 presents to the oceans have been well-documented. Prominent among the headlines we see are those quoting scientists who are witnessing significant damage to coral reefs thanks to rising acidity generated by carbon emissions. One small bit of good news is that, despite the surging levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the oceans, in part, seem to be stepping up to the task of absorbing their historical share of the additional carbon. As Science Magazine reported in March 2019, “The ocean is an important sink for anthropogenic CO2 and has absorbed roughly 30 percent of our emissions between the beginning of the industrial revolution and the mid-1990s.” Also, the current numbers are “consistent with the expectation of the ocean uptake having increased in proportion to the…

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the strange, vague world of youtube demonetization

In a widely reported study released by Harris Poll and LEGO earlier this summer, it was revealed that more U.S. children aspire to be professional YouTubers than traverse space as an astronaut. Interestingly, astronaut was far behind the rest of the pack, with teacher, professional athlete, and even musician all trailing the glamorous world of YouTubing. But there’s a reason that so many children aspire to become the next big YouTube star: it’s accessible, easy fame that can make you money. At least, that’s how it seems. Considering makeup tutorial expert Michelle Phan, baker Rosanna Pansino, and gaming streamer Seán McLaughlin ( Jacksepticeye) have all made millions off of the platform, firing up a webcam certainly seems more attractive than spending years perfecting your skills in science, music, or athletics. However, there…