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The leading publication for cutting edge, innovative technologies and those individuals driving the industry forward, Innovation & Tech Today is committed to featuring fascinating stories, products, and people across a plethora of industries. From education, engineering, photography, and smart fabrics, to wearables, the latest in smart home technology, business innovations, and so much more, our team of experts and journalists celebrate passion for innovation driving economic growth forward. With a different theme and special contributors every quarter, I&TT offers something for everyone. Whether your interests lie in sustainability and clean energy, innovations in businesses and their strategies, the latest sports and medical technology, or home automation technology, Innovation & Tech Today is your tech magazine.

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five years ago, we had a vision.

“From the start, our staff wanted to make people think about how the world of tech is more than just a catalogue of neat gadgets.” We wanted to go beyond the constraints of a basic tech publication. We didn’t want to crank out clickbait articles banking on nostalgia or fluff pieces about the new iPhone. From the start, our staff wanted to make people think about how the world of tech is more than just a catalogue of neat gadgets. Technology benefits the environment, cleans the oceans, and tracks climate change. Technology has brought medical science years into the future, with new inventions and discoveries once thought impossible. Technology has solidified its place in the classroom, teaching the next generation of innovators to code and embrace science. This focus on the…

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since last issue

CELEBRATING 5 YEARS OF INNOVATION & TECH TODAY It may be hard to believe, but Innovation & Tech Today has officially turned five years old – and what a five years it has been! To give you some perspective on how quickly innovation has moved in these last five years, consider this: the Amazon Alexa began its first shipments on June 23, 2015. Now if you look around, voice technology is absolutely everywhere and the smart home is the new standard. You can talk to your phone, your TV remote, and even your car. Smart speakers are abundant and tactile buttons may soon be a thing of the past. It’s been a wild ride since we first started Innovation & Tech Today. We’ve been lucky to speak with celebrities and innovators from…

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event wrap-ups

Greenbuild International Conference and Expo The biggest annual event of its kind, the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo encourages green building pros to share concepts to increase sustainability within buildings, communities, and cities. One of the expo’s most notable aspects was the keynote lineup, which included Dr. Bernice A. King, Goodr creator Jasmine Crowe, and former President of the United States Barack Obama, who participated in a special conversation regarding economic inequality and the threat of climate change. The former President left the event with an extremely notable quote: “Those young people change the minds of their parents in powerful ways. That kind of grassroots movement, particularly among young people, is something that is always going to be key.” Automobility LA Los Angeles is the largest market for purchasing cars in the United…

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by the numbers

With the 2010s coming to a close, this is the perfect time to reflect on an incredible decade of innovations. These ten years have consisted of a fascinating blend of new ideas, including tablets, dating apps, new game consoles, and more. While some trends didn’t last quite as long as others (any Google+ fans out there?), there were also plenty of new ideas that have changed the tech landscape. Let’s take a look at the statistics that shaped the most tech-focused decade in history. ZDNET’S TECH THAT CHANGED US IN THE 2010S 2010 iPad 2011 Chromebook 2012 Raspberry Pi 2013 Playstation 4/Xbox One 2014 Satya Nadella/Windows 10 2015 Amazon Echo/Alexa Ecosystem 2016 Pokémon Go 2017 Nintendo Switch 2018 Apple Watch Series 4 2019 Various (VR and AR, Drones, Privacy) Source: PCMAG’S PRODUCT FLOPS OF THE 2010S (Most Notable are bolded) Apple Airpower Wireless…

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quick bytes

iPlunger Ordering from Amazon is generally a pretty straighforward process, as you simply choose your product, add payment, and ignore the fact that you’re supporting a heartless corporation. However, it doesn’t always go as planned. You see, Amazon user John Browne was looking to grab an Apple Watch as part of a Black Friday deal, which would have cost $387. However, when he opened the box, he was unpleasantly surprised to see… a five-dollar plunger. If you think that’s bad, I once tried ordering a plunger and they sent me a Windows Phone. While Browne was quite upset about the ordeal, the Amazon staff was a bit more lighthearted, bursting into laughter upon the news from Browne. However, his anger only grew when he discovered that the specific watch he wanted was…

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uncanny robots for the 2020s

Have you ever wanted a robot clone of yourself to do all the menial tasks you’re too damn important to do yourself? Of course you have! Not surprisingly, the robotics market has stepped up to meet the demand. Humanoid robotic servants are now a very real and almost affordable option for Joe Public to purchase. And believe it or not, most of them aren’t even for sex! #5 Jia Jia Jia Jia is a hyper-realistic robot developed by the University of Science and Technology of China. It has very expressive facial features and can communicate in full sentences. Despite being equipped with AI, it seems a little ADHD. In a recent interview with Wired, Jia Jia had trouble answering basic questions and those it did answer were preceded by long pauses. In…