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from the publisher

Scott Pruitt co-authored this statement almost exactly a year ago in The National Review. Now he’s the head of the EPA. I don’t completely disagree with everything he says. How could I? Intellectual debate should be encouraged in classrooms, public forums, Congress? Disagreeing with this would be like disagreeing with the premise of democracy. Plus, as a publisher, I relish the opportunity to hear different voices. Collecting interesting opinions, arguments, and insights is one of the pleasures of this business – like being a fly on the wall in a room of my choice. If I couldn’t abide debate, I wouldn’t have a masthead; I’d have a byline. However, saying that “scientists continue to disagree about...global warming” isn’t about allowing and encouraging debate. It’s about fabricating it. Talk to NASA. Talk to…

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event wrap-ups

CES 2017 – The 50th anniversary of CES was more than just a major milestone. It was a celebration of the major technological innovations 50 years can bring. Kicking off with a keynote speech by NVIDIA founder Jen-Hsun Huang, the 50th CES was action-packed throughout. For the entire four day event, driverless cars, sustainable energy, connected home technology, and drones were given the spotlight. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, with big names such as Mark Cuban and Akon present to see what the monumental conference had to offer. Digital Book World – A complete celebration of the realm of digital publishing, this year’s Digital Book World continued the theme of promoting creativity and community among 21st century authors. The eighth annual event featured such celebrated speakers as The…

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quick bytes

ALEXA ON TRIAL While voice-controlled technology is hardly anything new, Amazon’s heavily advertised Alexa has become one of the biggest names in terms of digital assistance. With convenient interfaces and lifelike voices, assistants such as Alexa have personalized A.I. However, can such a digital personality testify in a court of law? Authorities are attempting to get additional information from an Alexa-equipped Amazon Echo device owned by James Andrew Bates, a Bentonville, Arkansas resident on trial for the death of Victor Collins. While authorities were able to obtain basic account information on Bates, Amazon hasn’t been willing to release data collected on the Echo servers. The case brings up a number of issues for all parties involved, especially when it comes to personal privacy and obstruction of justice. While connected devices continue to improve…

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you show me your amygdala and i’ll show you mine

Those who were old enough to watch Oprah in the ‘90s likely remember the popular paperback Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. The book brought discussion about differences between male and female brains into the public sphere, claiming different biology leads to different behaviors. By the time I had my first sex ed. class, circa 2005, the hypothesis of brain difference had infiltrated our curriculum. We were taught that male brains were like waffles, hyper-compartmentalized, and female brains were like spaghetti, with strands of thought tangled in an ever-connected mass. Teenage boys and girls act differently at this age, they explained, simply because their brains are wired differently. Recent research shows that this theory of inherently different male and female brains desperately needs an update. One of this field’s primary…

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live streaming is a huge optimistic mess…for now

3…2…1…, We’re live! Chances are you’ve noticed the buzz around live streaming on social media and feel a bit overwhelmed. Well, you’re not alone. Live video is projected to be a $70 billion (yes, billion) industry by 2021, but right now it’s a colossal mess. Over the last year every major social media platform has introduced its own version of live video streaming. Most people don’t exactly know how to use it, but nearly everyone realizes the potential. It’s no surprise that live video has become the next popular social feature. We’ve been primed for this function – thanks to Apple’s FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, and even Snapchat. It’s social media content in real-time. Live video is as authentic as you can get online, with 100% unfiltered and unedited moments. But with any…

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a cybersecurity springboard

Cybersecurity has become a pervasive topic. Almost daily, it seems a giant corporation is hacked for personal information, credit card info, and other records. This trend in crime has led to a demand for anti-hackers. And it looks as though the people of Colorado Springs are taking notice. This is due not only to the increasing need for online security, but the culture of defense found within the city itself. As of right now, Colorado Springs has become a bastion of the industry, with over 100 cybersecurity-focused companies, including military contractors and nonprofits. This is great news for cybersecurity’s job market. SecureSet Academy, for instance, has a wonderful track record of employment, as 94 percent of graduating students from the Denver training program have found jobs related to cybersecurity. “As the…