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The leading publication for cutting edge, innovative technologies and those individuals driving the industry forward, Innovation & Tech Today is committed to featuring fascinating stories, products, and people across a plethora of industries. From education, engineering, photography, and smart fabrics, to wearables, the latest in smart home technology, business innovations, and so much more, our team of experts and journalists celebrate passion for innovation driving economic growth forward. With a different theme and special contributors every quarter, I&TT offers something for everyone. Whether your interests lie in sustainability and clean energy, innovations in businesses and their strategies, the latest sports and medical technology, or home automation technology, Innovation & Tech Today is your tech magazine.

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create a collision. put a dent in the universe.

“Collisions are the fundamental life-giving processes of the universe. Ideas are no different,” Altucher continues. “The best ideas come from collisions between newer and older ideas.” I couldn’t agree more. Over the past couple of months, I have been fortunate enough to attend several lifechanging conferences. You probably think this is some kind of over-the-top proclamation, but, rest assured, this is not hyperbole. These events – and, more importantly, their people and ideas – have been bucket-list worthy. I am now of the opinion that when we gather in groups like this in a curious and collaborative state, we learn and exchange ideas that eventually spark the change we want to see in the world. This is the kind of collaboration and innovation represented through this issue of Innovation & Tech Today, our…

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event wrap-ups

Cyber Security Summit This year's Cyber Security Summit, located in Denver, featured a bevy of experienced cyber security experts as speakers, including presentations from the F.B.I’s Cyber Task Force Supervisory Special Agent Chad Alvarado and CenturyLink’s VP and CSO Dave McMahon. Luxury Tech Show A celebration of the dynamic new technology we will be seeing in the near future, the Luxury Tech Show in New York featured everything from smart audio equipment to the next evolution of 3D printers. All the new gadgets being shown off at the event made the Metropolitan Pavilion home to the future of tech. March for Science On April 22, 2017, more than 600 cities in the U.S. participated in the March for Science, with the goal of championing science for the greater good. Together, roughly 40,000 scientists and science…

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quick bytes

Home Sweet 3D Printed Home Building a home can be extremely expensive, taking months or even years to complete. But imagine if constructing a house were as easy as just pressing “print.” Apis Cor, a company with a huge focus on 3D printing, has created an entire home using their technology in just 24 hours at the cost of $10,000. The company, which has offices in both San Francisco and Russia, developed the sleekly designed house in just a day. Their next step? Using the technology to help people in tough living situations afford housing. Because the process is quick and fairly cheap, it could provide a real boon to people in need. Considering the heightened rent many of us are seeing, a 3D printed home is starting to seem like a much…

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crowdfunding catastrophes and how to avoid them

Recently, crowdfunding platforms have lured both inventors and con artists alike with their promise of a no-strings-attached way to fund their ideas. You may have heard of the Coolest Cooler, an all-in-one cooler boasting a built-in blender, USB charger, and plastic dinnerware (among other things), that became both the second-most-funded Kickstarter campaign of all time and the biggest flop. With the cooler originally priced at $450, backers were disappointed when they received a cooler that broke easily and was soon being sold on Amazon for less than the Kickstarter price. Many in the tech blogosphere chalk up this failure to managerial inexperience. But some similarly disastrous projects are actually never meant to succeed at all, using deception to draw donations only to keep the money and run when it all…

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a sober look at tech addiction

“Maher must have missed the irony of speaking about tech addiction from a › platform that the average American spends about 5 hours a day glued to.” “The tycoons of social media have to stop pretending that they’re friendly nerd-gods building a better world and admit they’re just tobacco farmers in t-shirts, selling an addictive product to children,” Bill Maher brazenly announced to his HBO audience back in May. Addressing what has recently been dubbed “brain hacking,” Maher must have missed the irony of speaking about tech addiction from a platform that the average American spends about 5 hours a day glued to. But I digress. Social media addiction is an important problem. In fact, one thing that distinguishes this dependence is just how ubiquitous its symptoms are. In movie theaters, in classrooms,…

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trading elections for selections

Starting all the way back in June 2016, when the Democratic National Convention revealed that its computer systems had been breached by Russian hackers, allegations (and evidence) that Russia has been using cyber-warfare in attempts to influence the politics of other countries have exploded. In January of this year, a declassified report released by the U.S. Intelligence Community, containing assessments made by the C.I.A., F.B.I., and N.S.A., concluded that “Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances…by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him.” Just months later, in a situation eerily similar to the one experienced by U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, France’s election also had emails leaked at a crucial time. On May 5, 2017, a little less than 48 hours before France’s…