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34 - 2019

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Do you know what I think says a lot about the quality of our soaps? The fact that an award-winning actress such as Maureen Lipman CBE (yep, she even has a bit of bling from the Queen!), with five decades of screen and stage experience behind her, can join the cast of Corrie and be happy as Larry with the character she plays. “We were honoured to meet Maureen…” Not only that, but she loves the scripts she’s given and the co-stars she works with on the Street… “I really like that I get to work with a cast of all ages,” grins the 73-year-old. “And Evelyn is so in-your-face shocking – it’s great.” I’m sure Maureen doesn’t have to go out looking for work, so her choice to play the cobbles’…

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heartbreak at frank’s funeral

Tragic Frank’s loved ones face more heartache at his emotionally charged funeral this week, as they finally learn the truth about his involvement in the fire that killed him. But while both Megan and Tracy now know Frank had nothing to do with the blaze, it seems the rest of the village will need some convincing. With his former workmates and friends believing that Frank was up to no good when the fire broke out, as the funeral day dawns, it looks as if the family could be mourning Frank alone… “Megan realises that Frank was the man she loved” “Tracy is so upset, confused and emotional,” explains Amy Walsh, who plays the devastated daughter. “She really wants to give her dad a good send-off, but she keeps coming up against walls of…

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“i need to push myself out of my comfort zone!”

The funeral drama this week sees Megan contemplating leaving the village for good. Whether Megan will have such a downbeat departure remains to be seen, but one thing that’s certain is that actress Gaynor Faye (who plays her) has decided to leave Emmerdale after seven years, and her alter ego will head into the sunset at some point. “It’s hard to turn my back on Emmerdale – I love it,” admits Gaynor. “But you have to be courageous in this world. It’s a risk, but I need to push myself out of my comfort zone.” Gaynor plans to travel with her family, and then is heading to the theatre to appear in the stage version of Band Of Gold, the TV series written by her award-winning mum Kay Mellor. “My son is about…

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callum’s stag night hell!

Groom-to-be Callum celebrates his last night of freedom this week – but as he has a drunken showdown with lover Ben, will he call off the wedding altogether? While there’s no doubt that Callum really does love his future wife Whitney, he’s also aware that he’s lying to both her and himself by trying to bury his feelings for Ben. So when he gatecrashes Whit’s hen do and asks to speak to her alone, is he about to drop the bombshell that he’s gay? “Whit’s on cloud nine about this wedding, yet it’s clear that Callum is unravelling,” points out our Walford insider. “He wants nothing more than to have the wife, the house and the kids, but pretending that he’s not attracted to men just isn’t working for him. He doesn’t…

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hen high jinks!

The women of Walford love an excuse for a night on the town – so they’re out in force this week to help Whitney celebrate her hen party! However, following the discovery of Callum’s secret letters from Chris, Whitney struggles to get into the spirit of her big night. Luckily, Linda is on hand to take charge and shake the bride-to-be out of her funk – and after Sonia gives Whitney a much needed pep talk about how much Callum loves her, Whit is soon back to her bubbly self. As the ladies head over to E20 for a night filled with sexy shenanigans, Tiffany is excited to hear that Sonia is planning a big surprise for the night! The wild party gets under way with some naughty games – however, sadly…

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run away with me eileen!

There’s a big shock in store for Eileen this week, when Jan returns – and begs her to move away with him! The last time Eileen saw Jan, he was being carted off by the cops after getting arrested for his part in the people-trafficking scam. So, when he breaks into her house and tells Eileen that he’s been working for the police, the poor woman doesn’t know what to think… “Eileen’s so shocked and angry,” explains Sue Cleaver, who plays her. “When Jan starts telling her that he was working undercover for the police, she’s having none of it – it sounds so far-fetched. He says he loves her, but she has had her fingers burned too many times, and she really can’t believe anything he says.” Eileen has been absolutely heartbroken…