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Inside Soap UKInside Soap UK

Inside Soap UK

51/52 - 2019

Inside Soap is your essential weekly guide to all the big soap dramas. We give you every story, every secret, every week!

United Kingdom
Hearst Magazines UK
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1 minutos
welcome to christmas!

“We’ll leave you gasping!” We always think of Inside Soap as almost like a soap in itself, and never is that more true than in our Christmas issue. Just like the soaps, we make it bigger and bolder at Christmas. But we don’t simply ramp up the drama to leave you gasping from start to end. We bring a bit fun, a lot of warmth and a touch of glamour to procedings. So what are you waiting for? Turn the page and get this blockbuster episode – sorry, I mean issue – started! From all the dramatic soap plots, to our fantastic shoots and revealing interviews, we’ve crammed this magazine to the point of bursting, and we’ve loved every second of it – we hope you do too. Merry Christmas!…

5 minutos
shotgun rampage on christmas day!

Brutal Gary Windass spreads horror on the cobbles this Christmas, after he pushes his whipping boy Derek to the brink of sanity and beyond – causing him to take a murderous revenge! As enraged Derek runs amok with a shotgun through Weatherfield’s Winter Wonderland, almost anyone could find themselves caught in his line of fire – with the likes of Shona and Sarah desperately running for whatever cover they can find. As shots blast out through the freezing night, it’s clear that not everyone will live to see Boxing Day… HOSTAGE SITUATION The terrifying drama kicks off when Gary is forced to confess that he’s the secret owner of Underworld, after drunken Derek reveals the true story to horrified Izzy. Furious with Derek for exposing him, Gary takes him hostage, locking him in…

1 minutos
“maria finds out a lot at christmas!”

Is it exciting to be right at the heart of a blockbuster cobbles Christmas, Samia? Absolutely! It’s really quite special, as I’ve been on the show since I was 17 and it’s my whole other life. To have come this far with Maria is quite a unique experience. Are Corrie viewers warning you off Gary every chance they get? No, the women love him! That’s what I find really strange. Whenever Mikey and I are out in public together, the women go mad for him. I’m like, “Are you all crazy? You’re not meant to”! Surely Maria will think twice following the shooting, though? After Christmas Day, Maria finds out a lot, so we’ll have to wait and see whether she stays with Gary or throws in the towel. There are so many times where…

2 minutos
jade wheedles her way back in!

Vengeful Jade’s plot to destroy Fiz and Tyrone’s happy home is back on track this fortnight, after the unsuspecting couple ask John Stape’s secret daughter to stay with them for Christmas! Jade was forced to leave No 9 after Hope was invited to return to Bessie Street Primary School. However, when Fiz hears that Hope’s former teaching assistant is homeless, she is appalled – and refuses to let Jade sleep rough for another night… “Billy and Sean spot Jade when they are helping the homeless, and she tells them that she couldn’t afford to rent anywhere after losing her job,” explains our Corrie source. “Now that we know Jade is a snake in the grass, it will be interesting to see whether she has genuinely fallen on hard times, or if it’s…

1 minutos
home alone!

For someone who is loved by so many on the Street, it’s bizarre to think of Rita on her own for Christmas. However, that is sadly what happens this fortnight, as the cobbles stalwart resolves that she doesn’t want to be a burden to any of her beloved friends and neighbours! After concluding that Gemma has her hands full looking after the quads, Rita fibs and tells her that she has plans to spend the festive period with her old friend, Mavis Wilton. However, as Rita hangs up the phone to Gemma, it’s clear that in reality she has made no arrangements to go anywhere. Meanwhile, Dev pops round to spread some festive cheer when he drops off Rita’s Christmas tree. While Rita cuts a solemn figure, decorating the spruce alone, will…

2 minutos
michelle’s furious goodbye!

Michelle blasts out of Weatherfield seething this fortnight – after sleazy Ray takes great pleasure in revealing that he is the new owner of the Bistro! Having taken revenge on cheating Robert by conning him out of his beloved restaurant, Michelle hopes to really stick the knife in by selling off the business altogether. For a quick sale, she reluctantly accepts a ridiculously low offer – only for her slimeball former boss to announce that he is in fact the mystery buyer… “Michelle can’t believe it – but it’s too late to do anything, because she’s already signed the papers!” despairs actress Kym Marsh, who plays her. “Ray manages to have his revenge, although Michelle isn’t going to take it lying down. She goes berserk and smashes up the Bistro, which was…