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International Artist

International Artist

April - May 2020/ No. 132

International Artist takes you inside the studios of the world’s best artists. The magazine displays practicing artists describing their approach and work process in all painting mediums.

United States
International Artist Publishing, Inc.
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no time like the present

As you all probably know, we also publish very popular art magazines that are directed toward collectors—American Art Collector and Western Art Collector. Both of these magazines feature art created by living artists and organized in a way that helps collectors find art to acquire from their collections. In this capacity, we work with artists, galleries, museums, fairs and auction houses around the country. And what are we hearing from this people? That now is the time. People are happy, galleries are full and people are buying art steadily and without hesitation. So what does this mean to you? It means that now is the time to hone your skills to be a part of this wonderful art market. Now is the time. In the pages of this magazine, you can…

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Grand Prize Joseph Byrne South Carolina, USA, Old Timer, acrylic, 30 x 48" Grand Prize is a four-page editorial feature in American Art Collector magazine About the Atmosphere Hyperrealist painter Joseph Byrne is all about the mood and details in his painting. His goal though is not to paint the scene as it appears, but to incorporate the “air” and feeling of a place. This all begins with Byrne going to the place himself and experiencing the world before him. He says, “When I was younger, I drove my Harley to the location. The freedom of my bike added to the experience. I camp out at a lot of the sites. I’ve slept with on frost on the ground. I’ve slept in barns. I’ve seen the early morning sun. I wait for the proverbial ‘golden hour,’…

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a professional artist is not merely a painter—that is an artist.

Exciting new releases to sharpen your skills! Gabriela Dellosso GONZALES Nancy BOREN Chuck MARSHALL You are in business, have a career or are in a profession. Money is a measure of how well you do. It’s not the motivation—that’s your desire to follow your dream—but money does say something about how well you’ve followed the dream. It also makes achieving your dream more feasible. It’s likely that more income leads to a better lifestyle, but not better artwork. Often artists assume the artwork sells itself because people fall in love with the work. Marketing is a matter of putting people in front of paintings, usually through an exhibition. It is widely accepted that if an exhibition sells none or a few works that they were not “good.” » But what if you have done your best, as…

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how to enter our art competitions

FULL COLOR DIGITAL PRINT-OUTS Use the Official Entry Form over the page ONLINE Visit our website to upload digital files of the images you want to enter and pay for them using our secure server. To upload your entries you need to prepare your image files to be at least 400 pixels at the shortest edge. Once you are in the Official Online Entry page simply select which challenge you wish to enter then follow the prompts and finally pay the entry fee via our secure server. There you can also see other entries received along with past winners of our competitions. HINTS FOR PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR ARTWORK • Set your camera to the highest quality available.• Shoot your paintings dead square on and fill the frame as much as possible. We can crop out everything…

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art prize challenge series

ENTER OUR NEW ART COMPETITION CHALLENGE No. 118 Abstract/Experimental Art See your work published in International Artist magazine and also receive a 4-page Editorial Feature in American Art Collector, the prestigious magazine read by collectors and galleries looking for new art work in the world’s biggest art market. Winners and Finalists in our competitions don’t just win awards to hang on their walls. The real value of entering and being one of the winners is that your work will not only be seen by hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide but also by leading galleries and collectors in America, the biggest art market of all. Our Grand Prize Winners receive a 2-page spread in International Artist magazine and a 4-page Editorial Feature in American Art Collector. Publicity at this level is priceless and could…

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official entry form

THREE INTERNATIONAL ENTRY POINTS For your convenience there are three International Entry Points. You can pay your Entry Fee by Visa or MasterCard. 1 USA / CANADA THE AMERICAS Send your entry and payment of US $9 per entry/picture to: International Artist magazine Challenge No. 118: Abstract/Experimental Art 7530 East Main Street, Suite 105 Scottsdale, AZ 85251, USA Enter your Credit Card details on the Entry Form below or include a Check/Money Order made payable to International Artist. (Checks must be in US Dollars and drawn on a US bank) 2 UNITED KINGDOM / EUROPE AFRICA Send your entry and payment of £5 (or €8) per entry/picture to: International Artist magazine Challenge No. 118: Abstract/Experimental Art 7530 East Main Street, Suite 105 Scottsdale, AZ 85251, USA Enter your Credit Card details on the Entry Form or include a Cheque/Money…