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It GiRL August 2018

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hi there, ItGiRLs! Can you feel the excitement in the air? It's finally school holidays again! I have been looking forward to a break for ages - so now it's time to chill out with my family and enjoy some freedom for a few weeks! But before I get too relaxed, I want to share some super exciting news with you all... ItGiRL Magazine is six years old! Happy birthday to us! Most people celebrate with a party, but instead we put together an awesome celeb birthday special, where we quizzed six TV stars about their fave memories, the best presents they scored and of course, some goss on the hottest celeb parties they've been to. You can find that from page 24. This month, Nickelodeon's Slime Cup airs and it's bigger…

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it girl mailbox

Hi It GiRL team, I love the school holidays, not only ‘cause I get to hang out with my friends and go to the movies, I also get to buy a copy of ItGiRL magazine! I actually asked my mum for one as a treat during term because I got a great mark on an assignment and she bought it for me! I feel so lucky. RILEY, 11, ROCKINGHAM, WA To It GiRL, Luv the magazine so much! My favourite parts are the fashion, movies and music pages. They always have the best info and my friends always ask how I know so much about music and movies... I read it in ItGiRL! SABINA, 9, VIA EMAIL Dear It GiRL, Last month you printed my sister, Jacinta’s letter! I hope you print my letter this month,…

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it girl hot stuff

PLAY IT LOADED LEMONS BOARD GAME, $39.99, AVAILABLE AT BIGW.COM.AU You’ll need a good memory to play this game... otherwise prepare to be soaked! Follow the lemons as they move around the table and when timer stops, you need to guess if your lemon squirts or not. Guess right or get soaked! A right guess gets a chip - and most chips wins! SMELL IT CRAYOLA SILLY SCENTS MINI INSPIRATION ART CASE, $24.95, AVAILABLE AT MYER.COM.AU If you love colouring in and making craft, this all-in-one portable art case is the perfect new addition to your supplies! Featuring crayons, pencils, textas, plus sheets of drawing paper with cool stencils and colouring in that will keep you creating masterpieces for hours. RIDE IT CYCLOPS CRUISER BIKE, $119, CYCLOPSBIKES.COM.AU If you’re in the market for a new set of wheels,…

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it girl of the month meet: addison emily

AGE: 7 NICKNAME: Addy SIBLINGS: Two younger brothers, Zac and Fred FAVE MOVIE: Descendants STAR SIGN: Sagittarius SCHOOL GRADE: 2 FUN FACTS: • My fave colours are purple and aqua • I love anything from Smiggle • I love strawberries dipped in chocolate. All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS is writing in my journal, going to the library and dance classes. I also love seeing my friends everyday. I don’t like the surprise maths tests we sometimes have to take! ON THE WEEKENDS I LOVE going to the beach in summer, having sleepovers with my friends and going to the movies. MY FAVE singers have got to be Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran & Justin Timberlake. I REALLY ENJOY taking dance classes, acrobatics, swimming, running, gymnastics and netball. MY FAVE ANIMALS ARE…

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10 ways to celebrate your birthday!

1 Host your own Chef Party. Let your guests know they’ll be spending the afternoon making pizzas, decorating cupcakes and creating ice cream sundaes. 2 Grab your bestie and try something new, like horse riding or indoor rock climbing! 3 Turn your garage into a dance party. Ask someone to be the DJ and dance the night away to your fave tunes! 4 Spend an afternoon racing your friend around a go-karting track. Zoom, zoom! 5 Have a picnic at your local park. If it rains on the day, simply move the picnic to your lounge room! 6 Have a themed dress up party. Some fun theme ideas include: Hawaiian, Hollywood Glamour, Cartoon Characters or everyone must come dressed as something that starts with the first letter of your name! 7 Grab your closest buds and…

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healthy living

5 reasons to STRETCH after EXERCISE. • IT HELPS WITH RECOVERY. If you’ve done more exercise than normal, you might feel sore afterwards. Stretching your muscles keeps them loose and relaxed. • IT CAN HELP PREVENT INJURY. Stretching muscles makes them flexible, which makes them more resistant to sudden injuries. • IMPROVES POSTURE. If you focus on areas like your lower back, shoulders and chest, you might just notice you’re standing up taller. • YOU’LL BE LESS STRESSED after a stretch! • IT PROMOTES CIRCULATION. Stretching helps the blood move more easily around your body. DID YOU KNOW THAT EXERCISE can help you to think of new ideas AND EVEN CURE WRITER’S BLOCK? A RECENT STUDY SHOWED THAT WALKING HELPS THE PART OF YOUR BRAIN THAT is responsible for creative thinking. Awesome! DID YOU KNOW? Sometimes, your brain…