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It GiRL January 2019

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hello everyone! So this month has been NEXT LEVEL! I'm so happy to finally be able to tell you about something exciting I've been working on. My Dad and I flew to Melbourne to meet and work with Grace from Grace's Room YouTube channel. OMG, it was amazing! She was so nice and we hung out and made slime together. You can check it all out on her channel and be sure to let me know what you think! Also this month, I'm totally excited to have the awesome Hailee Steinfeld on the cover. She is one of my faves because she's friendly, smart and super-talented. Did you know that she has not one, but two movies coming out over the next few weeks? It's true! Turn to page 20 to…

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it girl mailbox

To It GiRL, Your magazine is so cool. I love Whoa!, the celeb gossip and the fashion the best. When my cousin came over to my house she read some of my old It GiRL mags and now she reads it all the time! OLIVIA, 10, VIA EMAIL To It GiRL mag, Thanks for the Christmas Wish List in your last issue. You forgot to include one thing on the list, a subscription to It GiRL mag! That’s definitely going to be on my wish list this year! STEPHANIE, 11, CHARTERS TOWERS, QLD Hi It GiRL, Thank you for putting Madisyn Shipman on the cover! I love her and the show Game Shakers. It was a really good issue. ELLIE, 8, ELTHAM, VIC To It GiRL magazine, I just wanted to email you and request that you do more stuff…

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it girl hot stuff

PLAY IT SPIRIT DELUXE FRIENDSHIP, $109.99, FROM BIG W, TOY MATE, MR TOYS, TOYWORLD AND TOY UNIVERSE #SPIRITRIDINGFREE This Deluxe Friendship Set includes both Spirit and Lucky. Lucky has poseable arms and legs, while Spirit has lifelike movements and realistic horse sounds. You can even read along with Lucky’s adventures with the Spirit Riding Free chapter book. WANT IT PERSONALISED OREO COOKIE TIN, $15; COTTON ON KIDS, COTTONON.COM.AU At Cotton On Kids you can get your very own personalised OREO Cookie Collector’s Tin! To have your tin personalised you have to make your purchase online, but be quick because it’s only while stocks last, and we have a feeling these will be very popular! BAG IT GLITZ DIMI BAG, $54.95, SMIGGLE.COM.AU Is it a backpack? Is it a tote? The answer is, it’s both! Not only are these…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

BICYCLE BOTHER I was riding my bike down to the corner shop on a Saturday morning and I was distracted by a cute boy who was walking his dog. Suddenly my neighbour drove past and honked at me and I was so startled that I crashed into an old lady who was walking down the street! Luckily the old lady wasn’t hurt, but I fell off my bike and landed in the gutter. My neighbour saw me fall so she stopped her car and rushed out to help me. The worst part was that the cute boy stopped to watch it all happen. So embarrassing - and dangerous! AZALEA, 12, QLD LETTER THROWER I wrote a letter to my friend in class, and when I thought the teacher wasn’t looking, I tried to throw…

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it girl of the month

MEET: Sofia All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS history and my least favourite is maths. I DO DRAMA, JAZZ, TAP AND SWIMMING. We have a concert coming up and we are performing a play called,”Horror High.” I am playing the character of Bridy - she is Frankenstein’s bride. WE USED TO LIVE NEAR THE BEACH BUT NOW WE DON’T. We have moved to a new house and it’s more country living, so it was a big change. I’M OBSESSED WITH crystals, Harry Potter books and history. I find history really interesting. I enjoy learning about the Tudor era and pirates!. I HAVE TWO SETS OF BEST FRIENDS. Some from my old school and some from my new school. When we are together we love to talk, play games, watch movies and make slime. WHEN…

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10 ever! ways to have the best holidays

1 Keep a photo diary. As well as writing about each day, you can also include a photo to remember the day by. 2 Be creative and make some friendship bracelets, bake cupcakes or start your own YouTube channel... turn to page 44 for some cool tips! 3 Make the most of daylight saving and have a picnic dinner with your besties in the backyard. 4 Cool down by going for a swim, playing under the sprinkler or having a water balloon fight! 5 Ask your parents if you can hold a barbecue for you and your friends. Serve up some sausages with salad and an ice cream cake for dessert! 6 At the start of the holidays, round up your besties and make a dream to-do list that you all agree on. Then set…