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It GiRL March 2019

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hi guys! Welcome to the March issue of It GiRL! I hope you all had a great summer break. Can you believe it's all over and we're back at school already? I'm super bummed. I loved spending my days swimming, hanging with my BFF and working on the best mag in the world! So now I'm counting down until the Easter school holidays, but until then I've set myself three goals for 2019. They are: To put more effort in at school, to do one good deed a day and to try and learn something new before the end of the year. I think I'll be able to do those three things easily enough. To get you guys sorted and pumped for the new school year, we've put together an awesome…

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it girl mailbox

LETTER WE LOVE THIS MONTH Dear It GiRL, I LOVE It GiRL! I have four brothers and because It GiRL is for girls, it's one of the things they never steal from me! I loved your February issue, I thought it was very good. I had never watched Grace's channel before but after reading about her in your mag I had a look and I really like her videos. I also liked the really, really cute Squishy Petz that came with the issue. I collect squishy toys so I was so excited when I saw the gift. Keep up the excellent work It GiRL team. TRISHA, 9, GIRRAWEEN, NSW Hi It GiRL, I just wanted to say thank you for making such a cool mag for girls. Your magazine is so good that sometimes I…

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it girl hot stuff

PLAY IT OSMO DISNEY THEMED SUPER STUDIO, $39.99 EACH, AVAILABLE FROM JB HI-FI, HARVEY NORMAN, OFFICEWORKS, KOGAN AND APPLE STORES NATIONALLY. Osmo is the awesome gaming accessory that opens up your iPad to so many possibilities of physical play. New to the range are three Osmo Super Studio variations: Disney Princess, Disney*Pixar Incredibles 2 and Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends. NEED IT SPACETALK, $349; SPACETALKWATCH.COM The Spacetalk phone watch is a wearable mobile phone that allows you to talk on the phone or send a quick SMS, anytime. Plus, mum and dad can download an app which is connected to your phone, so if you ever find yourself lost, they will be able to locate you as long as you are wearing your Spacetalk watch! LOVE IT CLARKS BLUEBELL II SCHOOL SHOE, $139.95, EXCLUSIVE TO CLARKS AND…

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it girl of the month

FACT FILE AGE: 8 NICKNAME: Rubes SIBLINGS: a big sister, Chloe and little sister, Charli PETS: a dog called, Bobby FAVE COLOUR: Blue FAVE ANIMAL: Ladybugs FAVE YOUTUBE CHANNEL: The Norris Nuts FAVE TV SHOW: Operation Ouch FUN FACTS: • I love beauty and make up • I was born on Australia Day • I have red hair and blue eyes - I am very special! • I am scared of dogs (except mine!) • I’ve never broken a bone This is me in costume for a Spanish themed dance. We even used maracas! This is the lake near my house. My sister and I like to ride our bikes around it and watch the pelicans. EVERY It GiRL WINS! Every It GiRL of the Month wins a My Studio Girl Puppicorn kit valued at,…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

SEASIDE SCARE! I was at the beach with my family and after we found a spot on the sand I went straight into the water. When I finished swimming, I started walking back to my family but couldn’t find them anywhere. After what felt like forever, I panicked and started to cry because I thought I was really lost. A group of older kids saw me crying and asked if I needed help, but then my dad appeared and took me back to where we were sitting. It turned out that I wasn’t lost at all, I was just facing the wrong way. How embarrassing is that?! XANTHE, 11, NSW TOTAL RIPPER I have a pair of denim shorts that I love and refuse to throw away even though my mum wants me to.…

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10 things to do before the end of summer!

one Go shopping! All the big sales happen after Christmas, so that cute top you’ve had your eye on might be half price now! two Squeeze as many of your friends as possible into a photo booth and take some fun happy snaps. three Organise a swap party with your friends. Get the girls together and swap things like clothes, books or jewellery that you don’t want anymore. four WATCH A MOVIE OR READ A BOOK YOU’VE NEVER SEEN OR READ BEFORE. five Go for a bike or scooter ride with your siblings, cousins or the neighbourhood kids. Fun! six Spend some time in the kitchen and whip up anything from pizza to cupcakes. Cooking can be fun and even better, you get to eat whatever you make! seven Clean out your wardrobe! Who knows, you may find some cool clothes you had…