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It GiRL August 2019

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hey girls, It's time to blow out our candles and eat some cake because it's our 7th birthday! While I haven't been the editor for the whole seven years, I have been working on the mag long enough to know how much fun it is putting together every single issue. My favourite thing about working on It GiRL (other than movie premieres and meeting lots of cool celebs, of course!) is reading all the mail we get. Our readers write the best letters and emails, and your notes always make us feel good and push us to keep getting better and better. So from all the It GiRL team - thank you to every single one of our readers - it's you guys that make IG such an awesome mag to…

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it girl mailbox

LETTER WE LOVE THIS MONTH Hey It GiRL, I am your magazine's biggest fan! I have a big collection of It GiRL mags and I keep them all in new condition, sometimes I even buy two copies so I can pull the posters out of one copy and keep the other. I love too many things about your magazine to list them all in this email, but my most favourite thing is all the interesting stories. I can't wait until the next issue! PEITA, 11, VIA EMAIL To It GiRL, Your mag is totally cool, and I really love it. I hope I see my email in 'Mailbox' one day. Keep up the fantastic work! OLIVIA, 10, VIA EMAIL Hi It GiRL, Your mag is awesome. It has everything a girl could want. I love entering all the…

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it girl hot stuff

WANT IT PETALS BATH FIZZERS, $4.95 EACH, PAVEMENTBRANDS.COM Winter time calls for long, hot, relaxing soaks in the tub so these bath fizzers are a must! Unwind in the sweet scent of Luxe Raspberry Lemonade, bathe in a magical blue lagoon with the Luxe Mermaid Mist or feel like a queen with the golden Luxe Unicorn Tears fizzer. All you have to do is close your eyes and just chill. COLLECT IT FART NINJAS SERIES 1, $14.99, AVAILABLE AT ALL MAJOR RETAILERS Okay, this is a bit gross, but also totally funny! Fart Ninjas are farting figures that have electronic fart sounds that surprise and gross out unsuspecting individuals when they least expect it. The perfect toy to prank your dad or brother! Series one has eight figures to collect! MAKE IT DIY MAGIC TERRARIUM, $15, AVAILABLE…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

NEWBIE NERVES I was starting at a new school and I was feeling really nervous. On the morning of my first day I woke up feeling sick in my tummy, but my Mum said that it was just nerves and that I’d feel better once I was settled into my class. Once I was at school, I did feel a bit better , but my stomach was still bothering me. My new teacher assigned me a buddy fr om my class and it was her job to show me around and make me feel welcome. She was really nice, but while she was showing me around I accidentally let out a big fart! I was sooo embarrassed, but my tummy did feel better after that! AMELIA, 11, WA STUCK SHOPPER I was on holidays…

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whoa... whatever!

LAUGH AT YOURSELF Laughing at your whoa moment will show people that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Also, by giggling at an embarrassing situation, you’ll be laughing along with others, instead of having them just laugh at you. It’s all about having fun! NOTHING TO SEE HERE! A gush of wind blows your skirt up and flashes your undies. Turn the attention away from yourself by pointing into the distance and saying, ‘Look at that!’ By the time they realise that there’s actually nothing to see, they’ll have forgotten about your incident. KEEP YOUR COOL A major embarrassing moment has happened what do you do? Stay calm. There is no need to create more drama than an episode of Stuck In The Middle. Stay composed and people will realise that it’s no big deal.…

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10 easy-peasy winter warmers!

one If it’s raining, make a splash! Put on your gumboots and raincoat, and go outside to find some big puddles to jump in! two Bake up a storm. Cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies... anything that you think is totally delicious! three Host a winter pamper party for all your friends. Paint each other’s nails, give each other face masks and braid each other’s hair. four RUG UP WARM, GRAB YOUR BESTIES, AND HIT UP YOUR LOCAL ICE SKATING RINK. SO FUN! five Get crafty! Go through all your old photos, mags and ticket stubs and make a cool collage to hang up in your room. six Pop some popcorn, snuggle under a blanket and have a movie marathon. seven Have a winter picnic. Pack a blanket and some delicious hot chocolate in a Thermos to help keep you warm. eight GO CRAZY WITH A CAMERA…