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It GiRL September 2019

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hello everyone, Do you believe in destiny and magic? I don't actually know if it's really true, but I like to at least believe that it is. I like to make a wish when I blow out my birthday candles or if I see a shooting star, and I also enjoy reading my horoscope every month just for fun. My mum says that magic isn't just about casting spells like they do in Harry Potter, and that magic is all around us... like when a rainbow appears after the rain on a sunny day. Mum says that magic and destiny is all about seeing, believing and achieving something you didn't think was possible. So this month, in honour of all things magical, we've put together a cool ‘Destiny’ special just for…

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it girl mailbox

LETTER WE LOVE THIS MONTH Dear It GiRL, I have been a big fan of your magazine for a few years now. My sister used to read it when I was little but she stopped reading it and gave me all her old copies, and that's how I got to love your mag. I love all the pages, but The 10 List and LOL are my two fave ones and I always read them first. I would love if you could put Maddie Ziegler on your next cover. I love her! CLAUDS, 10, VIA EMAIL Hello It GiRL mag, It's my bestie's bithday on September 28 and it would be so cool if you could please publish my shout out to her, here goes: Happy birthday, Aria! I hope you have a great birthday. You're…

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10 fun things to do with your bff!

one Visit your local theme park. Eat fairy floss and go on as many rides as possible! two Grab a camera, or head to your nearest photo booth, and take lots of crazy selfies together. three 4 MAKE A SECRET LANGUAGE THAT ONLY THE TWO OF YOU WILL KNOW AND UNDERSTAND. five Visit your nearest Putt-Putt centre for a round of mini golf 6 Have a slumber party, of course! Load up with yummy snacks, your fave movies and fun games, like ‘Truth or Dare.’ seven Make a time capsule. Put things that remind you of your friendship into a shoebox, then store the box in a safe place to open again in five years. No peeking! 8 MAKE UP A DANCE ROUTINE AND PERFORM IT IN FRONT OF YOUR FAMILY. DON’T FORGET TO WEAR COOL COSTUMES TOO! nine Pop some popcorn and…

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it girl hot stuff

WANT IT INSTAX MINI LIPLAY, $229, AVAILABLE AT JB HI-FI AND ALL LEADING SPECIALTY CAMERA STORES The all-new Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay is an instant camera and printer in one, allowing you to capture and print images on the spot! You can also turn your images into works of art with the pre-installed frames and filters. The camera is lightweight and comes in three cool colours! BUILD IT INVENTOR STYLE 15 MODELS, $39.95, AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC Unleash your inner engineer and explore your creative side with this fun construction set. This brightly coloured kit includes pieces that can be connected in any direction and angle and can be used to build 15 awesome models. COLLECT IT LITTLE SHOP, ONE FREE COLLECTABLE WITH EVERY $30 SPENT AT COLES Little Shop is back and better than ever! There’s…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

SOLO SPRINTER It was my school’s sports car nival day and I was about to run the r elay race. I was standing at the start line waiting for the race to begin and I was daydr eaming. I thought I hear d the starter so I started sprinting as fast as I could. Suddenly I realised that I was the only one running, so I turned my head to see wher e everyone else was. As I looked back I tripped and stumbled over my own feet which just made the whole situation even more embarrassing! My friends still r emind me of that race every now and then! MISSY, 11, NSW SMELLY SKILLS I was at the park with my mum and my mum’s friend and her daughter. I had my soccer…

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it girl of the month

FACT FILE AGE: 11 NICKNAME: Vasilikoula SIBLINGS: a younger brother, Nick FAVE COLOUR: Gold FAVE ANIMAL: All of the animals! FAVE TV SHOW: Ninja Warriors FAVE YOUTUBE CHANNEL: The Norris Nuts FUN FACTS: • I’m very social • I love playing with my family and friends • I’m good at entertaining little kids • I love reading books and It GiRL magazine • I’m very curious and am always exploring wherever I am • I have played soccer, basketball, kickboxing, gymnastics and swimming. I love sport very much! In Greece I took part in a race called Spartan Race. I won a medal for finishing. The other medal is for getting first place in a kickboxing competition! MEET: Vasiliki All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS learning new things and spending time with my…